If you hear the name Vladimir Putin and words of negative connotation automatically and always enter your mind, then congratulations you have just proven that you are indeed an unwitting victim of the intelligence agency mainstream media propaganda wing! Not me you say, YES YOU! Yeah the truth hurts. It is not your fault, the indoctrination started before you could even read, heck, you were even exposed while still in your mothers womb.

Remember, most mainstream news is written by ONE entity and then distributed around the Western world to be shamelessly repeated ad nauseam until you, the prey, has fallen victim to the predatory system of delivering one dimensional, single faceted, homogenizing, verbal diarrhoea for the purpose of cementing your mind into a certain idea in order to allow your politician puppets to take a certain course of action that benefits those at the top of the power food chain, their puppeteers, the likes of the IMF, World Bank, World Economic Forum, International banking interests and arms manufacturers to name a few of the players.

Yes, the first objective of state indoctrination is to insure the elevated members of society such as doctors, lawyers, college and university professors, law enforcement become and stay indoctrinated with mainstream media serving as the constant top up of propaganda. Once you trap the top of the pyramid, the shit easily rolls down the 4 dimensions that form the base of society. The indoctrination starts at birth, so many are not able to escape the mind trap. The indoctrinated mind is a terrible thing to taste. Been there, done that, had the revelation, gained some dynamic headroom and flushed the one dimensional analysis into the sewer where it belongs. Yes, there are people out there who mow lawns, turn wrenches, shovel shit, etc. who have a better understanding of how the world functions than esteemed, academics do. Remember, a lifetime of learning in no way leads to understanding.

Russians are a damned tough people. A very basic 20th century Russian history for you. Like most European countries Russia was a monarchy when the 1900’s rolled around. Those damn monarchs would interbreed, inbreed and marry of power so as to not relinquish a sprout of anything that sprung from their domain in order to keep any upward mobility away from their subjects!

Though serfdom had “officially” ended in the early 1860’s most Russians worked the land owned by others in order to toil in a living of gruelling subsistence. For those in the city life was not much better, they toiled in overcrowded factories, again for a life of subsistence and strife. Life was hard for virtually all. Then came World War I and life was about to get worse. Not only did the field and factory toiling carry on, but now the of age men were conscripted into the army in order to try and gain power for a monarch that did not care if they lived in abject squalor or died of starvation in the street. The military campaign was going terribly and supply disruptions due to the war elevated the chaotic nature of Russian society, starvation reared its ugly face for many and the desperate masses were willing to trust the forked words of a prominent Bolshevik selling a socialist Marxist dream about equality for all. Yes that same equality that the World Economic Forum is barking about in this day and age. That Bolshevik was Lenin of course. No, not John Lennon. Though Lenin did make Daydream Believers out of the masses. Oh, sorry, that was the monkees. Did I just label Lenin an ape? No, a monkey is not an ape. We are all primates.

Well, the Bolsheviks gained control, they formed their equality police force(secret police) and proceeded to murder, maim and severely punish all those who did not want to fall in line with their diktat. Sly bastards, they never did explain “their” equality. Equality is just a word and it is possible to make people equally poor, or equally maimed, or by golly, equally dead. Yes, beware of those with power spouting this equality nonsense. You know what, beware of anybody pushing the equality narrative. Nothing in the universe is equal, that is not how a dynamic universe or universal system functions. Equality is a brainwashing fantasy used as a tool to gain more power for those wielding the tool against the prey. As to how the entity uses its newfound power is up to them. At best, the institutional power controlling federal governments of this age is coming for the money supply to turn it digital and controlling in nature. You can not make things better by taking from others.

The Bolsheviks were in power and there were other factions of society who wanted to wield power over others and understood the coming depravity of equality for all, so a civil war ensued for around five years, but the appeal to the masses of equality for all was too strong and the Bolsheviks won and Russia officially became a Communist State in 1923. As mentioned before Lenin’s official decree was to use terror and violence to destroy the old system, but his was a “new justifiable terror” as he called it, not perpetrated by the .01%. His terror was by the masses(99.99%) by his delusional logic. His 99.99% turned out to be the 1% at the top of his equality government. There is that word equality again. And yes, Lenin and his successors all lived in fancy mansions and feasted on top quality grub while millions of  equals literally starved to death or were murdered for equality. Gotta love that equality!

