The bought and paid for globalist politicians have been foreshadowing their plans for this corona virus debacle, just like the Energizer Bunny, to keep going and going and going…………Politicians directed new catchphrase from their puppet masters above to go along with, “build back better,” is, “this pandemic is not over anywhere until it is over everywhere”. Perhaps this could be the reason for those with control of the vaccine monopoly not wanting to give up the patent protection protocol in order to start letting second and third world countries expedite the now over politicized, pathetically socially accepted, but not needed vaccine rollout, by producing the vaccines within their own borders. After all such a decentralizing  scenario would surely take profits from the pharmaceutical bigwigs and their backers and throw a big monkey wrench in the globalist cabals framework of raking in billions of dollars. Besides, the longer this planned nightmare goes on the more power governments have over their populations, and let us not forget about all the kickbacks, in whatever form, these globalist politician puppets are receiving from their globalist puppet masters!

Perhaps it is about time that those in Western countries start asking some real questions, you know, unlike the predictable scripted questions that the mainlined mainstream media fools the dupes with whenever a Western politician gets behind a camera.

Endlessly the politician shills have been machine gunning into our ears that vaccines are necessary, highly effective and the “only” way for society to get back to “some form” of normalcy, even though it is proven that the vaccine does NOT prevent one from contracting the virus. In my province close to 50% of people have had a first dose of a vaccine, yet “case counts” are not significantly dropping in numbers, and the government just mandated travel restrictions with roadblocks between regions, because, you know, the police do not have real problems to deal with. Papers Please! When are the white armbands with pictures of cute little corona spike proteins going to be forced onto the arms of those who choose not to be human guinea pigs?

Politicians, do you have some information about what percentage of the population has to be fully vaccinated in order to lift your gulag guidelines? Surely when 70% of the population is double vaccinated we will be able to become human again, can we not? Remember, you are the experts, you should have the answers! After all, it was all about the vaccines saving society was in not? Somehow I suspect massive omelettes all over politicians faces and continued authoritarian restrictions when most of the population is vaccinated and their precious “case counts” do not go away. Of course it will all be blamed on the mutations. Those damn mutants! And yes, almost all of governments precious case counts are people with a runny nose, sore throat or headache. You gotta love that propaganda!

Well, I suppose once the critical mass have been vaccinated, even though no politician or “government medical expert” will give any percentages for success(other than pharmaceutical profits), and this covid debacle continues unabated, at least the face masks will be on our faces and saving humans from a for sure covid extinction event! On second thoughts maybe not, it is proven that almost all of those who contract the virus are dedicated mask junkies. Gee, it is as if a face mask is some sort of germ ridden face substrate that absorbs virus and bacteria and then suspends it mere millimetres from where a pathogen need to enter a body and be taken in by cells. Who would have thought such a concept would be possible? Not our super genius politicians and their “expert” medical echo chambers. But live and learn right? No, politicians doubled down on ignorance! If a possible outcome was 50/50 you would think that after a year of not being effective a semi wise entity would give the other 50 a shot! Ah, globalist politicians. We are ruled and doomed by stupidity and greed!

Oh well, at least our politicians can revert to lockdowns once the population is 95% fully double vaccinated and sealed in a hermetic, hyperbaric, head hood, made fashionable by cool stripes, camouflage, along with floral patterns, yet still politicians golden case counts dubiously exists. Surely then politicians lockdowns  will be able  to stop the  deluge of 70+ year olds with more than 2 comorbidities from dying in numbers over 1, won’t they? I mean, it is not like people could possibly be dying with a virus in their system and been counted as covid deaths, could they? A politician would never lie or deceive to make erroneous actions seem justifiable would they?

Wait, breaking news, news that the gestapo state mainstream media refuses to report!!!! Apparently Sweden did not impose any lockdowns nor a Joseph Goebbels approved mask mandate! Surely Sweden must only have a population of 53 left in the country, and a terribly sick and barely clinging to life 53 at that! Actually, Sweden fared quite a bit better than many Western countries who implemented the black hole of masks and lockdowns. Yes, black holes systematically crush all that enters, to the point of nothing escaping. Wow, some kind of gravity that is! When gravity is high, suicide, drug, alcohol and spousal abuse become elevated. Scariest part is, is that there is such a thing as a super massive black hole, and humanity is on the precipice of the event horizon in an international institution ship being piloted by politician space cadets. Where is Lister, Rimmer, The Cat and Crew when you need a competent ship command?

