What if the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, President, Vice President, or Chancellor of your country went on the local evening news and told you that the main platform of their political party’s policy now that they are in power is to eliminate all of your possessions and then strictly tell you that you will in fact be happy to own absolutely nothing at all?  Authoritarian communism automatically pops into my head after hearing such a ridiculous and outlandish statement. Even Joseph Stalin, probably the biggest, most brutal, tyrannical authoritarian leader of the 20th century allowed possessions to anyone who had not disobeyed his diktat enough to end up in the gulag or wrong end of a gun barrel.

Secondly, after telling you that you will own nothing and be happy about it, they were arrogant enough to say that even though you are happy owning nothing, when you have the need for something that it will just be delivered to you by drone right to your place of residence? Fascist dictatorship automatically pops into my head after hearing such ridiculous and nonsensical gibberish. After all, when government and corporations join force to dictate and rout the population it is an element of fascism. Just the premise of everything being delivered by drone implies that they will not allow you to leave your house, and after all, they just took away all of your possessions, including your car, after dictating that owning nothing equals utopia.

Now suppose your leaders told you what kind of food you will eat and when you are allowed to eat it? Prison incarceration automatically pops into my head after hearing such a dystopian and freedom robbing statement. Besides, the only authority that would dictate to me whether I can, or when I can eat meat would be the warden of the prison that I have been locked up within.

Hypothetically, any politician who would dare make such a statement would be well deserved to be defenestrated within 5 minutes of uttering those diktats and thinking they could get away with such ignorant and baseless ideas. However if the citizens were not wise enough to carry on with the defenestration that was so warranted they would surely draw and quarter, break on the rack, or very least, tar and feather such a highfalutin brainless imbecile who would be so arrogant as to utter such selfish careless statements.

Not only will you own nothing and be happy about it, and not be able to eat meat unless it is your day of the week, but now every single monetary transaction that you make, because you know, you will only rent things from fascist entities now that you are happy owning nothing, will be monitored by your hybrid communist, fascist, all knowing feudal lords, because guess what, they have eliminated all cash and track and trace every single transaction that you make. But do not worry it is ALL in good fun! You belong to them now! And yes, when you publicly speak something other than what has been deemed permissible, politically correct thoughts that your masters have laid out for you, your electronic bank account will be shut off and your funds will be frozen until after your time at re-education camp and subsequent obeying of their foundation of permissible speech.

The above described agenda is quite literally a few of the goals that Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum have planned for humanity with their “great reset” “agenda 2030” and subsequent “4th industrial revolution.” Yes, these “academic” clowns are not even smart enough to realize that the first 3 industrial revolutions were instigated and carried out through free will, by free thinking, ingenious individuals, not forcefully through centrally planned fully incompetent governments full of talking heads who have no shame in selling out their respective populations for book deals, ludicrously paid speaking engagements and outright bribes. This ridiculous plan is the WEF’s plan to bring even further some not so very sovereign governments under the wings of the gargoyles who run such hybrid communist/fascist organizations.

Now for the rotten cherry on top of this half baked cockamamie turd pie. There is actually a federal government that has come out and is truly and fully ignorant plus dumb enough to have actually publicly admitted to and signed on to the agenda described above. Yes, EH, only in Canada! The great King Truedope has on video publicly admitted and verified that he is in the pocket of Klaus Schwab and the WEF’s plan for global domination and raking in billions upon billions of dollars for doing so! But no worries, all the draconian measures your corrupted and bought and paid for politicians are bringing you under the guise of this covid-19 fiasco have been implemented to scare and terrorize you into submission to allow them to manipulate society according to THEIR wants. You have been warned!

But it gets even more scandalous and interesting than a “sovereign” Prime Minister with terrible judgement calls throughout his entire life admitting that he is in the pocket of an international institution. Truedopes second in command, Deputy Prime Minister, Chrystia Freeland is actually a board member of the World Economic Forum! And it would not surprise me if Freeland was actually whispering into Truedopes ear and actually calling the shots. I equate Justin Truedope to Canada’s George W. Bush, put in power so others could manipulate him and enact some very harmful policies that no intelligent leader who had the interest of his country and citizens in mind would ever enact.

