A few weeks ago there was a letter in my mailbox from Statistics Canada. It was federal census time again. I looked at it and thought to myself, gee, do I really want to participate in a survey from an entity that has spent the past year and a half terrorizing the population and destroying society due to their inept bungling of a not so virulent virus that was passed off as the likes of the 14th century bubonic plague, but is barely on par of that of the 1957/1958 flu virus? No I don’t. I have the power to stand up to my abuser.

Like a true abusive relationship, a few days later, my abuser again came by where they were not wanted and dropped another waste of paper in my mailbox letting me know that they knew I did not answer their questions. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. I reduced their census to being government malarkey. Then I reused the clear spaces on the census envelope to make notes for one of my previous blogposts. You guessed it, then I recycled the envelope, hopefully to be turned into something of greater intellectual merit than the government jargon currently applied to it, toilet paper perhaps.

Society’s abuser had reached their obsessive stage of the relationship built on their abusive power. Yet another dead tree in sheet form enveloped in its kin of more dead tree material. This time I opened the envelope. The threats had begun. This was my “final notice” and a “legal obligation,” then my abuser printed, “If you refuse to respond to any of the census questions, you may be liable to a fine of up to $500, according to the Statistics Act, R.S.C. 1985,c. S-19.” Dear government of Canada, since you did not specify $500 Canadian, could you make my fine out in Zimbabwean dollars, please and thank you. However if you do fine me, I will see about getting my day in court.

It should be fair to note that society’s abuser has promised that my responses will be kept confidential. Very interesting.

A few days later. Knock-knock-knock. The entrance to my hobbit hole does not get much agitation at the hands of atomic construct playing out the laws of physics which creates a disturbance measurable in the frequency of human audibility. Maybe the Jehova’s Witnesses had finally found me! No, it was a female surgeon in her fifties! Oh wait, that’s right, the government had terrorized the population into wearing non-effective surgeon masks and then made it draconian law-OR ELSE! She was no surgeon, she was a federal government bureaucrat, meaning she probably collected an obscene pension after her 1st knock on a door!  My naan bread would come to know room temperature entropy.

A nice and polite lady, she was just doing her job. She had tortured me enough with the site of a blue mask strapped to her face, I was ready to spill the beans. Let the interrogation begin. In medium, to her questions, I had informed her, amongst other things, that yes I did receive the government paper with my 16 digit access code to enter online, but no, I did not feel like participating in a questionnaire from an entity that had just spent a year and a half unnecessarily terrorizing the population and ruining countless lives. We politely talked back and forth for ten minutes or so about census related topics. In conversation she had let it be known that in the past, up to 98% of census’ had been filled in by the subjects, but, that up to her visit to my door, only 75% of subjects had taken the time to answer their call to the census. Hmm, interesting. I then told her that, out of being abused by the government, I started a covid 19 inspired website called ENDPOLITICIANS.COM, so my chances of fulfilling her request for me to take the census were very slim indeed. I thanked her for her time and bid her a good evening.

So let’s get this straight, government restrictions are in place to restrict free movement of people in a supposedly free country, which means people are stuck at home more than any time in decades of history since WWII, most of which have plenty of idle time as they no longer have trivial, non life affirming things to do like earn an honest living in order to feed their family, or partake in absolutely meaningless, life wasting past times of the filthy bygone era of indoor recreational activities, or visiting precious family wherever they reside, yet these government policy prisoners have not taken minutes of their free time to fill out a questionnaire that has been demanded by their abusive captor? Well if you ask me, one might reach the conclusion that 25% of the population has lost complete confidence in the overbearing, imbecilic behaviour and actions of an incompetent entity that has obscenely overstepped the societal boundary of decency.

Perhaps government is not wise enough to realize that there is a good segment of society that realizes that almost nothing that echoes out of the halls of commercial mainstream media and state television is to be taken at face value and that the value of a face is not worth anything when it is covered by a sham of a censoring muzzle deemed to be government required uniform. You can not cry wolf for 18 months and expect everyone to be a sheep ready to be slaughtered. You can only fleece some for a limited amount of time. If politicians try to keep this charade going into 2022, I suspect enough people are ready to lose something to cause change. Change might equal defenestration!

As I sat down to write this article, I decided to enter my 16 digit access code and see if I could have a peek at some of the questions on this precious census. I was shocked at the either stupidity or sheer arrogance of those who formatted this census. I am not making this crap up, on the first page, the first two questions were #1- What is your telephone number? And #2- What is your email address? Strange and Orwellian questions for a questionnaire that is supposedly confidential. Perhaps this is a psychological test to determine who is a sheep and who is a shepherd able to lead the sheep away from slaughter. I guess 25% of the population does not want to be herded. That is a decent number. Personally, if I was government I would have thrown those 2 questions at the end of the census, then government could have gotten further participation in their precious census. When you hire clowns you end upon with a circus.

My answer to question #1 was 867 5309, and my answer to question #2 was noneofyourbusiness@gof*ckyourself.com. The first two intruding, confidentiality stealing questions were quite enough to confirm my suspicions of non-confidentiality so I logged off. My answers were immature and unnecessary, yes, but remember, “If you refuse to respond to any of the census questions, you may be liable to a fine of up to $500, according to the Statistics Act, R.S.C. 1985,c. S-19.” I did not officially refuse to respond to any of their questions, I responded to 2 of their questions, in a misleading manner. They never said I had to be truthful in my responses. Perhaps they should have worded it, “If you refuse to respond to all of the census questions, you may be liable to a fine of up to $500 Canadian dollars, according to the Statistics Act, R.S.C. 1985,c. S-19.”

In reality, even if threatened with jail time for census delinquency I would have done the time over participate in a questionnaire by an entity that has proven the lack of ability and wherewithal to act in an intelligent manner to benefit the well being of their citizens and has destroyed society over the past year and a half or so in order for International institutions such as the World Economic Forum and the World Bank to sink their fangs further into supposedly sovereign governments and rake in billions of dollars and further control the politicians that serve to sell out their own countries and the citizens within. Oh, and let us not forget about the billions these pharmaceutical companies will be pocketing for their great vaccine experiment on the human guinea pigs! Yes, those same pharmaceutical companies that make campaign contributions to some politicians!

Mine and many others decency and well being has been mercilessly violated by politicians bungling over the past year and a half or so and I have been violated to the point of having enough of this politically induced nightmare, yet there is absolutely nowhere to escape to, and I fear the REM part of this nasty dream state may yet to have kicked in. Perhaps Florida or Texas will begin taking Canadian refugees who want to be productive members of a society that has admitted to the wrongs of overarching, liberty stealing covid19 restrictions by letting people make personal responsibility their own decision.

Government of Canada, if you must, send me my $500 Zimbabwean dollar fine. Just do not ask me for my phone number and email address as the first two, or any questions on a census that is supposedly confidential.