Just a reminder, history catalogs that violent revolutions in the name of equality always return full circle and have the new geniuses revert to the same position and tactics that the old, now dead, geniuses followed before them. Perhaps it is time for everyone to realize and come together and think about eliminating politicians and ushering in a true/direct democracy system where the emphasis is more upon creating a true participatory system, forget this equality fantasy. Where everyone has to participate and those in lower tax brackets are not responsible for paying any income taxes whatsoever. I promise you it will be more rewarding and beneficial to society as a whole than to take another equality trip down the rabbit-stew hole. Everyone gets skinned for the rabbit-stew hole production. If you do not want to have a participatory and functional role in a healthy society be prepared to take charity.

Lenin Died in 1924 and Russia was about to enter a true reign of terror. Perhaps you have heard of Joseph Stalin? Stalin was a classic psychopath and had the physical handicap of a club foot and withered arm and suffered abuse at the hands of his alcoholic father. It is quite easy to understand that Stalin never got over being a victim in life and used the amazing power that he unbelievably achieved to exact his pathetic revenge on USSR society by victimizing endless people from day 1 of reign to his very last day of egregious power. That damn victim mentality! Before becoming a high member in the Bolshevik hierarchy, Stalin raised money by robbery and kidnappings. You know, the work of a true honest intellectual and statesman! Hard to believe such a depraved man could rise to the top of a small hill, let alone a conglomeration of countries.

Even his made up last name Stalin was a take on the Russian word for steel, no doubt to create an image of fear which turned into a cult of personality. The Soviet records are not that great in accuracy, but many experts figure the number of people who met a premature death by the regime of Uncle Joe was 20 million + people in the 30 years he ruthlessly ruled. These deaths came by means of direct execution, death in detention, ignorant agronomy policies that killed millions in famines. Then there were the slave labour gulags and forced deportations that devastated millions more. Stalin even sent his daughter in law to the gulag and refused to do a P.O.W exchange for his own son who had been captured by the German army. Those Bolsheviks and their equaliy! 

Needless to say, Stalin died alone in a highly paranoid state in 1953. He used to have his staff prepare 3 meals and place them outside of 3 doors in his residence because he was paranoid to the point of not even wanting his comrades to know which room he occupied in his own residence much of the time. Yet the masses still adored this monster.

After Stalin’s death the Soviet Union muddled along for another 37 years or so in decreasing amounts of authoritarianism and greater “liberalization.” Then the iron curtain came down and the Soviet Union disbanded and ushered in independent states with Boris Yeltsin becoming Russian President of the new political system where oligarchs absorbed the former state assets, creating a new faction of Russian society that became entwined with their political system.

Uncle Sam and his henchmen were cascading a more than Pavlovian river of drool on the anticipation of the largest geographical country in the world and all those resources that could be plundered to keep the empire du jour steamrolling the earth and its inhabitants for decades to come. Hint, Hitler’s true goal in WWII was to annihilate the commies and capture Russia’s vast resource wealth in order to feed his thousand year reich. Empire is ALL about the resources, be it minds, vassal states, economic infiltration/control, oil, gas coal, iron, gold, timber, crops, water, corporational and intstitutional infiltration!

With the Iron curtain rusted and crumbled it was the US and its entities turn to try and capture those precious resources! The new Russia was fresh off collapse, that means the need for recapitalization. Coincidence, the empire du jour just happens to have a few international institutions set up to lend money to needy countries in exchange for admittance into their economic systems and direction of the development of said natural resources. Yes the International Monetary Fund(IMF) is a predatory/parasitic lending institution that intertwines its poisonous tentacles into the host country in order to steal sovereignty and rout the resources that a countries citizens should be reaping the rewards from in a higher degree.

Enter Vladimir Putin. Post communist Russia is a multifaceted tale of intrigue, deception, death, wealth, backstabbing and the other usual power games that go along with such immense vehicles of wealth and power. If you want to dip a toe in, I suggest reading some of the writings of the Einstein of Economics. Behind the curtain is an environment of shadowy shadows shadowed by shadowers in dark shadow.

