No matter the country you happen to be a citizen/subject of at the moment, whether born and bred, a naturalized citizen, permanent resident, or even an illegal non-intergalactic alien, there may be tens to hundreds of thousands, millions and even multiples of millions of awake(not woke) INDIVIDUALS within the borders who realize that this whole covid-19 agenda does not make rational sense and many more understand that it is being forced upon us by international institutions(IMF, World Economic Forum, World Bank, WHO etc.) with the blessing and full fledged cooperation of all the bad actor politicians currently atop their sordid thrones of shame, with the negative and very real consequence of taking even more of our human rights and personal freedoms away as they currently are and will be to an even higher degree forcing us into a complete captive system of total control over our lives, leaving us with zero privacy, freedom of movement, liberty and therefore no freedom or dignity.

The institution heads in their shameful attempt at marketing have dubbed it The Great Reset, but those who are able to read between the lines may call it a hybrid Authoritarian Global Fascist/Communist/Feudalist Regime which will distribute power accordingly down the rungs of the ladder, depending on who you know, how much you are willing to sell out your populace and resources and how high one is willing to jump or be a YES man/woman. Basically only the .001% of the worlds wealthiest sadists and the largest moral prostitutes(politicians) in the galaxy will be permitted entry to this perverted non-inclusive club. Kind of the way it is now but more restrictive, dystopian and with way less freedom for you and I, the peasant class!

International Institution heads will be the new Kings, Queens, Emperors, Commissars and Fuhrers, while their institutional underlings down the chain of command and our respective, but undeserving of respect, pathetic political class with international institution shit all over their noses will become the Princes, Princess’, Dukes, Earls, Barons, Viscounts and the like, and we are the serfs. The only question left is will there be a terroristic purge of those who are able to think and act for themselves? If history is an indication of what the future has in store for conscientious, informed, free thinking, cognizant, rational INDIVIDUALS that want no part of the ever creeping and rapidly compounding tyrannical despotic machinating megalomania, mass graves are sure to come back into the future picture. Although this time the depravity of those at the top might be so high that Soylent Green may indeed become a reality.

One of the easiest ways that the Nazi’s were able to round up those of Jewish ancestry to intern in slave labour death camps and eradicate in the gas chambers or other murderous dispatches was to simply go to the town hall and look in the records that the civic government kept of peoples religious affiliation. It makes one wonder why many governments are attempting to FORCE vaccinations upon their populaces for a virus that is in no way very deadly except to septuagenarian and octogenarians with comorbidities and a handful of some other very unhealthy people and the odd other person(same thing flu does every year?) You know governments are keeping records of who will and therefore who will not receive the experimental, rushed to the market, not sure of future side affects vaccine. My question is, what are the consequences going to be for those who refuse to be a human guinea pig for government ignorance and stupidity and the pharmaceutical corporations experiments that they will be making billions if not trillions of dollars off of when all is said and done. Excuse me, it will never be said and done, after all it has been politicized, and politicized ALWAYS becomes omnipresence!

In Humans and in much of the rest of the animal kingdom there is something called the fight or flight response when presented with a clear and present danger and threat to survival. Without getting into all the chemical and physiological occurrences that go along with the fight or flight phenomena, it is basically a decision as to whether one will turn tail and run or muster all the fortitude and strength possible with the end goal of soundly defeating or escaping the threat to your well being and existence. Regardless of fleeing or staying course to defeat the threat, the end goal is to keep your life, freedom, physical and mental health,  and continue to dwell efficiently and prosperously in the physical world your ancestors were gracious enough to bring you into, while leaving the predators way out of sight and at a quite significant distance in order to prevent another predatory episode to your well being.

My question is this, what happens when the environment you live in has been mercilessly infiltrated, eroded and taken away by predators with the planned and currently operational edict of eradication of your privacy, liberty, movement and hence freedom as a human being and there no longer remains a safe space to take flight to in order to hide from your predators as they control every single facet of the environment you live by constantly monitoring and dictating your whereabouts, movement, interactions, communications, consumption and spending habits, relationships to others and then begin to take basic and necessary CHOICES and life functions away if you do not follow their dictatorial commands?

