Firstly it should be noted that there is no such thing as a “moderate rebel,” moderate rebel is government propaganda and euphemism for the true term of terrorist, or someone paid by an entity(mainly governments) to cause death and destruction in order to attempt to terrorize a population into submitting to the will of those who paid and aided such terrorist activities in order for the funder of terrorism to reap the financial rewards of the geographical location they are attempting to bring under their control through outright terrorist activities. So yes, it is quite lawful to say every country who has participated in any way in the attempt to overthrow Assad and his lawful government are in fact agents of terror and are complicit and guilty of the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians and in the displacement and destruction of millions of hard working Syrian people. There is a good chance that the Prime Minister, President or Head of State of your Western country is quite literally guilty of terrorism and therefore a terrorist.  Once again the actions and consequences of a harebrained Western scheme has ended up as yet another case of the cure being many multiples worse than the actual disease.

It should also be of note that most modern borders including those in the Middle East were literally drawn up mainly by the British and French governments after being the victors of World War One. When the Western governments laid down the borders they purposefully and carelessly encapsulated various tribes, ethnic makeups, and religious denominations into the same geographical boundaries and then funded and supported strong men who became the leaders to bring all factions under control through repressive means. With so many tribes, religious denominations and ethnic diversities forced to now be ruled by Western backed regimes, this did cause division within these newly formed boundaries with the understanding and intent of Western imperial powers to now have an easier route to abscond with the mineral wealth of said countries. Basically to divide and conquer, where when factions are fighting amongst themselves the real powers are robbing the squabbling groups blind.

Well, the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation(CBC) and other mainstream media have been overhyping the 10th anniversary of the beginning of the Western backed and funded terrorist campaign in Syria under the guise of the foolish dupe moniker of “Arab Spring”. There is no mention of ISIS or all the Western governments who funded ISIS and its proxies with weapons, cash, motor vehicles, medical treatment, and no doubt intelligence from reconnaissance sources as to how to inflict maximum damage and terrorize, starve, rape and any other form of chaos that will subjugate and diminish a populations sanity, health, well being, overall security and prosperity. It has all been catchy soundbites of Assad, the barrel bombing, poison gas releasing, woman and baby killer.

It is looking like the West(empire du jour and vassals) through its oh so fine tuned disinformation and propaganda substrate that is mainstream media happens to be foreshadowing the coming ramp up of a continued death, dismemberment and all out destruction of Syria and most likely neighbouring countries that have not signed up to be dominated by the empire du jour. Just look, Joe Biden the ULTIMATE PUPPET has been put in place to be dragged in any direction the Deep State and its death machine has mapped out on the stage of the world.

And yes, it has been and will continue to be regular folk like you and I who’s blood and guts stain the streets around the globe while immense powers jockey for position in controlling coveted resources, and through clever state sponsored propaganda the minds of the masses who are too busy with life to perform the necessary research and come up with a conclusion other than what state indoctrination campaigns plant as seeds and fertilize into a necrotizing of human perception that enables sanity and reality to be cleverly composted. Golly, it is as if mainstream media and what seem to mostly be politician prostitutes need to be either eliminated or extremely limited in their scope and a true non-industrial, zero indoctrination education system created to teach true objective, universal and worldly thinking so we can for once have a true/direct democracy system flourish and reign in a new Age of Enlightenment where a dangerously enlightened populace can take back what is rightfully theirs, a more participatory role in what seem to be all too poorly and greedily made decisions by endless lines of morally depraved politicians out for nothing more than hobnobbing with power, bribe payers and collecting obscene pensions for selling out their populaces.

Back to political death and destruction. For sure some Syrian citizens turned up in the streets to protest in hopes of having a marked impact of creating some form of political change, not realizing that their efforts for a better life were about to be hijacked by immense powers in a geopolitical power struggle that would have Western politicians organize, fund and aid “moderate rebels”(Salafist jihadists, including ISIS) who began an onslaught of terror and the transformation of their country, in most locations, into a true hell on earth.

Once Syrian blood began to stain the streets, whether by the bullets of Assad’s military or very likely and/or as well as paid agitators shooting Syrian citizens to blame on state entities, Western powers already had intelligence on the ground, a plan of action and ready willing and able paid for terrorists who were in country, in close proximity or possibly doing the bidding of Western powers by partaking in the overthrow of Africa’s most prosperous nation of Libya so the West could pilfer its supply of oil, gold and best and brightest human resources. Once Gaddafi had been murdered and then sodomized by Western sponsored bayonets, it would only be a natural part of the plan fo the West’s military machinery and terrorist mercenaries to make their way to the burgeoning conflict in Syria with the underlying hopes of committing war crimes and atrocities in hopes of again murdering a Middle Eastern leader and then having factions fight amongst themselves to determine a new leader who is willing and able to sell out their citizens to the will and demands of the West’s desire to control resources, whether mineral or human in nature.

