Canada’s political leaders are eyelid deep in  treasonous endeavours. One used to get the death penalty for treason in Canada, now you get accolades, book deals and criminally large pensions. How times have changed, for the worse.

In the past I have spoken about the World Economic Forum and our politicians role in inserting their noses up the WEF anus’ for monetary and power gains. Our deputy prime minister and finance minister actually sit on their payroll! Conflict of interest, yes. Fascist framework, yes. Treasonous, yes.

Canada’s man child prime minister’s nose is quite a few hues darker than his typical brown faced antics, due to the familiarity of his face burrowed deep inside Klaus Schwab’s posterior. Conflict of interest, yes. Fascist framework, yes. Treasonous, yes. Here is why.

One of the WEF’s fixation is on trans humanism, or the merging of man and machine in biodigital, artificial intelligence and other spooky scientific means. The WEF is a major player in being one of the pieces to trapping humanity in a digital currency control system.

Yes, Klaus Schwab through his WEF has a ragtag crew of folks from the International Monetary Fund, central banks, commercial banks, sitting politicians, transnational corporations, private equity firms……….look for yourself. These people are all feverishly working to create a digital control system to trap much of humanity in, and make tons of money and acquire even more out of control power than they currently have.

It is the melange of institutional, corporate and banking interests bribing our politicians in order to get access and control of our countries sovereignty. Yes, mixing of government, institutional, corporate and banking interests is indeed a good portion of the system called fascism. And they are doing it. But do not worry about that, watch some “reality” tv instead. Of course a rational education system would delve into the topic somewhat.

I will leave you with something to think about.

It would be kind of insane if the government of Canada decided to take our tax dollars and started up a new department that is responsible for  the attempted normalization of trans humanist technology, would it not? Policy Horizons Canada. Holy shit! Shit on politicians noses that is!

I mean, what could go wrong in a trans humanism endeavour from an entity that is not even able to supply clean drinking water to the homes of thousands indigenous people, or make a rational and coherent policy to a politically created covid nightmare that will be destroying society for years to come?

Let us not forget that the WEF is into trans humanism in a massive way. After all there are BILLIONS of dollars to be made! Hm, fascism! Damn brown noses!

Surely it would not not be an absolutely crystal clear sign that if this new Policy Horizons Canada, which in the foreword they are already attempting to shorten to “Policy Horizons,” as sovereignty matters not to these globalist swine, that they actually put at the head of this new department a board member of the World Economic Forum, as well as member of other fascist functions. Holy Shit, Kristel Van deer Elst! Truth is stranger than fiction! 20th century, brown shirts. 21st century, brown noses!

Then in the foreword and throughout the paper, this crazy trans humanist lobby group likes to drop the notion of engaging with a broad spectrum of partners and stakeholders. Those stakeholders and partners they speak of are not you citizens of Canada! Though the only stakeholders in Canadian government departments should be Canadians, PERIOD!

Canadian citizens, it is time to realize that Canada is not truly a sovereign country, the globalist institutions through the inept greed and treasonous acts of our politicians have have gained control of our function, have trapped us in a prosperous stealing debt system, and now are very close to ending all freedom and liberty in a central bank digital currency prison.

Let the tribunal commence. Those in the world who pay attention are ready for the 21st century equivalent of a new Nuremberg Trials. This thing is deep and there are more than enough bodies to justify the means to the globalist institutional end.