One policy that King Truedope and his cast of cronies just enacted to please his IMF and WEF handlers was in setting the legal precedence for the first time in Canadian history of actually cancelling some Canadian currency notes. You might be thinking, well it was only the $1, $2, $25, $500 and $1000 dollar bills, all of which have been out of use except the $1000 bill. As I said before, it is the legal precedent that was set in order to bring us one step closer to a fully digital currency system. Right on the Bank of Canada website it states that the bank will be able to remove other notes in the future, which means the $100 bill will be next, and after nobody stands up for their human right to have cash after they cancel the $100 dollar bill then they will delete the $50 bill, then the $20, $10, and finally the $5 bill, leaving you in a captive monetary system devoid of cash and the fundamental human right to privacy that cash enables in your inalienable right to freedom and liberty ,and at the whim of whatever authoritarian diktat your globalist masters and their politician lapdogs have in store for you once you are trapped in a digital currency nightmare.

Do not worry though, they will be hyping and making sure that stories come out on the mainstream news platforms to beat into your brain that $100 bills are for criminals, then it will be the $50 bills are for criminals and so on until all cash is eliminated. In reality, cash is no more for criminals than cell phones, cars, steak dinners, or even pants and shoes for that matter.

Any government that truly stood for the overall well being and true duty to beneficially serve its populace would declare cash as a basic fundamental human right to privacy and add as a curriculum in their public schools all the educational information about why privacy is so important for bringing freedom and liberty to an individual in their pursuit to achieve being the best person that a free society allows them to be. Instead, most Western federal governments have aligned themselves with globalist institutions like the IMF and WEF to usher in a full  captive control, track and trace monetary system which does nothing other than take fundamental human rights away from people.

Taking away citizens right to use cash is a crime and just one of many reasons why a true/direct democracy system must be brought into existence in order to have checks and balances against what is ever growing flagrant and astonishingly arrogant misbehaviour and a sheer insolent attitude that politicians wield against their populations, all the while stupidly and brazenly sucking up to globalist international institutions whose only existence is to attain unfettered wealth and power at the expense of common folk like you and I. Surely it would be objective to state that not one person who truly understands what freedom entails would ever if given the right to vote on individual issues would be ignorant enough to vote with a “yea” for any issue that robs one of privacy and the freedom and liberty that go along with the virtue of privacy.

Western politicians have decided to align themselves and carry out the dictates and foolish whims of the private sector through choosing to align and enact the policies of megalomaniacs like Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum in what could be described as a perverted symbiotic relationship that will once again enrich them and not us, and no doubt could be described as a fascist partnership to further enslave  regular citizens and consolidate even more power into the globalist elite and the international institutions they have set up to dominate the planets resources and citizen control system. And no, all the restrictive freedom robbing rules that are currently being put into place to limit and control us plebs will not apply to them at all. They will still be jet setting, dining on extravagant dishes of their choice, drinking their fine wines and other liquors, all the while hooting, hollering, bragging and laughing about how many of us were so dumb as to actually be feasting on grasshoppers and fake meat products and willingly submitted to having house appliances and digital currency systems all hooked up to a centralized spying system that tracks us 24 hours a day for “our benefit” all the while making billions and trillions of dollars off such ridiculous propositions. Once again a fascist/communist hybrid system brought to you by your sell out politicians!

Unfortunately I live in a country where the first and second in command have publicly admitted that they have signed on to such a ridiculous plan and are currently in the stages of implementing it. Not only have they signed up to this insanity, our Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland is actually a board member of the WEF that plans on taking our privacy and freedom away from us through the implementation of a captive control digital system. As well, Mark Carney, the former head of the Bank of Canada is now on the board of the WEF, so yes someone who has spent his career in private and public banking now sits on the board of an entity who has the stated goal of bringing in a fully digital currency system which will eliminate our privacy and freedom and bring us under the thumb of a globalist fascist/communist hybrid system. I suppose Carney is no longer employed by we the tax payers, so could just be deemed a parasite and moral prostitute who is in the perverted game strictly for profit and power motives. However King Truedope and his Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, are indeed been paid and expected to first and foremost serve the population that pays their salaries but instead have decided to enter into a fascist relationship with wealthy private sector entities at the detriment of those who they were elected to serve.

I can not state it any other way than those who first and foremost serve a globalist entity for a globalist mandate in an overarching manner that supersedes and routs their populace and for financial gain to themselves is guilty of many things, of which TREASON is at the top of the list. As for King Truedope, I think not he is smart enough to realize what he does. Chrystia Freeland on the other hand would not be out of place serving a prison sentence of more than two years less a day!