Are federal politicians necessary elements of a functioning society, or are they simply redundant, rhetoric regurgitating robots put in place to bleat platitudes to a disengaged public, all the while serving the machinations of extreme power the likes of, the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, World Economic Forum, Bank for International Settlements, other globalist institutions and transnational corporations in order to further  the largess of corporate colonialism and the end goal of moving toward a one tier globalist government where the sovereignty, function and direction of supposedly independent nation states is just an act in a deceitfully choreographed political puppet theatre, where the final puppet string of fully infiltrating, digitally, the audiences money supply is the attempted final act before the 21st century’s titanium curtain tries to fully entrap the mainly unconscious crowd while those able to read the program are being *covidly* encapsulated behind the barrier of truth?

Again, mainstream media, where are you with the tough questions and holding politicians to account for treasonous behaviour? Hmm, must be part of the power play!

Dictionary Break

*covidly* means to be stealthily and erroneously implemented, accepted, continued, enlarged, normalized in such a way as to be known as being wrong or erroneous, yet the act, behaviour, program, injustice, regime……… continues to take precedence only due to the fact that the implementers solely deceitful, vainly misinformed intentions ignorantly trumps the well being of the vast majority of those that make up the majority of the substrate being assaulted, punished, harmed, abused, deceived, or conned.

Feral Federals

Perhaps in the past it was necessary to have a federal level of government in Western countries as they began their dissolution from monarchical rule into parliamentary democracies, though in reality, were, and are the Feds just a way to keep the wealth and power flowing to the upper echelons and a way to keep directional course of action out of the hands of the average person.

After all, throughout history has the one at the head of the geographical area not done all in its power to avoid the relinquishing of power to those at the bottom of the pyramid? When you let the people choose one cheating Federal liar to dictate to all at the behest of international institutional and corporate powers, is such a framework truly democracy, or just mob rule by a well connected, intimately privileged mob?

It is quite easy to understand how placing one president, prime minister, chancellor in charge of millions of people, and then controlling the narrative with mainstream media is a sure method of making sure that great powers are able to infiltrate supposedly sovereign nations to the point of being able to force a muzzled nation to carry on with such injustices as wars of aggression(terror campaigns) begun on faulty pretences in order to make money for arms manufacturers and steal mineral wealth that should be benefitting the locals of the invaded country. Then once the country is blown up and in shambles, the empire sends in further agents of corporate colonialism, like engineering and construction firms under the direction of entities like the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to get the dismayed, decapitated and destroyed citizenry and country hooked in further prosperity stealing debt financing regiments. Now that’s democracy!

Need I mention the current covid debacle that our federal politicians, unable to think or act for themselves, have politicized to the point of criminality. Where an international institution, the World Health Organization, who takes bribes from Pharmaceutical companies, amongst other powerful entities, provided meant to confuse information from day one, about a virus, that anyone who did not get their informational intake from mainstream media knew damn well was on par with seasonal flu outbreaks of years past and was certainly nothing to mercilessly lock its citizens indoor and destroy the fabric of society, only to be told that the only way out of this politically induced nightmare is to blindly accept an experimental Western vaccine regime that could have been avoided with therapeutic treatment and other non institutional money making schemes.

Now the institution of the World Economic Forum who in their back pocket have current and former World Bank, IMF chairs, central bankers, sitting politicians, transnational corporations, private equity firms in what could only be described as a massive conglomeration of globalist power brought together to usurp the money supply of nation states by turning currencies fully digital through Central Bank Digital Currencies in order to fully subjugate citizens and countries in the hopes of attempting to secure a global government system.

And yes, pretty much every Western federal political leader has signed up for the cause. Donald Trump was against it, but he was eliminated from the picture in order for the Biden puppet to secure America up for a piece of the action. This thing is big, and China and Russia are the only major powers standing up to the globalist cabal steamroller, while our Federal political leaders throw our sovereignty away to globalist institutional power. Globalist Institutional power that they will become partners and stakeholders in once their shameful term as politician comes to an end and they then have a role in exploiting the citizens of other countries, not just their homeland.

Directing Democracy

Without a doubt the current federal-globalist system we are currently under will one day collapse under its own debts and depths of corruption. It is probably best to start thinking about what would make up its replacement once implosion occurs. After all, organization, responsibility, accountability and study are but a few of the elements that can help achieve success.

Being a Canadian, I believe in what should solely be the uninhibited sovereignty of my country and hope that there are enough people in the world who are fighting for the freedom of their respective countries in order to bring true, globalist free, untainted sovereignty back to their place of habitation. The world is not yet ready to go full on borderless. Only in the enlightenment of the majority of world citizens is such a concept ready to be thought of let alone implemented.

Here are a few ideas about how Western countries could possibly achieve a beneficial sovereign system and escape the ravaging clutches of international institutional power that the current federal politics regime is feeding and unleashing to the detriment of most of humanity, but to the benefit of the extremely limited, intimately privileged mob of globalist inhumanity currently passing as a rational, democratic, needed entity.

There are without a doubt some things that a sovereign, free country must have in order to be considered sovereign and self sufficient. Here are a few, in no particular order. Though I am sure others could add to the list.

It could probably be agreed upon that it is not rational, healthy, beneficial or intelligent to allow the decision of the fate of millions of peoples to be put in the hands of one, two or a handful of frivolous, immoral, possibly weak, therefore easily corrupted people. The West’s current federal governing system has made this fact all too obvious. Recent wars of aggression to support corporate colonialism, the covid doctrine, and the current scramble to eliminate cash and usher in liberty eliminating “cash like” central bank digital currencies are prime examples of the atrocities, indignities and injustices that federal politicians will stoop to in order to please their institutional puppet masters.

