In Canada the time for another federal election has come, prematurely anyways. Officially though, the pathological liars popularity contest was not due until 2023. Those political puppets – always a scheming!

Klaus’ man is looking to capitalize on his party’s ploy of “saving” the populace from a politically propagandized plandemic, with the goal of winning a majority government so that his “Liberal” party is able to further the World Economic Forums mandate of the “great reset,” which will include the unfurling of central bank digital currencies, amongst other globalist machinations of the destruction of our personal liberties. Very clever, politically through terrorism, cause the exaggerated problem, then slither in with the saviour mandate.

Yeah, little Fidelito, after unnecessarily abusing the population through a politicized covid terror campaign and racking up the national debt more in 1 YEAR than the country of Canada managed to incur in it’s first 125 YEARS of existence, has decided that, with his propaganda ministry still abusing the population with the covid doctrine, that it is time for Canadians to crowd into small enclosed spaces in order to partake in his perverted little poll. When the Truedope thinks it will benefit him and his globalist cabal, the behaviour is ok, but if it is for our general liberty, the behaviour is vilified.

What a trail of slime the Truedope leaves behind. Can somebody pour some salt on him, please. Be sure to salinate the wicked witch of the East too. I beg of you.

The question is, has the Truedope fooled enough Canadians in order for his party to gain a majority and unleash an unfettered globalist agenda against a highly hypnotized population. With the province of British Columbia and New Brunswick having held pandemic elections, and the outcomes being the ability to consolidate the ruling party’s power, the Truedope certainly has a shot at being rewarded for his treachery in serving the globalist cabal.

We will find out if Canada has enough fools to make their own paradise. Perhaps enough swing voters will show up to force the seat over the top bar and possibly break the chains. Though the largest opposition leader has the charisma of a crumpled piece of paper, he definitely is not a full fledged globalist brown noser. Being conservative, he is more of a finger man. I will leave the number of fingers to your imagination. Though old Klaus comes across as an iron fist kind of man.

Sharpest Toole in the Shed?

If the 0′ Tool wanted to add some vigor and common sense in appealing to Canadians sentiment, perhaps he would add to his campaign that freeing the 2 Michaels and alleviating Schellenbergers death sentence will be a top priority if he is elected.

If Mr. 0′ Tool wants to prove that his motivations for being a politician is because he deeply cares about Canadians and their liberty, he will campaign on his willingness to sign into law that Canada will NEVER outlaw the use of cash, under what should be a basic fundamental human right to transverse ones own towns, cities, provinces, territories, country and the homes and businesses contained within without being tracked and monitored by a globalist system keeping tabs on supposedly sovereign citizens.

If Mr. 0′ Tool wanted to become a demigod he will campaign on his willingness to begin the implementation of a true/direct democracy system that gives Canadian citizens the right to vote on true issues that impact our lives, not just picking a professional grifter every few years.

It should be noted that the 0′ in 0′ Tool that I wrote is a zero not the letter O. For now I will take it easy on the 0′ Tool. He has the chance to prove whether or not he is bought and paid for.

While the 0′ Tool is a flaky politician, the Truedope is a fully cognizant, slimy, greasy, globalist puppet selling out his country for monetary gain. If the 0′ Tool sticks around and proves that he has not been spooked, the lambasting will be light.

Mr. 0′ Tool, the globalist ball is in your court. Time to prove that you have not already thrown the match – that will continue to burn the globalist slave system for Canadians. The Harper certainly could not.

Glimmer of Hope

Canada has at least one MP !!!!!!!FIGHTING AGAINST APARTHEID!!!!!!. If you want to, support him by signing his petition !!!!!!!!!!HERE!!!!!!!!! 

Derek, maybe you will be the politician to lead Canada into a true/direct democracy system.

Master Baiting the Public to Jerk Off the Globalist Cabal

Let the bribes begin! These “gifts” that politicians “give” you when they are up for election, are in no way gifts. They are simply the abuser bribing the abused in order to seem benevolent and caring, while they are indeed screwing around with globalist institutions on the side while proclaiming their sole love for us subjects. Yet somehow it seems to work every time. Canada, let’s not be foolish and overly selfish, let us break the cycle of ignorance at least once. Hard work is the only way to achieve true advancement for society, not placated pandering by politician puppets.

The “Liberals” $30 billion to fund a national child care system is straight up bribery from an entity that has become so bloated and complacent that the right foot does not even realize that the left foot has been amputated due to undiagnosed necrosis that managed to embed itself throughout the body after the host came down with the fatal disease of dementia. Truly healthy and coherent societies would find a way to deal with such a problem without the federal answer of just flushing ever more amounts of our money into the black hole of incompetence.

