In linguistics the word portmanteau is the combining of the form and meaning of 2 words. Examples include:

Cyborg – cybernetic + organism. A member of the animal kingdom interfaced with computer technology.

Texarkana – Texas + Arkansas. The twin cities sharing the geographical location on the Texas, Arkansas border.

Telethon – telephone + marathon. An hours long charity event raising money for community benefit.

Spork – spoon + fork. The eating utensil given to those not trustworthy enough to be given a full fledged fork.

Dumbfound – dumb + confound. To bring one to speechlessness by astonishment or amazement.

I will now attempt to dumbfound those wise enough or quite possibly unwise enough to read this blog by creating, defining and giving explanation of a new hybrid alphabet cominglings.


It is only fitting to bring together the two extremely dirty words of communism + nihilism. After all they are both antithesis to human freedom, decency, intelligence, free will and common sense to name a few positive attributes than an enlightened society would have as a foundation to a just society.

Communism in its basic foundation is the control of all property, economic and social systems by that of a totalitarian state. All too often it is petty criminals and the intellectually challenged the likes of Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot who play a major part in the framework for creating such dystopian nightmares.

In order to create the fools paradises of communistic past, it was necessary to mainly murder, as well as imprison and impose slave labour to those who had intelligence, a penchant for free thought, common sense or moral encompassment. Once you terrorize enough of the population through terror then the rest will usually fall in line in fear of severe consequences.

The unfortunate part about building political regimes not composed by people of intelligence and merit and strictly choosing yes men/women and those spouting sophistry is you end up with buffoons making policy and end up with morons such as Trofim Lysenko who was Stalin’s head agronomist. Lysenko adopted idiotic policies such as, planting seeds close together because plants of the “same class” would not “compete” against one another. If as a scientist you disagreed with Lysenko’s idiocy he would simply sic the Soviet Secret Police on them and often said scientists would end up in jail, a psychiatric ward or on the wrong end of the barrel of a gun.

Unfortunately, China under Mao was duped into following such ridiculous agronomy notions that killed millions like that of Soviet policy. It is no wonder that China has decided to go with a merit based government system where those in government are given aptitude tests and placed according to their ability. It is becoming quite evident in the West that having governments made up of incompetent yes men/women who are beholden to international institutions such as the World Economic Forum is devolving into a communist hybrid system where you have intellectually challenged politicians implementing thought and population control regimes based off of pseudo-science such as covid lockdowns or mask mandates making a difference on the trajectory of what a virus’ course will be. It will be interesting to see if the West’s policies kill as many people as the Soviets did.

Just look at the architecture of communism. Cubist constructs devoid of personality or sophistication meant to dull the senses, spirits and social individualism that free will and diversity have to offer. Let us not forget about the physical and military walls that communist regimes had to adopt in order to lock their populations in “utopia.” Although according to the communists it was to keep evil people of freedom out from their paradise. History proves you have to know something is not right when you are not even allowed to willingly leave your home country at your own whim. That bullet in the back or chomping jaws of the K-9 set loose on you was to show how much your government loved you, besides it would be immoral for you to escape their paradise and engage in non approved government thought and action!

Nihilisms description could be that of eliminating institutions and laws put in place for humans and their systems to flourish from the free exchange of interaction and ideas as well as complete and utter destruction off all that is moral and just in the world and oneself, the notion of an objective truth not existing and engaging in the despicable act of terrorism to achieve the ends of destroying what others have studiously and intelligently achieved to make the world a better and freer place for all.

A true individual might even claim that one who could willingly engage in either communism or nihilism is only a person who has not been able to run enough information through their brain to come up with what could be an objective and intelligent opinion or train of thought that would lead to an understanding of how the universe functions.

From my thoughts and observations it is a great deal of those who are unable to stop thinking of themselves as a victim who seem to want to engage in either communism or nihilism. A majority of their time is spent dwelling on their supposed victimhood which causes atrophy of the logic process and reinforces their delusional thoughts. They are petty, miserable and strictly want to instill pain and misery upon others thinking that it will somehow alleviate their irrational logic of taking things from others in an attempt to make themselves feel better and have power over someone else. There are billions of people who have overcome bad things happening to them and moved on to achieve a self garnered effort and outcome. If only we could come up with a panacea to enlighten the others. Though perhaps a true, non industrial education system would be a very good start.

In short, communism and nihilism are both a repudiation of intelligence, enlightenment, freedom, morality, common sense, logic, decency, fortitude, humanism and other endearing attributes that a civilized society would want to engage in.

There stands the possibility that our Western governments will bring us into a full blown communist/fascist hybrid control system if we let this current trajectory of “saving us” from a not so virulent virus, that has, through a government/mainstream media terror campaign infected the minds of the masses and allowed incompetent and treasonous politicians carte blanche to carry out the theft of our freedom at the behest of international institutions such as the World Economic Forum, World Health Organization and International Monetary Fund. Let us not forget that communism has always been ushered in with the false narrative of equality for all, only to never materialize, as the universe is not an equal construct. If it were hydrogen would be the one and only element in existence. We can not separate humanity from the universal construct.  This time the equality myth will be no different, and the Build Back Better slogan being used is strictly a marketing campaign to consolidate power into the hand of those in international institutions and ultimately destroy country sovereignty, take away freedom and rights of hard working individuals like yourself and  create the next official feudal lords of a communist/fascist global regime.

The time has come to unite and put enough pressure on our non sovereign governments to enact a TRUE/DIRECT DEMOCRACY system where us, the common folk are a check and balance against the unfettered power of politician prostitutes selling our ass to the whims and dystopian dreams of pseudo intellects and not so wise academics that have been unable to escape their victimhood and therefore have the need to victimize others in order to make themselves feel better and in the process the whole world is a victim of their egregious mistakes of power.