To polish a turd. To those unaware of the saying, for the most part turd polishing is a figure of speech meant to express the cleaning up of many a different type of social blunder situations, or varying physical, usually inanimate deficiencies capable of existing in the world we live. To polish ones own turds is a sign of a competent individual and a learning experience for future reference in order to hopefully elevate ones understanding, as well as skill, in order to avoid past mistakes in the future. Although, sometimes you can polish a turd, but a turd is still a turd, no matter how much metaphorical elbow grease you apply to try and appease the situation or object. If you have never dropped a turd, even if you sport a colostomy bag, then you are not human.

Then there is the extreme displeasure of having to polish the turds of others. When one has to constantly polish the turds of others life becomes harder to bear. There is one necessary segment of society who all they do is polish turds. Not only do they spend their whole day  emery cloth buffing, but then they are constantly shit on by the rule makers(politicians), rule breakers(savages) and truth takers(mainstream media). It should be fair to note that politicians are by far the largest turd droppers known to peoplekind. For those who are unaware, peoplekind is one of an unending number of inane imbecilic utterances dropped by the largest turd that Canada, possibly the world, has to offer.  Yes, the Truedope is head to toe turd with a sticky, stinking turd filling, and his vocal cords and mouth are the assembly line for a turd factory producing guaranteed turdstravaganzas.

Below I will elaborate to a degree on the said members of society who spend their days and nights polishing the trifecta of turd tanglers that are politicians, savages and mainstream media. But not before sharing with you the fact that turd polishing can and without a doubt is not only a figurative expression but quite literally also a literal past time for a small number of individuals engaged in the coprolite trade.

The societal turd polishers I will elaborate on today are the police, of my country anyways, but your countries police forces may have a good similarity to the ones in my country, Canada. Unless you have been living in a cave, but even if so, the rumblings about defunding the police have been circulating through society just like the terror in many peoples a mind caused by the political covid terror campaign unleashed upon the masses. From my observation it is mainly those who see themselves as victims, or entities that are intent on forcing the victim narrative down our throat, entities like the CBC(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation). The thing about those unable to escape the victim trap is they will never amount to much more than being a victim, so blaming others for their plight becomes fuel for their existence. Mainstream media is a shill that ruthlessly, continuously and shamefully promotes narratives that are shady at best in order to get ratings. This defunding police crowd is not able to realize that if their bogus, utopian, egalitarian, equal, communist society comes to fruition they will be getting a new police force, the secret police. Thankfully most of the high functioning members of society are wise enough to see through the scam, though unfortunately the lowest common denominator seems to be driving government policy these days.

It should be fair to note that I am not a mindless goody two shoes with an I ❤️ COPS bumper sticker. Later I will tell you a couple stories that a victim would give as grounds to carry on with this defunding agenda. There are many things police do that I do not agree with, roadblocks being one of those things. However I am wise enough to realize that police are a necessary and integral part of society and the absolute majority of police in Canada are good people who have signed a pledge to die if necessary in order to make society a safer place. There are some really bad people out there to go along with the even greater number of ignorant, imbalanced ones and I think most would rather have a redundant police force than a sparse one. Try reporting that CBC.

In reality the vast majority of society live their lives without ever having a run in with the police in any way and if they do it is most likely a neutral or positive story. Honestly, if you are able to conduct your behaviour and actions in a civilized manner and are able step outside of your mind, there is almost no way that if you do have an encounter with police that it will go negatively or awry. However, act like a turd and you may receive the rough grit emery cloth treatment, as you should. Hint, if the police are repeatedly making appearances in your life, chances are that it is not the police that is the problem, it is the way you choose to carry on, interact and promote yourself in society where 99%+ can see the writing on the wall and choose to stay literate without having to be read to by the narrator.

Do you think that every police officer wants to enforce every law that the professional turd makers(politicians) enact? No. Perhaps it is necessary to understand that the majority of those who become police officers are truly those who want to have a participatory role in making society a better place to live and in reality probably do not want to enforce many of the laws that they are forced to by political decree. The thing is, when someone calls the police out of necessity or quite often out of non necessity the police have zero choice but to show up and deal with the situation that they have been put in, their job mandate calls for it. In reality, calling the police should be an absolute last resort for anyone unless someone is in an elevated level of danger or has been violated to the point of needing a mediator or witness to corroborate something for reasons such as insurance.

The savages, ne’er-do-wells and ignorants. Once again the vast majority of society is able to conduct themselves with integrity and dignity as to never have any, nor a negative run in with the police. However there are those that rob, steal, abuse children, rape, assault their partners, disgrace their communities by peddling fentanyl, meth and cocaine to vulnerable kids & youth and those with zero will power, or other ignorant actions that have serious consequences for those on the other end of such cowardly behaviour, and for that, pretty much all of society is grateful to have an entity around to deal with such savages and ne’er-do-wells when the need arises to react to and curtail such actions when brought to the surface. There are also the ignorants that are unwitting victims of the entertainment industry that seems to relay the message that police are nothing but thugs to be reviled, insulted or abused.

