The official visit started on February 21, 1972, though the planning had to be a multitude of months, but probably years in the making. The realization that the US was losing the Vietnam war no doubt expedited the trip for Nixon and his National Security Advisor whose hands are so metaphorically stained with blood that a to the bone sandblasting would not alleviate the red handedness, but was surely not the sole reason for the attempted detente.

I speak of Richard Nixon’s visit to China, the first time any sitting American president had made the journey. A fact that is quite easy to digest knowing that the US along with other Western countries after WWII had backed Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalist Party of China(Kuomintang) during the Chinese Civil War(1927-1949), to which upon defeat the Kuomintang and its Western allies escaped to the island of Taiwan, where America continued its support and subsequent planning of military ventures to take Back mainland China, the plans of which would never come to fruition.

The sociopathic psychopath that was Nixons National Security Advisor spoken of above was of course Henry Kissinger. Kissinger would not engage in any behaviour lest it in some thought or perverted action benefit the rapacious imperial power of US global dominance and pad his own overinflated and self exaggerated ego of superiority over others. Though the US through its media’s sanitizing efforts would brand the Nixon visit as a strictly looking for friendship excursion, there were indeed nefarious, and destabilizing plans that the US and its intelligence state had in reserve if they were able to weasel their foot through the proverbial door to the den of those they were looking to exploit.Remember, China and The Soviet Union were supplying and aiding the North Vietnamese in their war against American aggression in China’s back yard.  With the US no doubt delusional and believing they were playing chess and thinking the Peoples Republic of China only capable of playing checkers. Let us not forget that Sun Tzu and his book The Art of War were 2 gems that Chinese culture and therefore philosophy had absorbed into their psyche in the 2500 years since publication. Nor can we forget the hell that China went through in the 19th and 20th centuries at the hands of the British colonizing machine and then the murderous dispatches and atrocious behaviour of the Japanese onslaught of inhumanity. Needless to say, the Chinese were well aware of this new “friendly” outstretched hand.

With the Soviets and PRC’s rift beginning to further widen even before the point in history of Nixon’s visit, it was a blessing for both China and the US to begin talks to grab hold of in using as a weapon, tool and bargaining chip against Soviet Russia when they were able to begin a mutual rapprochement. Though one might surmise the absolute down the road goal of US detente and foreign policy toward China was that of taking advantage of the use of slave labour wages for American corporations and to begin the slow process of hopefully infiltrating the political workings of China through the subversive undermining of the political regime of Mao and future successive leaders through slow erosion of established principles, and the eventual doling out bribes and carefully crafted lies. If successful some new “clients” for the burgeoning, US created and run international institutions of the IMF and World Bank to name a couple. Because, after all, you ain’t shit unless you sign up for lifetime debt regimes that mercilessly rape the citizens(slaves) of your geographical borders and allow said international institutions to dictate countries economic trajectories and frameworks to further the life of the empire du jour and its ever vacuuming tentacled arms of infiltration and deceit.

Deng Xiao-ping took top spot in China in 1978 and began reform, which included the end of economic isolationist policies in which the beginning of the opening to foreign investment into China began. In a bid to attempt to show the backwardness of the communist regime in Beijing the Taiwanese government invested heavily in its economy in the late 70’s and 80’s which did bring a great deal of economic success and prosperity to its citizens. No doubt the reformers in Beijing took notice and began down the same beaten path and continual growth right into the late 90’s. For sure the Chinese best and brightest minds had come to realize that a strictly communist existence was not a system that would move its citizenry down a path of upward mobility, intellectual growth and all around prosperity for all.

By the year 2000 China had the worlds 6th largest economy and still growing and the US under Bill Clinton were backing China’s ascension into the World Trade Organization. America’s backing of China joining the WTO was for a multitude of reasons including that of the decrease of tariffs on Chinese goods, increasing access to offshoring of American jobs to take advantage of slave labour manufacturing and the corporate profits that came along with such an endeavour, skirt environmental regulations at home, open up a new market for US made goods, as well as believing that introducing a market economy would chip away at the Chinese Communist Party and slowly usher in a democratic system. America believed if its goods and services were allowed into China then American democracy would have to follow. Once a country allows Non Governmental Organizations(NGO’s) to set up shop within their borders they are covertly used for infiltration purposes and begin destabilization efforts.

Now is probably a good time to inform readers that China, while being called a “communist regime”, has indeed implement what would has to be called a meritocracy element to their political system and do actually give applicants for party membership an intelligence test to determine intellect and understanding and then place winning recipients into a post that is fitting to their abilities. Whereas in the West most country leaders and underlings seem to be selected for willingness to prostitute morals, lie in a boldfaced way to citizens, kowtow to international institutions and unquestionably follow the diktat of the global foreign policy of the empire du jour. Personally I would rather have leadership of above average intelligence, high functioning ability and elevated understanding of how the universe and its elements function, of which the world and its systems are, no matter their gender, sexual preference, racial background or religious faith. Instead I am stuck with a brown face wearing drama teacher with the mental age of a 15 year old, who seems incapable of rational or logical thought and has just ran the national debt up in ONE YEAR, more than the entire country of Canada did in the first  125 YEARS of existence. Needless to say it is time for the West to begin treatment on its political sewage system!

What China has accomplished in the 40+ years since implementing reform and economic liberalization can only be described as astonishing. They have lifted close to 500 million people from extreme poverty since 1999 alone and holds title to the worlds second largest economy and many believe it will supplant the US as number one by 2028. China leads the world in quantum computing and 5G technology, to go along with many modes of transport, including the worlds longest high speed railway(35,000km by end of 2019), domestic waterway, as well as the longest and probably nicest highway network the world has seen, of which 84,000 miles(134,000km) have been built since 1988, and they continue to build on average since 2011, 6000 miles(9600km) per year! Their belt and road initiative is serious well planned business. China also now leads the world in natural science papers and indoor vertical farming to name a few subjects.

