With the second anniversary of my mom’s death having recently passed, I could not but help but think of the millions of people, elderly and otherwise who were doomed and castigated by politicians to spend the last moments of their time on this planet in confusion, fear, total isolation and void of the extremely serene and life affirming impact that the company of loving family members, lifetime friends or just an understanding individual such as a fellow member of a club or religious organization would have had in calming their soul when they passed, or possibly have been around in their time of need to prevent a totally unnecessary death.

With my mom having been not well for a while, it was still disheartening to have learned that she had ended up in hospice. Fortunately I was able to spend a great deal of the last week of her life with her, which allowed us to reminisce of good and bad times past and the laughing and crying that go along with such emotional endeavours. When her time finally came my mom was surrounded by a great many of her loved ones and the occupation of her mind and outpouring of positive energy from those around her had surely made a significant impact in her passing in a peaceful and healthy state of mind in the transition that nobody for certain can say happens once ones physical presence ceases to be.

On the other end of the spectrum. Those who were forced to die in government imposed isolation may have done so due to old age. Others after being refused their regular treatments for say diabetes or cancer. Then there are those who without a doubt would be alive and with us had they not been forced into the desperate acts that ended up as the sole cause of their untimely death. I speak of course of those poor souls whose politician induced lockdowns and subsequent traumas caused by said lockdowns led them to turn to illicit drugs and the accompanying fatal overdoses that followed their drug use. Also, let us not forget those who were so desperate from the loss of employment, social interaction and the constant covid terror regime doled out by government and mainstream media that instead they opted for suicide over living in an unacceptable incarcerated fashion in what was once their home but then turned into their holding cell for a sentence they were not even privileged enough to know when it would end.

Then if it was not dystopian enough that people were forced to die alone devoid of loved ones, the event that is meant to bring closure, understanding and remembrance to the life of those who died, celebrations of life and funerals, were dictatorially not permitted on behalf of politicians around the globe. But yes, wondering around the isles of a big box store is permitted.

Yet with all of the above mentioned inhumane dictatorial life destroying decrees blindly and erroneously imposed by clueless politicians to unnecessarily reprimand their populaces, the rules for us common folk do not seem to apply in the same manner for politicians “glorious selves.” The many stories of politicians flouting their own covid rules speaks volumes on the belief of their superiority of themselves over us, the common loser.

Politicians after all are special people, unfortunately not in the way that they seem to think, if it is ok to actually say a politician actually thinks, because after all most politicians just act on the orders they have been given. Many individuals would say that a politician is only special in their ability to collect exorbitant pay and pensions for lying, cheating, sucking up to institutional power, moral prostitution, parasitism and just generally creating ever complicated and increasingly unnavigable social and societal structures with their unnecessary piling on of privacy, freedom and liberty destroying laws in what has become an overbearing political negative feedback loop where what is supposed to be the regulating part of a healthy system has quite literally turned on its host and begun the cannibalization of the host that allows the parasite to function.

Without a doubt it is time to eliminate the negative feedback loop of unfettered international institution/government cronyism and replace it with a positive feedback loop to foster positive grassroots growth, bring back some sanity and allow the check and balance of an informed populace to counteract the criminality, moral depravity, creeping communism/fascism and other freedom robbing negative constraints that politicians and their puppet masters have been able to slowly and unknowingly to most unleash upon society.

Two of the most important elements of the crumbling government framework that need to be reborn include the institutional education/government indoctrination system based on telling one what to think over truly teaching an individual how to think and the beyond out of control globalist debt system that seems to have metastasized to incorporate and engulf every single country in the world and in reality does nothing else other than ruthlessly punish all citizens encapsulated within. We are talking about literally TRILLIONS of dollars every year that is unjustly stolen from world citizens, regardless of their country, in order to only roll over the debt of extreme political fiscal mismanagement.

Surely the only non violent plausible way for the hosts to bring the parasites under control before they bleed us all to the point of captive anemia and lifetime globalist slavery is to let the hosts(builders of society) have a say in the system that has been hijacked by political debauchery is to put enough pressure on our captors to usher in a TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY framework where populations, through a life affirming unbiased education system have access to information other than the mainstream puppeteer propaganda that is wielded as a weapon against the occupied mind that does not have the time, understanding and sensibility to do the homework to realize that what they are being fed is the equivalent of monosodium glutamate for the mind which is just enhancing the flavour of the calorie deficient gruel that the gaol guardians(mainstream/state media) have been ceremonial dishing them out.

Without a doubt, governments and the morally void political prostitutes that make up said governments have reached an immeasurable but certainly not insurmountable level of depravity with these extremely overarching, society destroying edicts and freedom robbing totalitarian decrees that came to fruition with the overly politicized covid 19 agenda that was unleashed upon most societies of the world. The worst part about this non-lucid to most, nightmare that politicians, through what seems to be bribeability, have unleashed in cooperation with international institutions such as the World Health Organization and World Economic Forum under the guise of an apocalyptic virus is in reality absolutely no worse statistically than severe flu outbreaks of the past when the earths population had much less of a population than the current 7.8 billion people. Nor is it anywhere close to as deadly as the many plagues of history past which killed up to 200 million people with far less a global population as well.

Never once in history did any government submit their populaces to such unthinking and imbecilic actions as to lock people in their homes, counter to the panacea, and destroy local and global economies and the millions of honest hard working peoples lives that is currently going on with this assault on individual freedom and what boils down to absolutely INSANE actions brought forth by governments the world over which in reality can only be described as a planned and coordinated assault designed to take away individuals rights and consolidate power in the hands of what is looking to manifest itself as a global governance system where fascism and communism seem to be rearing their ugly heads and actual democracy seems to be going the way of the dinosaur. Although this time it will not be a comet or asteroid that utterly decimates the function and stability of the leading lifeforms that inhabit the earth, it will be the political blunders that will set off catastrophic events that will negatively affect the populace for years to come.

It would be fair to say that the political class is no longer fit to make critical decisions that affect the populace without having the supervision of the populace watch over and have a participatory role in the decisions that are made politically and are indeed all to often and with increasing regularity being enacted to steal the common persons freedom and independence. In reality politicians and their handlers seem to be stuck in a place that is nowhere near an objective reality nor even close to a semi fantasy. If we the people refuse to open our eyes and begin to act in a supervisory role and objective stabilizing manner, our politicians and their masters will escape the nonsensical purgatory that they seem to be trapped within at this point in time and will without hesitation or moral compass deliver us to the fantastically grotesque land of living hell and slavery over what should be the obvious and life affirming choice of actually having a choice in what kind of a governing system we end up dwelling within and becoming the masters of our own destiny in a true/direct democracy system!