Sorry, no drugs other than the inferred title of this article. Although I suppose much of the population is addicted to unwavering obedience. Could there be a worse addiction?

In order for there to be a monetary system there has to be money. To go along with the unit of account of money there has to be a currency to facilitate a means of exchange between two willing entities, and the not so willing means of exchange when tax time comes around and you are legally forced to bend over to the will of the extremely inefficient and wasteful authority of government circus and its politician clowns.

It would be an error, overstatement and fallacy to claim that money and currency is an agreed upon means and function by which those that partake in the monetary system fully understand and transact within on a daily basis. It might be fair to say that most people do not understand anything of money other than they have to go to work to earn it in order to have the ability to buy things and partake in activities. Though somehow a great amount of the population seem to think that money should just be given to them after been taken away from someone else who went out and earned it. Ah, socialist mentality and the Dunning-Krueger effect, hand in hand outputs of governments indoctrination system known as the education system.

This is not a piece about the return to a gold standard. Anyone who thinks a strict backing of currency with gold and silver will be a saviour for many of the worlds ills fails to understand the complexity of humanity, and its parallel structures and systems that exist to form societies and are constantly rearranging, adapting, being born, as well as ceasing to exist intermittently. However this is a small tale of how politicians through social and economic mismanagement has destroyed currency over the last 50 years or so while informed aware people just shrugged and carried on while the vast majority were ignorantly unaware of the changes as a true enlightening public education system curriculum did and does not exist to educate the masses about one of the most important things that society and almost all of its decisions is founded upon, money and currency.

That being said, currency, after and including the barter system before, through most of history has been based and backed by something tangible in nature and with utilitarian purpose, be it gold, silver or wampum for jewelry. Copper, brass, bronze for self adornment and tool and weapon constructs to further human achievement, even the Chinese used to exchange miniature bronze castings in the form of weapons to represent claims to the real deal. Currency has also been linked to natural items like wheat, barley, tobacco, rice, animal skins and even salt and cowrie shells. Real estate has also been used to back currencies. Basically, currency and barter before it has almost always been based on something that takes hard work to produce, as our hard work and the product produced was always worth something to someone else. We have pretty much reached a point in history where money is just brought into existence by pressing buttons on a computer as I am doing now.

Perhaps it is time to ask the question, is it worth going out and earning a medium that government and corporate banks just make out of computer entries through key strokes or should our hard work be tied to something meaningful that has intrinsic, responsibility and accountability value to a society based on a foundation of something solid? Personally I would choose something of substance and value, in whatever forms that it appears in, over manipulative graft that only benefits the parasites that have joined forces in a fascist relationship that punishes the creators of society. If you think about it, the two entities, politicians and banks, would have zero reason to even exist if it were not for hard working folk like you and I who created something of value, yet they have managed to weasel their way into controlling the medium(monetary system) we are now forced to play by their ever more perverted rules. A parasite cannot exist without a host yet we willingly let the scoundrels bleed us dry.

I would argue that if the monetary system is not going back to a system based off of something of physical value, or even if it does, it is necessary to incorporate some sort of moral, responsibility and accountability compass to back it with along the lines of a country’s currency losing value when politicians ignorantly run up debt and abusively punish their populations through egregious debt service payments that unnecessarily steals from hard working people with absurd tax rates which takes money from beneficial society affirming implements such as greater infrastructure, education systems or just the average person having extra dollars to do with as they please when they please. Another function of punishing politicians and forcing them to behave in a non sadistic manner would be to cause a countries currency to fall to ZERO and become worthless in global circles when a country rapaciously and murderously wages an aggressive war based on false pretenses. Perhaps even currency appreciation components and country currency awards in an ever present enlightenment competition where nations can compete on fiscal responsibility where being rewarded through currency appreciation for having fiscal affairs in order is the new ideal of a better era where countries can compete in a meaningful endeavour to achieve the rank of number 1. Why not an employment index where countries currencies gain points for the percentage of population who get off their ass and become positively contributing members of society?  I am sure you can think of something else that would reap rewards and benefits for making the monetary system, and through that, the world a better place to be. People really do need to be part of something greater than themselves and be rewarded for positively contributing to society, not be punished for ingenuity in order to support those who just want something for nothing as the political and social systems ever increasingly slides down the slimy slope into the abyss of woe as it goes full speed into glorification of a victimization society where the lowest common denominator is turned into a construct of Western society function.

