For those unaware of the overly dramatic saga of Meng Wanzhou, chair of the board and chief financial officer for Huawei, here is a brief overview. It should be noted that Meng is the daughter of the Huawei founder, Ren Zhengfei.

Meng was arrested while transferring at Vancouver International Airport on December 1st, 2018, at the request of the United States of America, while in layover on her way to Mexico from Hong Kong. The highly political and trumped up charges are “bank fraud, wire fraud and conspiracies to commit bank and wire fraud.”

Those Americans, they love their conspiracy charges, unless of course it is say a conspiracy about Pfizer funding president Joe Biden’s inauguration events to the tune of 1 million dollars, who now, has since become a hocker of covid vaccines and the subsequent billions of dollars that Pfizer is raking in. Absolutely, the donation came when it was quite clear that Biden would be aggressively pushing vaccinations.

The answer to the question is YES – in order to fly from Canada to Mexico the airplane has to travel over the US, unless of course it flew over Canada, the Arctic Circle, Russia, Asia, The Indian Ocean, Antartica, South then Central America, to then land in Mexico.Though that would be even more insane than forcing down the Bolivian presidential airplane looking for a whistleblower.  So yes, the US could have simply made the plane land on US soil and carry on with the dirty deed themselves, instead of again duping a not fully sovereign “ally” into what in the end will turn out to be just an accelerating factor of a crumbling empire.

The over exaggerated criminal charges against Meng are due to Huawei’s business dealings with Iran through an affiliate company called Skycom. Skycom was doing business with Iran while being owned by another company that was apparently owned by Huawei. The charges come from Skycom doing business in Iran through the the bank HSBC and possibly others, which included processing US dollar transactions through the US. US laws “generally” prohibited the specified banks from engaging in such practices. What Meng is accused of is absolutely not a crime in Canada.

In reality the specified banks, mainly HSBC, had to know the extent of the law, so carried on with the business which had been transpiring for years previously. Skycom was doing business in Iran for 10+ years, and, no doubt the US banking regulatory agencies knew what was happening and did in no way interpret it to be a “crime” until Huawei began to take serious market share away from American owned and controlled companies. Need I remind you that the charges against Huawei and Meng suddenly popped up at the time when America was lobbying its western subordinates to outright ban all Huawei equipment in their respective countries. Why did the US justice department not bring fraud and conspiracy charges against HSBC and the other banks, or censure US banking regulatory agencies?

In 2008, HSBC bank was caught laundering close to 1 billion dollars from Mexican drug cartels, so you know the whole HSBC legal department was conducting themselves in a strict manner, approved by US banking regulators.  HSBC even hired former top US treasury department official, Stuart Levey, as the chief legal officer for HSBC.

“Not only that, but under a five year agreement with the US justice department, HSBC agreed to have an independent monitor evaluate its progress in improving its compliance”

If those steps for regulatory oversight was not enough, there is more. HSBC pledged to spend $700 million over 5 years to spend on the “know your clients files.” Yes, these “know your clients files” are set up to prevent HSBC from accepting money from what US regulators deem to be criminal funds.

So in short, Huawei, Skycom, HSBC, US banking regulators, including former top US treasury official, Stuart Levey, now employed by HSBC, were all clearly just doing business according to accepted by all principles, until US spooks came to realize that Huawei was about to blow competing US companies out of the not so holy water.

In response the US decided to sabotage Canada’s non hostile relations with a beneficial trading partner by legally obligating Canadian law enforcement to arrest an innocent person and hold her in an extremely non circumspectly manner.

It should be noted that at any time Canada’s top diplomat, no, not Wayne Gretzky, but Justin Truedope, could have overruled at any time to prevent a bitter dispute between two countries that should be engaged in a fully competitive, yet non aggravated trading, diplomatic and intellectual relationship. Yet Canada’s man-child prime minister has instead decided to focus his selfish, childish energy, erotically gazing into mirrors to compliment himself on how he managed to fit his nose so far up Klaus Schwab’s behind that his whole face came out brown, while treasonously fulfilling the World Economic Forums globalist plans of trans humanist profiteering, enslaving the planet in a digital currency control system, all the while making billions for the partners and stakeholders of the globalist cabal. What a slimy turd! It should also be noted that Canada’s deputy prime minister is beyond slimy turd, possibly a diarrhetic demon, who actually sits on the board of the WEF and is probably leading the Truedope by his pudding brain.