Choices like if you want to retain your human right to privacy by having the ability to use cash, or whether you want to be injected with a 100% experimental vaccine that may very well have extreme negative health consequences immediately or in the future. To choose to strap a disgustingly dirty and non effective mask to your face. Not to mention the choice if you want to fly overseas to visit family or friends, or if it so suits you to, on a whim, spin a globe plant a finger and buy a ticket to where your finger points, if the desire so fits your FREE WILL to do so.

These choices MUST be protected by those who are entrusted and even paid to protect our freedom. Unfortunately these choices are surreptitiously being stolen from us by those whose only real reason for existence is to uphold our HUMAN RIGHT to have choices to make while exercising our FREE WILL to act for ourselves and not be dictated to by unqualified bullies. Are our politicians just plain stupid, being bribed by those in international institutions or do they have a control file being held over their head to dictate the authoritarian actions they unleash upon us? My guess would be a combination of the three. Of course a bribe and control file would be of no function unless the pathetic political offender was in fact a clueless dupe and moral prostitute strictly playing in the perverted game solely for self aggrandizement, monetary gain and hobnobbing with unfettered power, which in my book equals a stupid and non qualified person incapable of directing a classroom of children let alone a city, province, state or country and the billions of lives that go along with such an undertaking.

With our choices, privacy, freewill, all around decency and rationale having being rapidly taken away from us in 20 years and currently being exponentially accelerated at an alarming pace by the supposed guardians of our freedom(government), equates to our physical, mental, intellectual, moral and social environment being utterly decimated and precariously compromised to the point of no longer having anywhere logical or safe to run and hide in order to escape the nonsensical predatory actions of what indeed has become the amalgamation of government, international institutions, multinational corporations and media(I will call them the 4 horsemen of to lock our lips) with the sole intent of injuring our mental and hence physical health, leaving us intellectually naked and downtrodden to the point of them getting ready to lock us in our proverbial cages permanently and to be consumed at their time and will if we do not follow the ringmasters commands to jump through their hoops and obey our masters in order for us to receive basic sustenance to be able to just exist without many realizing that there is freedom outside of their circus environment.

When there is nowhere to hide from predators the only option left for those still functioning and containing logic, decency, true fortitude and the free will that goes along with it is to fight for a non captive environment of freedom and dignity and expel ones captors to the outskirts of a new healthy framework of living. However, the super predator melange of the new four horsemen are a match to be reckoned with and can in no way be taken on and defeated with brute force or other violent means.

Perhaps the only method is to CREATE and expand a peaceful, intelligence based platform and actions that ultimately exposes the lies, duplicity, double speak and sophistry that politicians and the rest of the jejune juggernaut club have propagandized, hypnotized and normalized much of society with.

No doubt the rustiest link and intellectually weakest of the amalgamation of evils has to be the politicians who are indeed in power to serve the international institutions, multinational corporations and have their actions normalized and sanitized by the state and corporate media.

We must hold the politicians accountable to what they state their purpose for being is. That purpose without a doubt as politicians incessantly affirm, is to serve the populations of their electorate in a fair and beneficial manner. This representation of the people is ONLY currently done in the fashion that those with immense power have allowed to happen and within the parameters that the media has set forth as normalized ideas. Once parameters for  discussion are set by those in power, freedom of speech and freedom of ideas cease to exist!

This is true in the fact that good ideas that may be brought forth to give common folk more freedom and free will are in reality detested by power as it takes away from their system of control and lessens their ability for domination of their subjects and dictating of the framework of society. So to prevent intelligent ideas and the benefit they would bring to giving people more control of their lives and in allowing unchecked power to continue unopposed the media apparatus truly is not there to enlighten or further the cause of educating, elevating and liberating the people. To a large degree media is actually in existence to obfuscate the truth and muddy the waters of perception. By state and mainstream media constantly dictating then reaffirming that having politicians rule over us is the one and only system that is permissible, and by omission of another viewpoint that it is the only system there ever will be is all the evidence one should need to understand that media is in no way objective in their “reporting” and without a doubt is broadcasting “news” within the strictly defined power structure of set parameters that has nothing to do with full discussions of any idea or topic or the benefit of a truly free, informed and liberated populace!