Let us now get to some facts that will show how politicians have utterly destroyed currency in just the last 50 years. Much of the currency destruction is based upon waging unjust and aggressive wars and turning Western countries into full on welfare states with the goal and achievement of forcing many citizens to become dependant on government for various handouts, in the process forcing government to ceaselessly grow and constantly steal escalating amounts of hard working peoples money to pay for themselves and those who through government affirmation now are hooked on government and therefore give out of control huge government a reason to exist. You know people did not just starve in the street before Western welfare states came to be, people actually used to help out those in need until they were able to get back on their feet and then recipients became rewarders when the need arose to help someone else in need.

Some Canadian fiscal facts for you.

In fiscal year 2015/2016 all three forms of government in Canada stole from its hard working citizens 62.8 BILLION dollars to just pay interest on debt. That works out to 1752$ per person or 7008$ for a family of four!  Politicians have forced central banks to adapt near zero interest rate policies so that politicians bungling of national debts slows down the supernova event that is surely coming, and in the process politicians have destroyed hard working savers who now barely get any interest return on savings. Canada’s man child prime minister has just racked up around 400 BILLION dollars in 1 years time. To put that in perspective it took the country of Canada from 1867 to 1992, or 125 years to reach a debt level of 400 billion dollars! Amazing! Prime Minister Truedope should not be allowed to manage a classroom full of children, yet his backers, with money and name recognition were able to get a man with the mental age of 14 the top spot in the country. A globalist puppet he most definitely is!

Over the years Canadian nickels, dimes and quarter have transitioned from being composed of mainly silver, copper and nickel, to after 1999 strictly being made on average of 93.6% steel with a mixed 6.4% copper, nickel plating. Today in Canadian dollars silver costs $1006 a kg, nickel costs $20 a kg, copper costs $11.06 a kg and steel costs $1.80 a kg. So since 1968 when silver was removed from the coinage the value of silver to steel construct is over 500x difference in 53 years time. Sure there are some variables like shortages or demand that affect metal prices on a time generated basis, but the evidence is plain as day as to how far the value of coinage has fallen in 53 years time.

In this day and age when supposedly sovereign governments and our political puppets have become the lapdogs of international institutions such as the International Monetary Fund and World Economic Forum in what can only be described as full on fascist entities, where governments and said international institutions have joined forces to rout the respective citizens of the world through extremely shady and outright criminal functions by control of monetary policies and now the gradual unrolling of strictly 100% digital currency systems that will full on turn people into economic slaves and captives in a full on track and trace digital nightmare where eventually anyone displaying non government approved thoughts and actions will immediately have their currency frozen making life untenable unless strict obedience of their captor is fulfilled.

Cash is literally the last form of unencumbered privacy that humans have left, it is critical this time to not let them take our steel away from us and be forced into a slavery that there is no escape from. Canadian politicians have just cancelled some currency for the first time in the history of our country in one of the many steps toward trapping us all in a digital currency nightmare where not only does the digital currency have zero value it is also the bars on the prison with our penitentiary being controlled by the IMF and WEF while the prison guard politicians hold the only keys that will set us free, but by ignorance, stupidity and bribery have manned the guard towers, loaded the machine guns with high powered ammunition and are getting ready to annihilate their non respected respective populaces. The Bank of Canada now has the legal right to cancel any currency denomination they choose at any time they so choose at the behest of powerful institutions. And yes our former head of the Bank of Canada, Mark Carney is now a board member of the WEF. Something fishy going on in perverted finance land!

Did I mention that Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland is actually a board member of one of the very institutions that is in the process of hijacking Canada’s remaining sovereignty through the rollout of a digital currency prison. Personally if I was head of CSIS I would look into how a sitting Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister, along with our former head of the Bank of Canada can sit on the board of an international institution that is bragging about a 4th industrial revolution where the world infrastructure and its currency system is strictly digital and the WEF will be the brains and operator in control of it all. How can this not be a conflict of interest that a deaf, blind and olfactory lacking hound dog would pick up a trail on. Something fishy going on in the land of finance!

So I guess the moral of this piece is to search your coinage for pre 1999 nickels dimes and Quarters so that one day you have a nice bag of nickel that is worth more than the coins printed on it, just as the wise ones did 53 years ago with silver. I certainly have been over the years, and trust me the Royal Canadian Mint has already cleared the market of most nickel that used to be in said coins.

Of course I suppose just like history past, again nobody will stick up for our human right to have a currency system based off of something of physical and moral value, the digital domain will unresistingly unfurl and we will all languish in Soviet style depressive constructs where the thought police will be ever present and state reeducation camps will be the norm and thought disturbers such as myself will be carted away, tattooed on the forearm, before being forced to create components for a digital prison and eventually turned into Soylent Green once my uselessness to a not so real world becomes evident to the Earl of Canada who serves the reanimated corpse of Klaus Schwab and the rest of the fascist freaks under the big top, because I dared to express the necessity to have the most important physical system of civilization represent something other than nothing.