Let me elaborate on a saying that has been making the rounds during this overly aggressive covid agenda that has been forced upon us by the powers that be. That saying is, “we are all in this together.”

I have heard this saying firsthand on many occasions and always on a job site that I have been working on. This statement has always and only come from the general contractor, and from my observation a general contractor that is incompetent at managing a construction site, and/or is behaving in a manipulative manner

We are all in this together only seems to be uttered in audible fashion when the contractor is longing for something that he wants from me, attempting to absolve their responsibility from the task they are contractually obligated to perform. In other words, they are looking to take advantage of me, using me in order to make themselves look good.

Typically if you do not perform the task that they are incompetently looking for you to do they end up sending the safety officer around to your area more often and suddenly they become overly attentive to work you are doing and then they nitpick as to what could be classified as a safety violation and they have no qualms about coming down upon you with the full force of the laws that they have created to wield against a non-conformist in their strict and unfair labeling of a competent INDIVIDUAL who does not want to play their perverted game of power.