While the above global leading positive attributes are in the pocket of China, they do also lead in what many would consider negative restraints upon a free society such as the implementation and building of a social credit score where individuals, businesses and government workers are judged and punished according to ones behaviour where individual infractions for things such as J-walking, smoking in non-smoking zones or dissent can lead to travel bans, decreased internet speeds or job and school prohibitions. For businesses, criteria can include whether the business pays taxes on time, keeps up with necessary licenses or meets product quality standards. Punishment for businesses may be a public shaming and the lowering of an individuals social credit score for doing business with a business that has a low social credit score. To go along with their social credit score, China also leads the world in artificial intelligence cctv facial recognition systems where they can track your movements back a week, link your car, family members, friends and locations traveled all to your file and have a contingency of police waiting for you in a matter of minutes if you so violate their authority. As well, they have built an intranet over the Wests model of a truly world wide internet.

In the short, all those decades ago, Nixon and the intelligence state outstretched their clammy hand in the guise of benevolent brotherhood to assure the Chinese that they had nothing but unselfish good intentions for their country and inhabitants, but under the surface of pleasantries and “altruistic” actions, in reality, the US had the plans to coral and control China’s economic rise, thinking they would forever have a cheap source of labour and efficiently infiltrate and transform the political system eventually placing a Western puppet into the top the likes of what they are currently attempting to do in Russia with Alexei Navalny in order to gain unfettered access to resources, capital and along with it the souls of the citizenry who are ruthlessly punished through the extraction of toil needed to serve the globalist debt agenda and international institutions that pave the road with human misery to allow such a system to exist. Now is a good time to express that one of Sun Tzu’s stratagems is to willingly submit to more powerful rivals, on a temporary basis that is.

In the long, what China has done is acquired technology transfer in exchange for foreign business entry into the country and with it the ability of the brightest minds(meritocracy) to study and enhance such info. In lieu of Western infiltration into China’s political workings, China’s control over its political power has actually grown with the strength of their economy, again reaping the rewards of installing intelligent politicians. China has also not become the victims of the IMF and World bank, but in reality has created its own institution the Asian Investment and Infrastructure Bank(AIIB) to rival and possibly surpass that of its US rivals in the future. From being a country of mostly peasants not very many decades ago they are now leading the world in many fields including technology and are currently building their country into a consumer based economy along the lines of the American model to go along with their new found wealth and willingness to work hard to achieve ever higher goals. I suppose in part the meteoric rise of China’s status could have quite a lot to do with having the best and brightest minds in the country working in unison and coming together to innovate with ideas through their 5 year plans, as opposed to Western countries framework of electing professional liars, pseudo intellectuals and moral prostitues on a rinse and repeat cycle every 4 years or so to usher in another parliament of incompetence who serve international institutions and then collect exorbitant pensions for selling out their populaces.

While the West self destructs and descends through gross incompetence by and at the hands of political imbeciles who seem more preoccupied with virtue signalling, constantly bleating on issues such as giving prepubescent children the right to take sex hormones, trying to convince their populations that everyone is a racist and mysoginist if they do not agree to the political and mainstream media indoctrination campaigns, glorifying victim culture, rewarding scuzzy scumbags for atrocious and antisocial behaviour and are quite busy and self righteously, but erroneously murdering their economies through overarching, unnecessary and draconian orders of lockdowns, social restrictions and beyond childish fiscal measures that can only be one of the last nails in our proverbial coffins, China has their nose to the grindstone, are still ascending the ladder through well planned hard work which will elevate them to the worlds number one economy in a few short years, and who knows, possibly even save the West from its accelerating downward spiral after they defeat the US and its vassals along with their ally Russia in the next war that America starts in the blind rage and workshop of lies they manufacture after realizing and not being able to come to terms with the fact that they were just blown out of the water by a country that 40 years ago the vast majority of people toiled in fields and were lucky to even have a bicycle to ride from A to B on. Yes, America will drag all of its vassals down with it as they rape the world on their way down the proverbial toilet. Any comment now Kissinger on your genius?

For the West it is never too late to attempt to stop the bleeding, even when it is a self imposed blood letting, though you are supposed to make a small self incision on an inconspicuous area on one of your appendages, not a juicy jugular slice. Trouble is when you slice your own throat you need to grasp the wound with both hands which leaves one incapable of reaching out for help which means the likely outcome once they realize what they have done will be to panic, run for an exit, not even realizing that they are elevating the heartbeat and just continually pumping the life-force right out of the host that makes society possible. I suppose the only question left is how long will the self generating maggots feast on their own corpse before the cleanup crew pays a visit and performs the needed sanitization that will allow those of merit to have a say in what affects us all.

The time has come to usher in a new age in the West and the only way to achieve the outcome without mass defenestration will be to enact a true/direct democracy approach where people are a check and balance on politicians who ever increasingly seem less and less capable of acting in non anti social capacities or in even semi intelligent fashion.

While WE babysit the politician children to ensure good, logical and rational behaviour the highest functioning and intelligent members of Western societies can create the framework for country management systems where those of merit and intelligence and outside of the box reasoning and sensibilities could usher in a new age where society should be able to prosper while still enjoying levels of privacy, freedom and liberty without the authoritarian elements of social credit scores, intranets, cctv tracking nightmares, strictly digital currency systems and other tyrannical acts of forced oppression.