Vaccine Nation

I think it would be fair to say that the populace of the world has been through very trying times in the past 16 months or so. I speak of course about the covid 19 episode that was unnecessarily propelled aggressively into our consciousness, and of course, a great many, their bodies. Bodies of which most had nothing more than a runny nose, cough, aches and a headache, even most old bodies.

Of course, the trying times varied according to rationale and reasoning skills, plus quality of informational intake and therefore panic level, ranging from, “I am 22 years old, hiding in a covid bunker and find it necessary to make a will and plan my funeral,” to the other end of the scale,  “I am in my 7th decade, a mask is just a way to hide my chin as I delightfully play Keno at the germ laden kiosk in my local 7-11 store while the world goes insane.” What a lady.

The aggressively propelled consciousness aspect being the equivalent of government and mainstream media incessantly yelling fire in a theatre of 7 plus billion people, where those who stayed seated and remained calm and collected came out virtually unscathed, while the panicking minds have been trampled into a jumbled mess of necrotic neurosis as they attempted to find the anti-society exit from a delusional and insane picture and sound show.

As for being aggressively propelled into many bodies. It turns out that the infection mechanism was indeed a gain of function add on to a preexisting corona virus, with the viral tweak capable of greatly elevating the viral keys ability to pick the cellular locks and invade the home body. A fact that was ignored, or intentionally omitted for over a year by those yelling fire in the worldly theatre. Still, this fact rarely gets a voice.

Even once it was quite clear that most cases were extremely mild and that most deaths consisted of septuagenarians and octogenarians with preexisting conditions, the Western world’s channels of disinformation chose to alter the wavelength and decided to shine the ultra-violent light on the situation, shutting down society and causing the necrotic neurosis mentioned above.

Plenty of entities benefitted greatly from the chaos that was unleashed into the sensory and cellular mechanisms that intake visual, audio, and viral loads. Near the top of the list of covid monetary profiteers are the pharmaceutical companies producing and selling highly questionable and experimental “remedies.” Remedies that are not guaranteed at preventing one from acquiring the virus.

And yes, fully vaccinated people are still dying from covid. Though I suspect that many deaths, then, as now, are just people dying with covid, not strictly from covid. After all, Dying Happens All the Time. Regardless, politicians beat into societies populations that vaccines were the only answer out of this debacle, NOT, proven affective therapeutics for those grappling with multiple serious health issues, or making healthy lifestyle choices for everyone else and letting the majority of society deal with a runny nose, sore throat, headache, or other mostly, very mild symptoms.

Pharmaceutical companies said that these highly experimental mRNA vaccines would stay localized in the area of the shot so that they could work the voodoo of tricking your body into making the gain of function spike protein, causing your immune system, more specifically your T-cells to mount a defence against it, killing off the infected cell, and in the process, supposedly making you immune to covid 19. Or just making symptoms very mild. But do not dwell on the fact that in most of the population covid 19 was and is very mild, even before vaccines became the government cure all.

Well it turns out the lipid nanoparticles and the mRNA spike protein distributed within said nanoparticles do not stay localized to the injection site and actually are carried throughout the body and have even been found amongst other organs, including inside of women’s ovary cells. Not only that, there is the current fear that these lipid nanoparticles and spike protein may be entering brain and spinal chord cells, which will cause the cytotoxic T-cells to mount a defence against the body’s braincells, killing them in the immune response process.

Unlike many other cells in your body that regenerate, brain cells rarely do. Which is why when someone gets a brain injury which destroys neurons in a significant amount, the brain often finds another pathway to rewire, allowing the individual to regain pre-learned functions, as well as quite often developing new and heightened cognitive abilities. Killing brain function is not a good sign for a vaccine, nor is nanoparticle build up in a female reproductive organ. Truth is, it will take years to discover the full negative extent of the effects from these experimental mRNA covid vaccines. Somehow I do not foresee future super intelligence for all those who took the mRNA vaccines and have brain cells destroyed from it.

The nanoparticle ovary invasion would be enough, if I was a woman, especially of child bearing age, for me to turn down these mRNA vaccines FULL STOP! That being said, being an independent individual, I will volunteer to have some of my fingers amputated before being willingly injected by one of these Frankenvaccs.

If it came down to it, I would take Russia up on its vaccination vacation package they are offering to potential tourists who do not want one of these scary mRNA cocktails. Sputnik V for me over the obscene Western vaccine. And no , the majority of Russians are not refusing a vaccine because they fear the side affects of a non-mRNA, they are just intelligent and independent enough to see this covid hoax for what it ultimately is, a mass power grab and control mechanism for government and the international institutions that wield the puppet strings.

With the 16 month government and mainstream media covid free wheeling sling-fest, where fear, panic and terror were flung far and wide over any medium available to distribute such misinformation, and disinformation in what could only be described as a 4 dimensional sensory explosion, where even time was stuck in a time warp, the government seems to have vaccinated themselves into a smaller chaotic corner, where they are reaching their % threshold for vaccine herd immunity, where many Western citizens, instead of running with the righteous voice in their head and standing up against vaccine authoritarianism, decided to take the not so proper solution to the overhyped problem and get the vaccine so as to be able to return to their pre-covid life of sensibility, free from omnipresent political restrictions. Is government going to give them what they were promised or is the insanity going to continue?

Many countries are already proclaiming that covid booster vaccines will be necessary for up to 10 years time. My guess is the vaccines will obviously need to be tweaked in order to deal with these variants that seem to be the guarantee that covid will adopt the Energizer Bunny technique………………………..And keeping up with the variants is not going to be cheap for the harmaceutical companies! Do not worry though, your politicians will just cave, no questions asked. After all, money is free!