Let us prove that society does not have to fully collapse in order start over from a pile of rubble. Perhaps as Canadians(or any other country in the same dilemma) we can take the first step and admit that we have a problem. Does it not seem quite obvious that the more power and responsibility we hand to government and their puppet masters, the more pathetic, drawn out, dumbed down, complicated and just generally ridiculous society seems to decline to?

Another way that Truedope the globalist puppet is bribing Canadians in hopes of attaining a majority government in order to unroll the World Economic Forums “great reset,” is by preying on the retired through financial bribery. Someone I know on CPP has recently told me that the “Liberals” have just given him a $500 bonus and are promising to bump up his pension by 10% if the are reelected.

No coincidence that they waited until now to implement the bribery. This is an old tried and tested machination of a filthy political system that has devolved into pandering for votes. A system that has reached such levels of debt that it could not possibly be paid off in even 5 generations if we started to address the chaotic nightmare now. Mainstream media where are you? If a business or household acted in such a manner there would be severe consequences.

Right Turn or Left to the Wolves

One might argue that this is the most important election in Canadian history. I hope there are enough cognizant citizens to prevent, at least, giving the Liberals a majority government and the carte blanche to rapidly speeding up the implementation a globalist cabals absolute control system that is chocked full of liberty and freedom stealing machinations. Though it might be beneficial to give 0′ Tool and his big top of performers the chance to prove whether or not he is truly a finger man, or full on nose man, to the point of looking in the mirror and seeing the reflection of the Truedope staring right back in his morally prostituted direction.

Either way, the planning and implementation of a true/direct democracy system must carry on in order to free humanity from the clutches of corporate colonialism that is implemented through nefarious criminal institutions such as the World Economic Forum, World Bank and International Monetary Fund, to name a few of the slave masters.

Let the stakeholders and partners of truly sovereign countries be every citizen within their boundaries, and let us compete for ourselves for the benefit of ourselves, not the international institutions rapacious juggernaut currently embedded in every nook and cranny of the current federal government framework setup.

For those who think I may be some right wing apologist or supporter, I am not. I have been able to see through the facade of ALL political parties that have ever been. I stand for true/direct democracy where citizens are given non-propagandized, objective information and are able to cast a vote on such a truly participatory framework.

I have NEVER voted even one time in my life. I was planning on saving my first vote for true/direct democracy, however I feel this Canadian election is so critical to prevent the Truedope and his band of treasonous buffoons from acquiring a minority, let alone a freedom destroying majority, that I will be registering and casting a vote for the 0′ Tool and his cast of cronies, in hopes of the “conservatives” acquiring a minority government and giving themselves a chance to prove that they are just a lesser form of globalist puppets content on inserting just one or two fingers up Klaus Schwab’s posterior.

Fellow Canadians, ESPECIALLY YOUNG ONES, we know that a great many families will not escape the clutches of bribery unleashed by “affordable child care,” nor will many seniors be able to escape the slyly laid trappings of pension bribery brought out by the “Liberals” in order to appeal to the masses in hopes of gaining a majority government so they will be able to fully implement the globalist control system that has been planned and slowly unfurled for decades past.

Young people, you are the future. A future that this globalist cabal, if they have their way, will be trapping you within many a boundaries. Boundaries including a full surveillance state, including a digital currency control system that will track every transaction that you make, and will eventually reach the point of what you are even allowed to spend your money on. Eventually, if your thoughts or behaviours diverge from that of the globalist run states, they will just turn your digital money supply off, leaving you without the means to support yourself and families, if you have one.

These globalists also plan on making world travel so expensive that it will be unattainable to us poor slobs and will eventually be planning on selling you “digital vacations” brought to you by the globalist partners and stakeholders that the Truedope and Freeland have managed to already entwine into the sovereign(?) country of Canada through the Fascist institution of Policy Horizons Canada.

There is nothing more character building than overseas travel and immersing oneself in other cultures firsthand. Do not let them take the inalienable right of travel away from you or anyone else.

Young people, it is your future more than anyone else’s. I hope you understand the severity of where these politicians are sending your future. If you do not begin to stand up for your rapidly disappearing freedom and liberty it will fully vanish while you whisper to each other about it happening.

Canada’s federal election is September 20th. I would urge every Canadian, if not registered to vote, register, then show up and vote for ANY candidate other than Justin Truedope and the globalist cabal he so treasonously represents.