Having given up on television many years ago after making the judgement call that my hard earned money could be spent in many other forms that would be more beneficial to my well being and general philosophy and understanding of this physical world we dwell in, I turned to other mediums for information. Not to mention it was blatantly obvious that most of the programming beamed into billions of homes around the world constituted, if physically possible, the equivalent of a heaping bowl of diarrhea. On second thoughts I am pretty sure that diarrhea could be classified as a Newtonian Fluid and therefore according to the laws of gravity on liquids heaping is out of the question, though I could not find an information source to confirm or repudiate this query. It is looking like said full bowl is relegated to either a convex or concave meniscus. My guess would be convex!

More specifically, attempting to consume the narratives that mainstream and state media were dishing out was akin to attempting to dine on a rancid plate of awful offal. It just did not go down very well and was impossible to stomach such poisoning of the mind. In other words, it was not fit for human consumption no matter how much they attempted to season the mind meal or further garnish it with a sprinkling of sophistry. As it relates to todays mainstream media apparatus objectivity is a thing of the past, beginning in America in 1987 when the FCC repealed the fairness doctrine.¬†North of the 49th parallel differing viewpoints seemed to disappear at an alarming rate and in appearance in and around the 9-11 “terror” attacks in 2001.

Perhaps the CIA’s operation mockingbird was never shut down as they would like everyone to believe and it has metastasized outside of America and in effect gone global and pulled in other countries intelligence agencies to participate, polluting the minds of most who tune in to mainstream media thinking that they are consuming something of value. Almost all geopolitical news in the western world is created by 3 news agencies, Reuters, Associated Press, and Agence France-Presse, then sent to all mainstream radio, tv, print and internet based platforms. This is why you can tune into all broadcasts on all channels and hear the exact same story, sometimes almost word for word. You could call it a recipe for cerebral control.

The mainstream media has been constructed in a spider web network where the spider(Intelligence agencies) uses its silk(3 news agencies in the western world) to construct the web(media controlled by mega corporations) which captures the helpless flies(general population) which are unable to see the web and end up becoming trapped and injected with the spiders venom(propaganda.) Most are consumed upon this web of deception after the venom paralyzes their brain and rational thought ceases to exist. However if you choose to dine outside your comfort food and choose some alternative cuisine the beneficial mental health affects begin to take affect.

All channels are reporting the exact same news in the same manner and the general public has no choice but to believe the narrative which some have labeled as the illusion of choice. Udo Ulfkotte was a German journalist and participating member of the media deception for many years. Udo wrote a best selling book on the subject which the western media blackballed any mention of in the mainstream channels. The legacy media with their exorbitant grasp on controlling the mainstream channels and narratives then ruthlessly perform character assassinations and disinformation campaigns against any independent sources of information that veer from the carefully crafted narratives and agendas. Or to stay on the foodie theme, throwing one to the wolves, or in this case perhaps sheep is a better description of the target audience.

Control of the new medium, internet, is the next course for those sitting around the round table. Funny how it is always squares that seem to occupy the perimeter of the round table. Strange how Wikipedias articles seem to always top the first page of the menu when you type a query into a search engine. It is as if this was a predetermined and manufactured construct with the intent to make it the lexicon of accepted reference inquiries. Wikipedia has become a disinformation and smear platform for any INDIVIDUAL with a contrarian view on the “official narrative.” Even universities, as watered down as some have become do not consider Wikipedia to be a valuable nor legitimate source of information.

In summary, the all too produced, packaged and prevalent narratives that form the mainstream, state and commercial media information construct and claim to be objective sources of events and happenings are in reality a manufactured misinformation and disinformation campaign to obfuscate the truth, warp reality and truly serve the purpose of homogenizing the minds of the masses in order to manufacture consent for powerful institutions and power players with the obtained goal of normalizing abnormal ideas and false constructs for financial gain through unnecessary mass consumerism, to justify waging aggressive wars for profit and geopolitical power, control of populations to keep the ruse going, and to perpetuate the captor-captive political system that is representational “democracy” of western civilization.

I guess you could call the mainstream media substrate a smorgasbord of deceit at an unsanitary buffet that has been carefully cooked up with nefarious ingredients in order for the populace to gorge themselves on thinking that they are getting value for their money. Unfortunately when you dine on junk food for thought you end up with arterial plaque that bypasses the atria and ventricle and lodges itself directly on the brain.

Sorry but tonight there will be no dessert!