Personally, I do not want to live under a Chinese system, but perhaps the Chinese have some things that the West can absorb systematically in order to free itself and prevent a return to the shackles of globalist tyranny and the loss of sovereignty that envelops a country that chooses to meander down such a convolutedly corrupt path.

The one idea that I can immediate think of which China does to welcome someone into the political, decision making realm is to give them an intelligence test and then distribute the testee accordingly. Perhaps the West can devise an intelligence based test where history, economics, logic, philosophy, honesty, conflict resolution and general knowledge are a mandatory prerequisite to even be considered to be put in a position of power over the lives of others. There are no doubt many individuals living within their respective countries who possess elevated levels of above mentioned outstanding uprightness. Perhaps these people can play an important formative role in developing a true/direct democracy system that gives all the chance to participate in the town. city, province, state, territory, country, continent, world, galaxy, and universe they live in. Boxed thinkers and doers have gotten us into our current mess, only an outside the box construct will stand a chance of true positive progression for humanity.

It might be prudent to think about breaking up the true/direct democracy from any sort participation from a federal entity other than a Supreme Court. Federal politicians in reality could virtually be eliminated and absorbed by provincial, state and territorial duties. I conclude that the only reason they have not been eliminated is because federal politicians are a direct route to the true power of institutional domination.

Regional issues whether civic or territorially larger could be voted upon in a true/direct democracy in the apportionable region by residents who inhabit said region. National issues could be voted on by all qualifying inhabitants of their respective region, and the larger territorial geographical locations(state, provincial, territorial) have to come to a unified and justified resolution/course of action in an open to the public committee.

Clearly, a security framework must be a necessary part of the system that is in place to guard/aid  the sovereignty of a nation and those contained within that participate in their region/nation. Anyone who thinks that a police, intelligence and military force is uncalled for in a construct consisting of human nature is highly delusional and quite likely full on or part savage. Until 100% full enlightenment of the global populace is achieved(total fantasy) the need for all levels of security is an integral part of a functioning society. What most Western nations have as of now is probably damn close to what is needed.

Though of course to achieve sovereignty status the empire du jour must be expelled from the entrenched position that they have been dug in for the past historical timeframe. Countries must compete amongst each other on hard work and ingenuity, not on deception, graft, infiltration, blackmail and murder campaigns.

Beddy Byes Feddy Spies

Western countries, apart from some obvious past imperial mistakes had come to achieve great levels of freedom and liberty over the course of their history for the citizens living within their realms. It is sad that in my short lifetime I have bear witness to a great decline morally, socially, monetarily, liberty wise, educationally and especially politically.

  • Whether it be political correctness ushered in to set parameters and therefore limit speech, discussion and logic.
  • The absolute destruction of an objective state/mainstream media where debate has disappeared and society is force-fed absolute nonsense and divisive notions that pass as many’s reality.
  • The disgusting depravity of complacent selfish federal politicians who are all but too happy to sell their populaces out to international institutions in order to hobnob with power, for petty bribes, and to become a partner/stakeholder in the globalist machine once they smilingly eliminate the sovereignty of their own country.
  • The complete inability for many in society to have or want any personal accountability or responsibility and to strictly blame others for whatever situation they have been unable to step outside their mind to fully prevent.
  • The inability to freely travel abroad due to draconian federal government vaccination restrictions put in place to limit movement over a manufactured virus that very well may have been released intentionally with the purpose of wielding ever more control into federal governments and the international institutions pulling their puppet strings.
  • A primary education system that seems to have dumbed down the level of learning to the level of the lowest common denominator, and the higher learning institutions having been hijacked to carry on with the indoctrination and strict homogenization in order to continually feed the globalist machine by teaching what to think instead of how to think, instead of tearing down the barriers that an inadequate primary system instilled in their state minds.
  • Last but definitely not least, the monetary system entering free fall as federal politicians have utterly destroyed the financial system by destroying their own bond market, due to the fact that they were in bed with commercial bankers and allowed them to blow up the world and force society in large to pay for it, all the while knowingly, willingly and carelessly plunging their respective countries into the depths of societally crippling debt that does nothing other than punish hard working, responsible, societal building individuals, where the federal politicians remedy for the multitude of inexcusable, inept, ignorant and most of all criminal financial mismanagement has led these treasonous federal politicians ever more into the slimy hands of a conglomeration of international institutions, corrupt central bank employees, private equity firms, transnational corporations and corporate banking interests who are in the midst of creating a digital currency control system through the implementation of central bank digital currencies control system that will trap humanity in a zero privacy, therefore zero liberty, lacking the basic human right to spend ones money on when they want without big brothers prying eyes seeing and deciding whether it is alright. And all of this because federal politicians could not look in the mirror, admit that the overarching power and course of action that a thoroughly disengaged populace gave them was indeed the reason society finds itself in the current position in the first place, so federal politicians answer to the complete bungling of their domain is to take even more control of its population, but this time put it in the complete hands of the entity that was guiding the federal politicians into nothingness to begin with.

Federal and complicit politicians, you have been filling your beds with excrement, and the blood of an untold number of victims over the years and now you have gone straight to the excrement factory in the hopes of receiving a clean sheet in order to make your bed anew. Let me save you the time. When you deal with an excrement factory all you get is a pile of shit. That shit has become so plentiful that is leaking out of every substrate that societies are built on. Be prepared to swallow what you have been feeding the populace.