Basically how Mr. Putin came to power was that the New York bankers attempted to blackmail Boris Yeltsin through the IMF loans given to Russia with the intent of having the New York bankers chosen oligarch become the new Russian president forcing Boris Yeltsin to resign in exchange for keeping vast amounts of IMF money. Once the New York bankers had their man in the presidency the looting of Russia by foreign entities could begin. Yeltsin, seeing the situation he was in called on Vladimir Putin, former KGB agent and now head of the FSB(Federal Security Service.) Lets just say that Russia through Putin started on the long and dangerous path of keeping its sovereignty and not ending up the cheap prostitute of US imperialism to be done with as they please, when they please. This is the main reason that Western mainstream media controlled by the intelligence state does nothing but demonize and castigate anything Russian whenever the chance arises.

After having lived through the horrors of decades, nay centuries, of victimization at the hands of many of its own leaders, Russia was on the verge of entering a new nightmare of becoming the lapdog and whipping boy of a globalist machine that had zero good will towards the Russian people and whose sole intent was to vacuum, in juggernaut fashion, every ton of material and wealth it could to the detriment of the Russian people. Vladimir Putin was tasked with the most challenging mission that the 21st century has thrown at humanity to date. When Putin plugs 1 leak 2 more seem to make an appearance and the media and its double speak play their dirty part in upending the true narrative and again boil it down to a one dimensional, single faceted fantasy story and repeat it endlessly to engrain it in the minds of the masses of the West. I am not saying that Putin is a school boy without some dirt on his hands, but the empire du jour and its under the wing captive accomplices just might be the headmaster wielding a strap of epic proportions, and they write all the subject matter to be viewed by the pupils. Whitewashing is a favourite pastime of political puppets and mainstream media in the West.

Here are a few FACTS that the compromised mainstream media will never report about what Vladimir Putin has done for his country and its citizens to make life more livable and enjoyable for everyone who chooses to participate.

1 – Russian debt to GDP ratio from 1999 to 2019 went from 92.1% to 14.6%!

2- Fertility rates in women are up close to 50% and abortions have declined 88%

3 – After the collapse of communism Russia was dependant on food imports, but has now risen to not only be agriculturally independent(empire no likey this,) but has food exports into the 10’s of billions of dollars. Russia has also banned genetically modified organisms as they are known by, all the while planting and promoting healthy crops. No Monsanto Frankenfoods allowed in Russia.

4- Since 1999 Russias per capita GDP has risen close to 12 fold in magnitude.

5 – The average monthly Russian pension has risen from around 500 rubles to the area of 10,000 rubles and the average monthly income rose close to 20 times its previous amount in around 15 years time under Putin.

6 – Between 1994 and 2014 suicide decreased by 56%, murders by 73% and alcohol poisonings by 83%.

7 – Average life expectancy under communist dictatorship was 64 years old and Putin and his government have elevated that age to 72 years old. The highest in Russian history.

8 –  In the year 2000, 27 houses per 100 owned a car and that number under Putin and his administration had risen to 58 in 2016. More than double.

Putin and his cabinets over the years have greatly reduced corruption, immensely brought the oligarchic bonanza under control and staved off collapse and infiltration by hostile, predatory factions of globalist machinations, all the while battling outright propaganda by every mainstream news outlet in the West, skewing all his actions and genuine achievements he has accomplished for his people.

Russia has been ever increasingly circled by nuclear warheads at the hands of NATO countries for the past couple of decades, all the while been falsely labeled as an aggressor by Western mainstream media. Russia was invited to Syria by the legal president of Assad in order to defend the Western backed terrorist campaign that brought death and destruction to the Syrian people. Without Russian intervention ISIS would most certainly have captured Syria and moved on to envelop further geographical death stomping grounds. When you disturb imperial machinations the empire grabs a bigger hammer.

Ukraine and Russia have a history going back hundreds, into a thousand plus years. Their relationship is similar in nature to the US – Canada union. Imagine Russia bribing Canadian politicians to shun Canada’s greatest trading partner. The Ukraine – Russia relationship was mutual and beneficial to both countries until The US barged into Ukraines existence with grand promises and bribes with the strict goal of driving a wedge between the two countries in order to attempt to cripple Russia financially and weaken Russians backing of Putin. You hurt the economy you hurt the people, the people hurt financially, they hate the leader. It should be fair to explain that virtually all Russian gas on its way to European markets was transmitted via Ukraine. This is the reason for the Nordstream gas pipelines, the ability to bypass Ukraine and its new US puppet master. Ukraine is being used by the empire du jour to attempt hurting Russia. Bribes are a powerful tool. The last thing the empire wants is for any country to gain autonomy from its clutching, poisonous tentacles.