Since almost all Western representative “democracies” have proven through their non-abilities of basic fiduciary responsibility, fiscal mismanagement and other irresponsible actions of the past couple decades and at a terrifying pace this last 9 months since this covid debacle was unleashed upon us, that politicians are atrociously incapable of serving the populace in what is devolving into outright dictatorial authoritarianism by proxy and cooperation with the other 3 horsemen of to lock our lips, the only and next rational step in the progression of the deescalation of overbearing, intrusive and top down dominating power structures that have been ruling over humanity for thousands of years would be the adoption and gradual implementation of a DIRECT DEMOCRACY system where people can decide what is best for them after being given objective information and to begin down the road paved with true leaders of merit, and the privacy, monetary soundness, accountability, along with other positive attributes that go along with such endeavours. Not to mention the ability to have a CHOICE other than electing a *useful idiot* every few years.

Around 800 years ago The Magna Carta was one large step towards a mandate that relinquished the power of the outright dictatorial decrees and financial bungling of an authoritarian, out of control, tyrannical King and gradually placing more responsibility and freedom to those further down the hierarchy with one of the end outcomes being that of releasing the peasantry from their roles as serfs living under the thumb of their feudal lords and the freedom to CHOOSE employment and other exercises of liberty. As it stands now, our out of control political masters are currently reversing course and reintroducing the all encompassing power structure of total control of every aspect of our life in the new feudal/fascist/communist hybrid system where our right are being relegated to strict obedience of the diktat based on pseudo science, misappropriation of power and the financial logic of a 10 year old child on a sugar high who was given a no limit credit card and lacking the supervision of a responsible adult to watch over them.

Maybe it is time for the Magna Carta of the 21st century? Perhaps it is time to bring in a new social contract, where the responsible, steady, informed, high functioning, intelligent and cognizant members of all societies can begin to construct a framework to usher in a new renaissance and bring forth a DIRECT DEMOCRACY where the higher ups are of a meritocracy where they are able to dismantle the current structure of ignorance where many are treated like idiots from those in power and for that reason have the unsound logic of acting like an idiot. It is possible to bring into fruition such an ambitious goal, all we need is enough dedicated and steadfast will and participation from a certain percentage of the populations. We know the establishment is not going to admit wrong doing and change course, so it is probably best to have a more rational framework for when societies get to the point of economic and the other resulting collapses.

In order for us to take back control of our lives and actually have a life affirming non dictatorial framework and gain true freedom and liberty the non violent fight must be taken to our politicians and the propaganda factory that is the state and mainstream media. The politicians claim to be serving us, so let us make them make us an important and integral function of a participatory DIRECT DEMOCRACY system.

But how, when and where do we start? Two of those are tough questions. The when was last March at the beginning of the, make it up as they go, authoritarian decrees and misinformation campaign. So we are overdue. For sure we must unite in peaceful and constant pressure on our politicians to enable citizens to have a true choice and sense of belonging to the system that governs us and begin to take some privacy and common sense back from the four horsemen. Does that mean mass protests for months on end or until politicians for once work for true beneficial change for the masses? Where we could accomplish change through protesting by shiftwork so as to be able to miss work for one day a week and keep an income and be able to care for ourselves and families? Perhaps those whose jobs and sense of purpose was stolen from them can be the catalyst in proving that it is not right or healthy to be paid to sit at home and begin to mobilize a movement?

Getting politicians and the media to come over from the dark side and for once continually serve and benefit the mass of humanity for the betterment of all is a critical start to creating a new system where the most vulnerable to the most prestigious members of societies actually have an inclusive, participatory role and the sense of belonging that would emerge from such a construct. Having members of societies all working together for a common inclusive goal in a DIRECT DEMOCRACY framework is our only hope of starting the act of de-clawing and  de-fanging the international institutions, multinational corporations and begin dismantling their framework which allows them to hold politicians in their grasp at the misfortune of us the common sheep who are milked to keep the Ponzi scheme running in perpetuity regardless of the political party in power.

Hopefully there are enough people out there who realize our freedoms are being taken away and are willing to put in the peaceful process, whatever form it may be, in order to prevent an all encompassing captive system where eventually EVERY SINGLE facet of our lives are monitored and controlled by government and their masters.

The final screw in the coffin is once cash no longer exists. WE CAN NOT LET IT GET TO THAT POINT!



*Useful Idiot* refers to a politician or other member of society like a news anchor who serves the purpose of proliferating the power structure and captive system that is representational democracy. Many are not wise enough to realize that they are a useful idiot and the ones who do realize it and care not are in fact moral prostitutes and a poor excuse for a leader or person in a position of power.