In short what the West did was supply and let loose terrorist fighters in Salafi jihadi organizations such as al-Nusra Front, Tahrir al-Sham, ISIS and cleverly worded terrorist militant groups such as “Syrian Democratic Forces”(SDF) and “Free Syrian Army”(FSA) all of which are by international law illegal aggressive combatants attempting to overthrow the legitimate government of Bashar al-Assad. Not only were the aforementioned terrorist groups being funded and aided by powerful proxies such as America, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Netherlands and Canada, but certain terrorist groups were also fighting each other for control of certain areas and agendas as their backers all had self serving interests of their own. Not only that but terrorist mercenaries would switch from terrorist organization to terrorist organization depending upon who was providing a higher pay cheque, and yes, they would take the implements of death and other supplies provided by one country when they left to make more money with an alternate terrorist organization. Also, these merciless and cowardly terrorists held captive and embedded themselves in towns and cities of regular people like you and I with the plan and goal of using them as human shields so Western media could then falsely blame Assad of being a rapacious barbaric butcher and baby killer to give credence for our tax money to be stolen from us to fund terrorism and used to secure and steal resources that rightfully should belong to those being victimized by Western backed terrorists.

Did you ever see the videos of terrorist groups in Syria driving around in brand new Toyota pick up trucks some of which had massive guns to murder innocent civilians and think to yourself, geez, well if someone with half a brain wanted to find out who was supplying these implements of death and fomenting jihadi terrorism they should just capture some vehicles and take the vehicle identification numbers to Toyota and demand the info into who paid for such vehicles. Well the answer to the question is that liberal Western democracies were supplying said vehicles along with many other  items so that terrorist could mercilessly murder innocent civilians and turn stable countries into depraved cesspools of death and annihilation. Here is one article of the Netherlands complicity in such criminal behaviour signed off on by inept, morally void politicians serving the empire du jour. Without a doubt many Western democracies politicians hands are covered in the blood and brains of innocent Syrian civilians, just do your own research! Heck, Israel treated thousands of terrorists in Israeli hospitals, supposedly on humanitarian grounds, and then gave them pocket money and sent them back to Syria all patched up so they could murder even more Syrian people! Not so funny how Israeli politicians have compassion and empathy for jihadi terrorists, but not for any Palestinian civilians including women and children.

Ah, the resources. Being a Middle Eastern country, Syria does posses oil as one of its natural resources, and therefore the sale of oil is one form of securing funding to carry on with the death and destruction campaign aimed at terrorizing the population of Syria, all because their leader would not sell them out to imperial machinations. And oil is what some countries did and are currently stealing. America and its bought and paid for Kurdish led mercenaries have been illegally occupying parts of Syria for many years now and are stealing legally Syrian oil to fund illegal activities in Syria. And yes, while Turkey bitches about America illegally stealing Syrian oil they are engaged in the exact same criteria and have even stolen entire factories inventories and shipped them back to Turkey to be sold. So it is fair to say that hostile powers are stealing Syrias rightful resources from oil to machinery and many millennia old antiquities to be sold on the black market, and the greatest natural resource to be plundered is for sure the innocent Syrian civilians who have been displaced, physically and mentally wounded or outright murdered at the behest and funding from Western politicians, with our hard earned tax money paid to accomplish this sordid and nonsensical ambition. And yes, we give our federal politicians obscene pensions to enable genocide half way around the globe!

So as the Western, state and mainstream media machine blurt out lie filled, single faceted, intelligence agency written and supplied propaganda to capture most of the minds who take such broadcasting to be factual and relevant to forming an opinion and in the process giving consent to the atrocious and normalized actions of Western politicians who are without a doubt guilty of funding and purveying terrorism, and therefore are indeed actual terrorists, a multifaceted and extremely complicated web of happenings is occurring around the globe and regular folk like you and I are fodder for political structures such as industrial education systems and propaganda news structures, both of obfuscating constructs, that have indeed been set up with the purpose and intent of keeping the general populace from knowing the truth of what is actually happening around the world and in our own backyards so that powerful institutions and some corporations have free will to make immense profits from resources that should belong to those forced to live within the false confines of what has come to be known as countries within global village.

By the rationale of what Western countries have done in overthrowing other countries through terrorist funded campaigns because thousands of citizens(extremely low percentage of the population) had come into the streets to protest certain government actions, would give some countries in the world the right to fund and unleash terrorism by proxy in Western countries because of the totalitarian actions Western governments have unleashed upon their populaces with these draconian and non effective covid lockdowns. These Western covid lockdowns have indeed caused the untimely and unnecessary deaths of thousands of their citizens through suicide, drug overdose and lack of certain medical treatments, not to mention the psychological and physical abuse that politicians actions have made their citizens suffer through and now millions of Western citizens are rightfully taking to the streets to denounce and bring light to the authoritarian, antisocial and inhumane actions of Western politicians.

Would it not be justified for a country that did not engage in authoritarian inhumane population lockdowns, for a virus that is no more lethal than the common flu some years, to fund terrorists to start murdering, maiming, raping and beating innocent civilians, blowing up their infrastructure and then start stealing their mineral and material wealth to keep the terror campaign going and then install a puppet regime to further oppress and violate the innocent populations?