Money. If you are a wage slave like myself, you do not have enough of it and you are always going somewhere and doing something to earn more of it. And then once you have earned it the government takes a significant portion of it through a legalized theft called income tax, then they squander what they steal without giving you the decency to even have a basic say on what they unthriftily spend it on and have the effrontery to call it democracy.

Once what is left of our pittance is free from the cold thieving hands of the government, many deposit what is left with a cold hearted institution which has come to be known as a bank, from where we are ALL forced to live on a budget, typically monthly, with what our “overlords” have left us with. If said budget depletes before we get paid again or we want to attain a product of many multiples of what we earn we have to take on a debt load. Of course that debt load is not infinite for the individual citizen as that would be sheer madness and defy rationality. If one does not pay off interest plus some principle, very soon the creditors are calling and depending upon what the debt is for one institution or another is going to proceed with repossessing your vehicle, taking back the dwelling you were making payments on, cancelling your credit card or something along those lines. In other words, there are extreme consequences for risky or irresponsible actions.

Would you believe me if I were to tell you that there is actually an institution that takes on debt to overpay for literally everything it spends the money on and actually has no plan, will or even the understanding of how to pay off what they owe. Not only that but they actually steal billions of dollars from hard working people to throw meaningless amounts of token payments at said debt, but the payments are of such little significance that it does not stop the exponential rise of the aforementioned DEBT.

Even scarier is that these institutions are considered trustworthy and people and entities actually purchase said debt because they are considered a safe investment. No, this is not some weird bizarre-o backwards world, it is as real as it gets.

But it gets even more convoluted. The puppets, sorry, people that run these institution are chronic liars, deceivers and are constantly pandering to us plebs way lower on the ladder than they are in order to get this job where zero fiscal responsibility or common sense is necessary. You see these plebs actually choose these people to destroy society and think it is democracy to elect a professional liar that is beholden to interest groups much more powerful than they are.

Not only that, these liars are given grand wages and golden parachute pensions for selling their citizens up country to international institutions and multinational corporations. In fact they will literally say anything to be reelected to their egregious position of dominating power so that the ride on the gravy train takes them to as many self indulgent stations that they can muster up in their allotted time of perversion.

But what about the creditors whose stolen money keeps the Ponzi scheme going? Surely they could not be blind to the fact that they are being taken for a ride to the proverbial cleaners, could they? Funny thing about that. These puppets, sorry, clowns, I mean politicians, the hell with it, let us use their true description, our captors. There it feels good to finally say it. Our captors actually developed the education/indoctrination and social engineering system that has been forced upon us since our schooling began, rendering the insanity as completely sane and normal. Besides, a captor can not be such without having captives under its control. Some are able to see the false construct for what it is and are considered kooks and conspiracists by the masses.

My hope is that enough fed up creditors come together and repossess the product that has been squandered by our captors. That product is of course our country. No longer should they be allowed to reign supreme and continue with an unenlightening education and media system that subjectively teaches one what to think instead of objectively teaching individuals how to think.

We live in the technological computer age and I have no doubt that an artificial intelligence computer program can be created that is able to manage the workings of what politicians feebly accomplish in their mismanagement of society. No, not the same kind of artificial intelligence that our politicians spew out in the form of hot air every time they open their mouths, an actual logical, empirical, intelligence based construct. Then we could make personal responsibility and accountability a part of a real education system and have enlightened, vigilant and objective members of society chosen on their merit to oversee the workings of our auto pilot system,  on a time limited, rotating basis. Think of the tax burden that would be lifted from the elimination of politicians. Not to mention the division and rift that party politics currently plays in the dividing and conquering of society.