Perhaps the question to ask is, are governments and media going to carry on terrorizing the population with daily case counts and shoddy death statistics in the future, or have they realized this technique is a mistake and catalyst for causing incessant fear and panic to a great number of society?

It is summer now in the Northern hemisphere, which is detrimental to general viral permeation. Though what happens in the fall and winter if covid cases begin to rise even when, say, 80% of people have been vaccinated and now there is a new round of frail seniors who just reached the tipping point of any bacteria or virus being able to knock them out of existence and they test positive for what had to be a mild case as they were vaccinated for the disease but their test confirms they had covid so they must have died from it? Is government going to be so foolish the next time around?

Yes, every year, no, every day, multiple times a day there are people in every country who cross the threshold as to be susceptible to death from various other stimuli. Think about this, when the current oldest person in the world was born, not 1 of the other 7.8 BILLION people alive even existed! On earth, almost 2 people die every second, of every day, of every month, every year. Humans have a high turnover rate. Death is natural.

So government, it is time to get your terrorizing health ministers to crawl back into the woodwork that they so unappreciatively crawled out of all those months ago to unleash the unwarranted fear hysteria, and to give up the daily case counts and faulty death statistics and let the rational citizens carry on with preventing the world from devolving into a Year Zero type scenario, and permit, if they so CHOOSE, the covid kooks to hide in their bunkers, strap as many masks to their face as they can handle and bathe in sanitizing solution whenever they feel it will prevent a highly likely death that will never come. It has to be OUR CHOICE! Let the NORMIES(rational people) fill in the half grave that has been dug by politicians and mainstream media.

Come On Normies

In British Columbia, on Canada Day, July 1st, and possibly the rest of the country, many of the restrictions were relinquished, including interprovincial travel and most importantly interior mandatory mask mandates in many places. Though we do still have some hardline fundamentalist covid terror addicted businesses not ready to show their mask tan lines just yet. Too much CBC(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) I suppose.

It should be noted that I have not worn a mask during this covid nightmare. My world got really small, really fast. From occasional world traveler and dining out connoisseur, to living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom dwelling shut in. Forget cabin fever, I have a serious case of the shack plague. If it were not for a job, I might have left my nonexistent children as orphans. I could not wait to see all the finally liberated people relishing in the open face policy. Geez, was I wrong about that.

A water pipe feeding my bathtub faucet head had been leaking into the wall for probably over a year. It finally showed up in the spare bedroom I almost never visit. Like government, if you did not explore it, everything seemed somewhat normal. Then I noticed a small stain and bit of a stink. However, digging a bit deeper and analyzing the layers, it was quite evident that the rot had permeated the entire make up of all the elements. The only fix was to cut out the massive rot and replace it with an updated construct. Once I shed some space on the rot, the stink became unbearable. Funny how government and material decay have the same solution to fix a totally different problem. If only governments were covered through insurance. I would like to attain some politician credits as I am doing with rent credits for annulling a rotten situation.

First stop, rental store. Dehumidifier needed. Being July 2nd, I thought,”sure will be nice to see some bare faces.” Within 3 steps I heard, “you need a mask.” Then I seen the manic, panic man, face sheet applied. I said, “the mandate is over.” “Not in here,” he said. I rented a dehumidifier from outside the office, on the steps. Wow! I eventually extracted about 75 litres(20 gallons) of water with the dehumidifier. If only there was some way to create a hot air and BS extractor for politicians. Though I suspect what would be left over would take a microscope to view.

Second stop, big box hardware store to get a material estimate. Masks were no longer mandatory in the store, but you sure as heck could not tell that from entering. The place was bursting at the seams with probably around 200+ people, yet I seen MAYBE 4 people without masks. One of them came up to me and asked if the mandate was really over. I assured him it was. We had a good old laugh about being in the Twilight Zone surrounded by sheepish nincompoops. I now make a point to positively acknowledge the normies wherever I go. And yes, this box store and many other businesses force their employees to mask up. How pathetic.

Everywhere I go 90% plus of people in BC are masked up. What is wrong with people? Oh yeah, terrorized into submission, even after receiving the miracle remedy vaccine.

Maybe it is about time that high functioning members of society who are able to see this hypocrisy for what it is and are forced into mask submission for work should take a stand and just say no to masks. We all know it will not be politicians or government bureaucrat workers, as most of them lack merit. But if say enough police officers, or construction workers band together for the cause of refusing to put on a mask, it is possible to end this sick authoritarian decree. It is not like half the police force could be fired for engaging in absolutely necessary civil disobedience behaviour. what do you think would happen if 80% of commercial construction workers refused to conform to this mandatory mask nonsense on a worksite? Personally if I owned a store I would not serve those wearing a mask.

Maybe we are at the Canadian polite stage where people just keep wearing masks so as not to be considered inconsiderate. Time will tell I suppose.

So to everybody able to think for themselves, yet ignored the righteous voice in their head at the beginning of this covid nightmare and just obediently obeyed the diktat of the politicians, remember, these depraved politicians may very well try to pull the same game plan out in the fall, of daily case counts and bleeding heart death statistics about frail senior citizens who would have died shortly, regardless, even if the wind were to even blow too hard on them, and then before you know it they will be mandating strapping a non effective implement of government dominance over your precious face, strictly for your protection of course, and no, you can not take a much needed resort vacation to Mexico or the Caribbean without serious returning financial consequences, as they still force you to lock yourself in your own home because you did not think that getting a government approved covid extraction shot would actually stop the government from taking dictatorial control of you life did you?

Come on normies, let’s show the defeated ones how to take some pride and control of ones life back. Society desperately needs positive role models.