With politics one can only extrapolate from the past as to what the future may possibly bring to the masses. To start, lockdowns being a “two week” event and subsequently turning into mandatory “circuit breaker”(your brain has to be fried to use circuit breaker in such context) events of time length determined by the whims of professional liars. Then masks definitely not been needed until those professional liars decided not only were they necessary, but just as important as oxygen, where a year later yet another of their precious “circuit breakers” has turned out to be a blown fuse of an outdated, antiquated, knob and tube dinosaur fit for a museum or scrap heap. So one could possibly think after 2 weeks turning into, at this point in time, a whopping 60 weeks of incompetence at the hands of professional liars, that their potential “sometime in the summer,” we’ll call it mid August to be extremely polite to our bumbling burdens. So in 12 weeks from today, “back to some sort of normalcy” should mean that we may be able to remove our masks and unbar our doors sometime, let’s say, August 25th of 2028! Or 2028.65 as a true genius would denote it. But dare you not think that you will not be getting a covid booster every 6 months for the rest of your pathetic life!

Oh Lord. I hope that there are others out there like me who have sharpened their pitchforks and have been practicing their defenestration techniques. I prefer the side arm sling method, while calmly reaffirming that it will indeed hurt just as much as they think it will once the effects of the peasant laws of gravity meet the atomic structure of a solid ground that will make their round head turn into a straight up flat dearth of politicians. I have been ready to go since day 2 of THEIR “pandemic”.

It should be noted that Canada has 60 politicians who deserve to have attention brought to their campaign to fight for the rights of Canadians to be treated in a non-authoritarian, fair, equitable, life affirming and moral manner. These courageous individuals DO NOT suffer from the typical political affiliation of treason and moral prostitution for political gain! Thank You!  Globalist mainlined mainstream media, where are you with bringing this story to see the light of day?

Humour and sarcasm aside. As a society everyone must truly stop and think about what the consequences and our retaliatory actions should be once government has filled as many bodies with their experimental vaccines as are willing to accept them. Once we reach that stage and say 70/80/90% are vaccinated yet politicians and the truth stealing media are still shamelessly barking about case counts and still forcing their social distancing, masking and lockdown protocols, will the general populace realize that they have been conned at that point in time? Somehow I suspect that much of society would continue with this blatantly obvious political charade until they die from old age. What a society we live in. Cowardly dupes reign supreme.

Someone attempting to look into the future might see Western governments finally reaching vaccination population saturation becoming true into the fall just in time for the cold and flu season where again their precious case counts will rise again and politicians and their shameless mainlined mainstream media will again begin routinely trumpeting, “if we can just make it through the winter with these temporary restrictions some form of normalcy will be here in the spring, once you get your covid vaccine top up, after all you do not want to murder yours or someone else’s grandma in a premeditative manner do you?” Just wait, it very well may be coming. If you want freedom you better be willing to peacefully assemble in the streets en mass and force the beginning of a true/direct democracy system down the lying gullets of your politician puppets.

I suppose in the end all that can be said is, politicians, at the behest of international institutions raking in billions of dollars from this covid agenda, plus the unparalleled control over supposedly sovereign nations, institutions such as the World Economic Forum(some of whose countries sitting politicians are board members) World Health Organization and their pharmaceutical, vaccine pushing fiscal contributors, World Bank and International Monetary Fund have needlessly, ignorantly and gloatingly turned the vast majority of Western citizens into psychologically affected, germ panicking, blithering ignoramus’ waiting for their next fix from the mainlined mainstream media as to what the next step is for them to live in their shamefully obedient life of following absolute political rubbish and hanging on their every clueless word. And all this for a mild virus that has not even killed as many people as the 1957 flu, when adjusted for global population, where society did not social distance, wear unnecessary masks, needlessly lockdown the populace or even bat an eyelid at such a regular and natural occurrence, an occurrence that has been happening to civilization since civilization began thousands of years ago.

The power of incessant propaganda is a powerful, mind destroying, filthy weapon. And the politicians, international institutions and mainlined mainstream media wielding such a weapon are complicit in the crime of the century. A crime that a rational, informed and enlightened society would be gearing up for the equivalent of a 21st Century Nuremberg Trial.