Mistakes do happen. Sure there are a very small number of police who join the duty for the wrong reasons, as to be above the law while engaging in illegal activities themselves, but they are typically found out and dealt with. Yes, once in a while the unceasing turd polishing of others pathetic behaviour does have a mental affect and a police officer does lash out at one of the ignorants who maybe does not always deserve what they receive, but many times do. There are also a very small number of cases of bystanders becoming innocent victims at the hands of police error, a tragedy indeed. Life is not always fair. Here is something serious to think about, EVERY YEAR up to 70,000 people suffer serious, preventable injury and as many as 23,000 DIE as a result of medical malpractice. While on  average every year in Canada 25 people die from run ins with the police. Once again, up to 23,000 people die due to medical mistakes every year in Canada and these doctors and nurses were not put in the conundrum of dealing with a mentally ill sociopath high as a kite on meth and wielding a sword or knife and raving about doing harm to a member of the public! 25 dead at the hands of every police department in the country is a raindrop that did not even hit the ground as compared to the typhoon hurricane deluge brought forth by the industry whose only purpose is to give care and save lives. Why is nobody crying afoul about defunding the healthcare system!!!!????

I promised you a couple stories about personal police interactions on my person, well one on person, the other on this persons home. It would be around 12 years ago now, on my birthday none the less, yes many police have a great sense of humor. Having gone out to have some milk and cookies 😉 with friends, I returned  home that night to find all the lights on in my house as I approached. Funny, because I learned the old South African trick to shut off all lights when you go out and that way if you come home to lights on, CALL SECURITY! I was interested to see what was going on. No surprise party, just a surprise. My front door was booted in and it looked like a tornado had literally run through every room in my house, yet it had oddly not interrupted my collection of Vancouver Canucks paraphernalia, how odd! I must have been burglarized, but if they were such a Canucks fan why did they not steal my fanfare!? In disbelief and suffering the effects of said milk and cookies I cleared a path through my house and came to my kitchen. The burglar had left some artwork on my fridge door, and what an abstract piece it was. The piece was titled, Warrant For Search and Seizure and the attraction in my gallery was supposed to be an artificial sun factory complete with copious amounts of green goblins receiving suntans  while anchored in dirt beaches. Needless to say there  was no artificial sun or green goblins in my exhibition, so I guess the tornado ran through my environment so as to not leave a stone unturned. Well the stones were all turned and underneath nothing but air and hardwood flooring! So just as with many police calls everyday, everywhere in the world, the police have to react on very vague information, many times given by an incompetent boob or nimrod very often in a deceptive manner.

HALT! Now there is a universal word I understand. However, the many previous Dutch sentences being screamed off behind me and getting closer did not register in my mind as I was not familiar with the native tongue, plus I was walking back to my residence after a nice dinner and a few Hertog Jan and enjoying the scenery. I just continued walking and figured a couple of dike pluggers were having a heated argument about, polders, pickled herring or possibly the most flavourful type of cheese! Well no, it was a couple of Politie(Dutch Police) screaming at me something along the lines of, “Hey you scumbag piece of shit, turn around and put your hands in the air before I put a bullet in you!”. So when I heard the “HALT” I immediately turned around to see 2 irate officers, guns drawn, pointed at my torso, their trigger fingers itchy, Oh Shit! The one continued shouting Dutch while the other with 2 hands still on her gun, used it to point at a brick wall about 15 feet from me. I did not understand the words but the gestures were plenty decipherable. Hands up, I slowly walked over to the wall and spread em while informing the politie that I was Canadian and speak no Dutch. They were not interested in the fact until after I was patted down and had my nuts tugged on. Mistaken Identity. It turns out that someone had been robbed at knifepoint on the metro by a “muslim” looking man. Having a beard and walking down the street during twilight I fit the description of a suspect, or basically was in the wrong place at the right time after the Politie were fed some very vague information and were attempting to make their streets a safer place to be and exercised due diligence and restraint simultaneously.

Having been on the other end of familiar stories that the CBC(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) and other mainstream media outlets sensationalize and put under the microscope with no real benefit to society by and large, and in reality just reinforces the illusion to a very small percentage of people about the police being a government gang intent on picking on marginalized “victims” is a misnomer and counterproductive to society. To be a police officer is probably one of the toughest and mentally taxing professions that one can choose, and to drop one more turd reference, the CBC(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) negative police reporting is the equivalent of a fart being made out to be a case of explosive diarrhea that trickled its way into the town well and polluted the water supply making the whole society sick, while in reality the majority of the citizens gave up on the well many years ago and chose to drink from the pipes that they chose to have installed by a private contractor who built an aqueduct to bypass the hard water well and went right to the glacial spring.

If I had a choice ZERO of my hard earned tax dollars would go to pay for the Canadian Brainwashing Corporation.