In what seems to be an immediate, blatant and retaliatory response to Canada’s lack of intelligent leadership the Chinese arrested the “two Michaels” on espionage charges, with one recently been sentenced to 11 years and the other awaiting the verdict. China also retried another Canadian convicted of drug smuggling with a sentence of 15 years having been changed to the death penalty. As well China has stopped all canola seed and pork imports from Canada.

Canada, with a prime minister that is unable to make what seems to be a logical decision in a blatant American overreach, thereby forcing Canada into a hostage diplomacy nightmare that even former prime minister Jean “the strangler” Chretien has called for Meng’s release on the grounds of resetting, and burgeoning a symbiotic on all grounds relationship, with the second largest economy in the world, which without a doubt will reap beneficial rewards for thousands, if not millions of Canadian Citizens.

As well 19 other top government officials and diplomats have called for the release of Meng. In 1999, Canada’a extradition act was specifically amended in the foresight to see that other countries could very well abuse the true nature of extradition treaties for political purposes.

Even the British Columbia, Supreme Court judge overseeing the extradition case has hinted at the pungent odour emanating from this political Shanghai of duplicitous rationale emanating from below the 49th parallel. Where even if the BC judge rejects the extradition, Canada’s federal minister of justice has the last legal say in such a matter. Or whatever DUMB and DUMBER tell the minister of justice to rule!

Yes, the Freeland, courtesy of the WEF’s way for the “international rules based order” to fight back is the attempt to trap the whole world in a globalist digital control system where the “partners and stakeholders” can rake in billions of dollars in insider action while the globalist cabal systematically destroys any opposition to the cabals own oozing moral and ethical vehicle of ignorance!

America has chosen to openly and arrogantly sabotage a functioning, mutually beneficial trading and diplomatic relationship between two productive countries by engaging in a scheming plot specifically designed to drive a wedge between Canada and China in the construct of forcing Canada to take the US side in what seems to be the elevated, non-sensical aggression of a nation not able to come to terms with the fact that China in a very short amount of time will be well on its way to, or, already surpassing the empire du jour economically, productively, scientifically, while no doubt intellectually already there.

Personally when I read about Canada’s child leader unwilling to step in and make what seems to be a logical decision to announce that Canada will not play pathetic political games on such insignificant and fabricated shenanigans, the first thing to enter my mind is, does US intelligence have a control file on our not so trusty, even treasonous, prime minister? Perhaps the Truedope has been Epsteined? Is there a compromising photo of the Truedope with much brown on another appendage and surface other than his nose and face?

Remember, in 2003 when the US was in all bombs a blazing mode getting ready to invade Iraq on what turned out to be 100% fabricated “weapons of mass destruction” narrative about to be unleashed by Saddam Hussein, Canada’s prime minister, Jean Chretien, had the utmost sanity and gumption to stand up to an out of control bully about to wage genocide on innocent Iraqi civilians, yet our current PM is unwilling to express some moral fortitude or basic courage to free a truly politically detained foreign national. A foreign national whose release would free two Canadian’s detained in retribution, as well as most likely prevent another’s imminent execution, and restore a diplomatic and trading relationship between a once amicable relationship.

Perhaps it is time for Canada display that we are willing to honestly trade between any country that is willing to do so in reciprocal fashion and we will no longer be willing to be a pawn to any country looking to use us as a means to accomplish their crooked ends. Certainly our resources spell it out. If only we could devise a political system void of lackeys performing for international institutions.

A declining empire will always lash out at those challenging its waning importance, and will attempt to use its subordinate nations as fodder in an attempt to prolong the empire’s relevance and control of the world stage. Anyone not capable of understanding that the third reich was absorbed by the states of fifty should probably do a little more study. The blitzkrieg and sabotage have been raging in the second half of the 20th, and the 21st century. Is Afghanistan the Stalingrad moment? Sadly I think much more death and destruction is coming. Canada should refuse to be part of the fuse in the powder keg waiting to explode. Pen over sword, and Bandages over bombs.