For those who do not know much history, in 1918 there was an influenza(flu) pandemic that circled the globe and killed, by estimates, between 40 and 50 million people worldwide. The population of the earth was around 1.8 billion in 1918. It was not just the flu that killed these folks but the susceptibility in a percentage of the population to a second bacterial infection which caused severe and fatal cases of pneumonia.

1918 was a time before antibiotics had been invented, so bacterial infection had potential to cause somebody’s death. And death it did cause. Opposed to a regular flu outbreak which typically causes mortality to those in their 70’s and above and children around 5 and below, this particular flu and consequent bacterial infections killed many in their late teens up to those in their 40’s.

Many scientists today believe the reason for young healthy adults dying as opposed to the typical elderly and very young was the lack of exposure to an H1 flu strain earlier in their lives, whereas the older and younger generations and some of the worst affected generation had been exposed to a similar H1 strain in their lives and therefor their immune systems had the imprint to fight off the more virulent new strain of flu when it arrived. Once infected with a certain strain of flu your immune system keeps a record of it to deal with a potential reemergence at a later date.

Move forward to today and this covid-19 episode which is circling the globe and mostly killing off senior citizens above the average life expectancy and with typically on average 2.6 comorbidities(although a great many have died of neglect in their old age homes due to terrorized staff,) as well as some others with with extremely weak immune systems that also typically have many comorbidities. Most people who get covid -19 do not even know they have it unless a test is administered, and then the test is so unreliable and set to such low thresholds that it constantly gives false positive and false negative results. So infection statistics are shady. I will say it again, just because you supposedly had covid in your system when you died does not mean that it killed you.

Politicians are doing their utmost to ensure that nobody catches this not so virulent virus. When we see the outcome of the millions of young corpses that piled up due to the lack of exposure to a mild H1 virus earlier in their lives and were then absolutely decimated when a more virulent strain of flu came along years later, is a zero exposure mandate really the best policy to enact? It is a basic question to which I do not have the answer.

Is this the reason why Sweden seemed to act in a rational, nonauthoritatian manner and not lock down their citizens nor shut down the education system for school age children? Is it possible for covid-19 to mutate into an extremely deadly strain and those that were exposed to the original version have immunity because they have the imprint contained within their immune system? If and when they develop a vaccine for covid-19 is it going to be effective on a more virulent mutated strain? Current flu vaccines are never a guarantee to be effective against the new flu strain of the year.

Has this virus been released intentionally with the intent of bringing forth possible hidden agendas, some of which may have since come out of hiding? Has the man-child King of Canada confirmed himself to be a bad actor in this rotten ploy? Was a sac full of cash and a spot in the global nobility doled out in order to turn Canadian citizens back into feudal serfs dependant on transnational corporations and doomed to get a new covid vaccine every year to line the pockets of the pharmaceutical giants?