Even more draconian laws and therefor the elimination of your rights are coming to your country very soon, unless of course you exercise your right to think and act for yourself and stand up to politicians overarching power. You know, the way democracy is supposed to work.

They tried in Denmark to force covid vaccinations on the population but thankfully enough Danes still grasp the concept of freedom versus totalitarianism and actually stood up to their captors thus overturned the attempted assault on their liberty.

Citizens everywhere must come to understand that it is indeed a self educated and informed populace who are responsible for keeping guard and ensuring that politicians are held to account for their attempt at misdeeds. In truth if enough people came together in an intelligent manner we could actually form a system of direct democracy where we could absorb a good portion of the power that is responsible for most decisions that form the environment we have to live in.

Life is not supposed to be determined by watching the 6 o’clock news and them telling you what life has in store for you and then just blindly accepting it. In fact the mainstream corporate and state news serves the function of homogenizing the population and manufacturing consent in order to carry out predetermined objectives that benefit those at the top of the power food chain. Examples anybody?

Does the starting of the Iraq war on what turned out to be non existent weapons of mass destruction ring any memory bells?  How about invading Afghanistan and occupying it for what is now 19 years just because one supposed cave dwelling, AK-47 carrying former CIA trained operative masterminded the 9-11 terror attacks? You know the former could have not taken place without the latter. Perhaps the objective of Afghanistans occupation is not to win but to have a central permanent location where militaries can unleash their apparatus of death from in the Middle East? If Biden and Harris end up in the White House you better watch out Iran. Let us not forget what happened in Libya and is still going on in Syria.

There may well be the chance that covid was intentionally unleashed to carry out hidden agendas. Those agendas could include putting an end to the anti government protests that were spreading across many countries, the yellow vest movement being a big one. To slow the collapse of the current economic system and distract from the deepening banking repo crisis that was unfolding just before covid showed up. Covid sure had the effect of crushing the common person and forcing them to become dependant on the government for money, I am sure which will turn into the guaranteed basic income and force billions to become dependant on their respective states for life, therefor protest and any form of dissent will cause your pittance to be cut off posthaste, the likes of which will come to fruition for those even not on a universal basic income once governments cancel cash and go to an all digital monetary system. Do not laugh it is coming in the future unless we stand up for our right to have cash.

Why not unleash a quite mild virus that seems to knock off extremely fragile seniors and a small amount of others that are chronically ill with many comorbidities and then bombard the public with a covid terror campaign to the degree where millions of people world wide are affected to the point where they wear a mask while in their car and walking down the street by themselves. I wonder if these people sleep and shower with a mask on as well?

It is fair to say that a good percentage of the population just accepts the sophistry that emanates from the unceasing propaganda machine through the airwaves, coaxial cables, satellites, newsprint and other means. Others have an understanding but are too busy in their daily lives to act with any type of decisiveness. Hopefully once again the intelligent and informed will act to rescue the disengaged and ignorant from the clutches of tyranny and bring forth a new system, perhaps a direct democracy system again. After all it has been about 2300 years since we have had direct democracy. Perhaps the cycle is due?