Since March 2020 and as of November 13th 2020 there have been 290 “supposed” deaths from covid in my home province of British Columbia. In the same amount of time based off of 2019/2020 yearly death statistics daily average of 106 there have been 27,030 deaths on average from all causes.

Once again this is an alarming statistic. Just because someone died with covid in their system it does not mean that it killed them. Nor do they tell you that those that are dying are predominantly those who are already above the average age of life expectancy and most of them have more than one co-morbidity, so they would be dead quite soon even if the covid ghost did not make an appearance. Also, the elevated death statistics from out east where 75% or so died in care homes, due to extreme neglect from the staff that worked there, not from covid, no doubt from the incessant terror campaign that the mainstream media(state and commercial) unleashed upon society.

My last update was an average of 105 daily deaths which was based off of 2018/2019 statistics, but they have since added the 2019/2020 statistics. In 2018/2019, 38,471 people died in the province, while 2019/2020 it was 38,927. A negligible difference for sure.

Once again, our provincial politicians at the behest of our federal big top tent of clowns of the same occupation locked millions of people in their homes causing severe phycological problems, stole their independence, subjected thousands to physical, alcohol and drug abuse regimes and very well may have killed more than this non eventful virus, due to thousands of ill citizens who missed cancer and other life extending medical care. Did I mention all the small businesses they decimated, some of which INDIVIDUALS sunk their whole life savings and are now financially and emotionally ruined. Small business is the spine and central nervous system to a healthy and strong functioning society.

This increase in cases that the media is again ramming into our eyes and ears non stop is just bad theatre to try and justify and cover up the delusional and atrocious policy that was unleashed last spring upon society. If you increase the testing of course you will have an increase of cases, and anyone capable of performing basic statistical analysis could very well see that deaths are in no way out of control or even above normal levels for that matter. Why does mainstream media never report anything about the constant false testing outcomes that plague these covid test kits, unless a celebrity makes a tweet that then has to be addressed? The PCR test is highly flawed and should be shelved permanently.

All the information from day one was available for these politicians to make an intelligent decision and act in a humane and rational fashion. My question is did any of them have this information in their brain before they made the choice of ignorance and crush society? If so, why did not even one of them speak out and at least voice some concerns? If not, clearly they do not have the gumption to manage a classroom of school age children, let alone a city, province, state or country. Are politicians even capable of critical thought, or is it just a perverted club of inclusion to collect inflated pay cheques, bribes and exorbitant pensions and just do as told without question? It seems that Judy Wilson-Raybould is the blatantly obvious answer to the simple question.