You know that the head puppet(Prime Minister, President, Chancellor…..) of the federal political party of your country has been a good prostitute for the large global banking cartels, arms dealers and big business and therefor once again worked against the best interests of the dupes(citizens) that were gullible enough to participate in the illusion of democracy, when once they leave the post they were given they are rewarded with a handsome book deal and extravagantly paid public speaking events. Not to mention the high salary “consultant” jobs that many former politicians receive from “private” companies. Let us not forget the mixing of private and public entities to rout the population is an element of fascism.

The mainstream media of state and commercial existence will never do a story on how once these “leaders” of yours and mine respective countries seem to become fabulously wealthy after they leave the “public” office and “serving” the people. Sorry, broke out in hysterical laughter as I typed that. They are serving the public alright, unfortunately it is us being served on a silver platter, devoid of innards, genitals or heads and we are the main dish to be devoured by the egregiously powerful institutions that federal politicians serve. By default our state, provincial and territorial elects perpetuate the system as well.

Yeah, that ever ballooning debt that is never going to be paid off but is pitifully serviced just to keep it rolling over at the expense of us the hoi polloi is one of the gifts to the banking cartels that govern our governors. Uh huh, this two decades old “war on terror” and the subsequent use of militaries and all of their armaments is the gift our politicians give to them wacky arms dealers. Most definitely, those extractive industries of oil, minerals, lumber, water…… that governments let mega multinational corporations monopolize and extract at the financial expense of the common citizen are some of the gifts to big business.

Sure banking and natural resources are necessary industries to a healthy economy, but why is government too stupid to do it for the benefit of its citizens and it is instead done in a detrimental manner against us common folk. Maybe if politicians were not too busy bending us over and simultaneously fluffing up the violating erection that rapes us all they could figure out a way to use the funds from our national pension fund to sustainably manage and distribute OUR natural resources for the benefit of US. I suppose that would require merit, intelligence and other endearing factors, so automatically it disqualifies 99% of politicians.

Funny how when politicians declare a war on something it grows many folds in size and is never ever eradicated. Does the war on poverty, the war on drugs, the war on terrorism ring any memory bells on forever existing agendas? Now we have the new war on covid-19.  Wake up, covid-19 is a new agenda and will not be going away any time soon, unless of course we use common sense and eliminate our political captors from the equation. There are FAR TOO MANY pockets to be lined from this covid-19 debacle. Yearly Covid-19 vaccinations are the new gift politicians are doling out to the pharmaceutical industry. And yes your tax dollars are paying for the privilege of being unnecessarily jabbed.  Once something is politicized it never goes away!

Getting back to the post government book deals. I am sure that the man-child King of Canada will be whoring himself out to any and all publishers that will write a cheque, and gosh darnit I bet The King will produce the best damn colouring book that any generation will have ever seen. It will be so great that it will have exercises for anyone with a mental age of 12 and below. His commie father will be so proud that he will roll over in his grave. Of course when the publicity event for the book release comes to be, the King himself will be there in the flesh with his 64 pack of Crayola Crayons, and those are just his brown hues for his self portraits. As well there will be a tracing section in his colouring book because he is only capable of following what another entity has drawn up for him.

I wonder if people actually buy these books that former politicians put into publication or if most are just the lining on a shelf for a few months to eventually be incinerated? Either way the untraceable bribes are lining the pockets of said destroyers of decency in a society.

Colouring outside the lines of acceptability seems to be the forte of all politicians.