This morning the sun was shining

And for the first time this Spring

There was warmth in the air.

Alone, and with some trepidation

As my legs did not feel connected to my body,

I walked out into the world,

Along a route now too familiar to me,

Because it is still within the distance I can manage.

A happy go lucky little white and brown dog,

Was taking its human for a walk.

It stopped to let me run my hands over its soft body,

And scratch its head, its liquid brown eyes smiling up at me.

The man on the other end of the leash waited patiently

In no apparent hurry to continue on his way,

Seeming to understand the joy this simple connection brought.

Further along, a man sitting on a bench drinking his coffee

Greeted me with a smile.

About half way home, my fatigue kicked in

So I stopped in a sheltered spot up against a wall

Put the brakes on my walker and sat on the seat,

Feeling the warmth on my face

And breathing deeply to anchor myself in the moment.

An ill kempt street person, crossed the road and approached me

He leaned up against the nearby tree,

And told me that his last twenty dollars had been stolen.

All I could do was listen with empathy

Hoping that in some way this would make his day a little better.

He moved on and for a moment I was alone.

The owner of a nearby greeting card store came by.

She asked if I was ok, or was I sitting because I had “powered out”?

She told me if ever I was downtown

And needed help, I should come into the store.

They would make me a cup of tea and see I got home safely.

Then she too went on her way.

I walked on, making my way homewards,

But a patch of sunlight by the creek

Called to me to stop and sit a while longer

Although my body was telling me it was time to lie down.

The creek won, and I sat, trusting I would be ok.

An elderly lady with a spring in her step stopped to say hello.

She said, “Isn’t it a treat to see the sun, and the many people out walking?”

As she moved on I headed home.

Before reluctantly entering the house, I cleared my mailbox.

Then I sat on the couch, my body trembling from the exercise

That before I got sick I would have taken so much for granted.

I opened the card from my sister in law in the States.

It was the most beautiful print of two horses resting their heads together.

As I looked at it in wonder I read it was titled “Peace on Earth”

The message inside one of solidarity and love.

As I placed the card where I can see it as I rest on the couch,

Where I spend so much of my day,

I was struck by all the kindness I had been shown in the last hour.

It reminded me to look for the small moments of joy

Always present, but sometimes incredibly hard to find

In the times I feel so unwell.

Gratitude warmed my spirit, just as the sun had warmed my body.