The Ukraine and its East-West civil war. Yes, no doubt it is a proxy battleground between US and Russia. Kruschev, Stalin’s successor, being Ukrainian patriotically gifted the territories of Crimea and some Western Russian Territory(now eastern Ukraine conflict zone) to the Ukraine in the 1950’s. Both these areas consist of ethnic Russian peoples with Russian being the majority of language spoken as well as Russian culture being dominant. Crimea was returned to its rightful benefactor without violence. It is a pity about the death and destruction in the Donetsk area. Once again the people suffer the most due to countries power games.

The Maidan protests and subsequent political uprising which sparked the conflict and forced Russia to annex Crimea with its only warm water naval port was done so by referendum and was not an invasion as the Western mainstream media reports it. Russia was contractually and legally allowed to have thousands of its soldiers in Crimea.

What the average person sees or hears on the daily news they consume is just theatre, well prepared and following a very poorly written script, again, in order to, as some say, manufacture consent for the bad behaviour of governments to act in atrocious ways in order to gain more power and continue its domination. And in reality It is typically the current acting empire who is responsible for the planning and carrying out of such operations, quite often with the willing and many times unwilling cooperation of those caught up in the sphere of influence of the imperial power. If an underling country does not participate in the action it too will end up being a victim of retribution at the hands of the empire. Your country is engaged in shady actions, it just goes unreported or is sugar coated much of the time to appease the masses.

So in reality the worst thing you can do is form an opinion on what you have watched on the mainstream media. If you want to attempt to escape the captive bubble, the best thing you can do is source various, diametrically opposed sources of information, absorb them and then with logic and skepticism formulate a somewhat neutral opinion of what is being presented by all sides. It is tough as there is so much crap floating around the channels of information. There are a great many who worked in the halls of government and have come out and blown the whistle on what really happens behind the curtain.

While this article is about Russia, why not have a look at a Russian news site RT. It will give you access to stories that you will never see on the propaganda arm that is Western mainstream media. But beware, over the years it has ever increasingly being filled to the brim with  Russian leaning propaganda after a couple of years ago changing its format. But on many of the shows you will find highly qualified Western academics giving logical and non-propagandized points of view that decimate the one faceted, single dimension garbage that most Western mainstream media simply blurt out from their single poorly scripted source and call “news.” North-East-West-South but zero sense of direction other than obfuscation of reality.

Vladimir Putin and his cabinet of patriotic, intelligent statesmen have so far resisted a hostile takeover by globalist swine and in the process have been driven into cooperation with the other non US puppet state of China for the benefit of of developing their countries as they see fit on their own terms. The empire du jour through its propaganda arm of the mainstream media is endlessly demonizing both entities in order to subjugate the mind of the Western masses in order to justify a future war that may exterminate most of the life on earth.

Until the people come together and change the education systems and become knowledgable to the point of creating fully self sustaining true/direct democracy systems the world is going to have politicians behaving badly to achieve rapacious goals to the detriment of all of society. However once in a while there comes a politician who is not a moral prostitute and truly acts in the self interest of sanity and refuses to be a puppet for international institutions and their globalist nightmare system they are in the middle of creating. Vladimir Putin is one of those gems.

One of the biggest mistakes one can make is to form an opinion of the world according to information gathered by mainstream media.

I will end this article with a statement that will probably shock most of those reading it. Canada is at greater risk of being invaded by America by far than it is in being invaded by the Russian Federation. Any Canadian naive enough to believe that there are not Canadian invasion plans drawn up and biding their time in the Pentagon are delusional. That is unless of course Canada would be dumb enough to join the US in an unwindable war against Russia and China. However that is a subject for a future article.  That article will be called: Negatory on the Suppository.

PS: Mr Putin, it is looking like Canada is going to be going all in on this bogus EQUALITY for all agenda. In which case I may need to escape the coming future authoritarian tyranny and will need to find a country that has been there, done that and learned from past mistakes.