For some of the younger readers, if I even have a readership, there was once a time before cell phones and email. All phones were landlines and there was no such thing as caller ID so it was impossible to know who was calling unless you picked the phone up to hear. Being a kid, it was the golden age of crank phone calls for my brothers and I. They even had a massive book that listed thousands of potential prank victims! Of course you could just freestyle a number if you were feeling creative. What a time to be alive!

Before cell phones there was also a thing called a pager. It was a small device that you would keep in your pocket or clip to your pants and someone could dial the number to your pager of which you left a pre-recorded message. After the message the caller would punch his phone number at the tone and it would be transmitted to the pager so the owner knew what number he needed to call. Yes you could prank your friends by punching in the number for crime stoppers or the police station!

Then, as now, sometimes when making a call, if not dialling from a contact list, on occasion one accidentally presses a wrong number key and ends up ringing the wrong number by mistake. It is human error. After all, would it not be quite ridiculous if you pressed the right numbers and the phone company purposefully sent the call to the wrong number?

There are a few blogs and intelligent people I follow online when I have the time to do so. It helps one form an opinion outside the state and corporate propaganda machine that has been set up to mislead, obfuscate the truth and homogenize society. Some of the people I read once worked for or consulted governments for a living and thankfully feel the need to share some of the workings and shenanigans that occur behind the curtain. Bless their souls. Sometimes I will send a question or comment to their contact page.

Fairly recently I wrote a question to one of the blogs mentioned above. I attempted to do so from my email account that goes through Microsoft Office. I had done the same before multiple times without a problem, the blog email address was even in my contacts. Last time was different. I entered his contact, typed my question and pressed send. “Message sent” it said on the page. I always go to my sent box after I send a message just to confirm. To my surprise it was sent to a friend of mine, which alphabetically was the next contact in my contacts list. Knowing I had entered the correct recipient the first time, I would give the chance that I had erred the first time, so I tried again. Once again I entered the blog contact email, typed my question and pressed send. “Message sent” it said again. Back to my sent box. Again it redirected my email and sent it to my friend! WTF? I signed in to my other foreign email service(not through Microsoft) company entered the blog email address, typed my question and pressed send. “Message sent” it said. Went to verify in my sent box, not a problem, proper recipient.

My question to the blogger was of government stupidity sentiment. Was I the victim of email sending censorship, or was there a gremlin? Do intelligence agencies have the ability to block or redirect emails? Surely Microsoft has worked out the gremlins from their platform. Is government so paranoid to the point of attempting certain people from contacting each other online?

This website has been online for over 2 months now and I have kind of been hoping that somebody would have written in by now, especially after having plugged it on the local radio station during prime time hours a few weeks ago. Though probably a few people have checked the site out and realized that there is nothing worth contacting for!

If anyone is reading this feel free to drop a line so I know the contact function works. I accept hate mail and death threats!