Covid 19 is a real virus, there is no doubt about that, and yes there is no denying that it is responsible for taking some time off the end of some peoples lives, most of who were living in extreme frailty and a great many had one foot out the door anyways. However, this is something that literally happens every year in every single country of the world with the influenza virus. If the media and government ran the same never ceasing fear campaign in any year with the flu they would achieve the same goal of terrorizing a certain demographic of the populace just as they are currently doing.

Below are some government statistics that should make anyone capable of objective thought question the narrative of what has been happening around the world with the coverage of covid and it being made out in similar fashion to that of the bubonic plague of 14th century Europe with estimates anywhere from a third to half of the population dying(up to 50 million) or the 1918 influenza that killed, again, estimates of 50 million, a lot of which were YOUNG HEALTHY PEOPLE.

In British Columbia, the province which I live, Covid has supposedly killed 234 mostly frail seniors with preexisting conditions in long term care(elderly were being neglected in some care homes after many staff were terrorized of getting covid by the incessant media jargon. This is why the military was called in to care homes back east.) And just because covid was in your body when you died it does not implicitly mean that is what caused the death.

Now for the kicker. In British Columbia fiscal year 2018/2019 a total of 38,308 people died of all causes in total. This averages out to just under 105 people EVERY DAY. Even though covid was circulating in Canada before March of 2020, I will give the governments date of March as the beginning of when the 234 people started to die. March 2020 to now, almost the end of September is nearly 7 months. 7 months with 30 days average per month is 210 days. 210 days with the average of 105 people dying EVERY DAY works out to an average death toll for the 7 months in and around 22,050 PEOPLE DEAD. This is an extremely shocking contrast and almost unbelievable as compared to 234.

So to get this straight, in British Columbia, the government ruined immeasurable lives, decimated a healthy economy, psychologically affected millions of provincial residents, destroyed many a hardworking  small businesses, some of which had their life savings invested into their enterprises, killed their own revenue stream and went into debt to the tune of 10 plus billion dollars because a “new” form of an old type of common virus was knocking off mostly elderly and a few other people most of which had at least one co-morbidity, all of which was apparent from the beginning of this episode. Now extrapolate these provincial happenings to a worldwide basis and it is hard to fathom the scope of the mismanagement that has and is currently taking place. And the government and media are carrying on with the same narrative.

Many with an objective opinion would be fair in stating that the government cure is worse than the overhyped disease.

There very well may be hidden agendas going on behind the “official narrative” that gets beamed into many a living rooms across the world. Or is this simply the case of the populace electing clowns and therefor we got a circus? I somewhat doubt my last statement, because most circuses typically have a strongwoman or strongman that comes out with a feat of strength that  bucks the trend of comedic and freakish performers.