Sorry, In this article I can not promise you any jokes other than the simpletons who have somehow managed to gain a feigned role of seniority, importance, competence, believability, and leadership. Though these numpty nutters do not pack AK-47’s, gleefully decapitate non believers, or have a disdain for Charlie Hebdo, these whack-jobs do take government money to perform acts of terror against a population, their very own population. They are rewarded and lauded for their terrorist behaviour. Stockholm’s syndrome anybody?

The terrorism has been running rampant for well over a year now. The weapons are words. Words repeated hour after hour, day after day, week after week, month after month, now on year two, but about to become year after year if we do not put these terrorists back where they belong. Behind a desk, away from ANY public intake of the verbal diarrhea that emanates from their potty mouths. Or an a desert island to fend for themselves would suit humanity much better.‘s number 1 definition or terrorist is: a person, usually a member of a group(government), who uses or advocates terrorism. The number 2 definition of terrorist is, and I quote: “A person who terrorizes or frightens others.”

British Columbia Provincial Health Officer, Bonnie Henry, you are a terrorist! British Columbia Health Minister, Adrian Dix, you are a terrorist! Premier of British Columbia, John Horgan, You are a terrorist! CBC(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) you are the biggest terrorists of the rotten bunch of terrorists!  Any other British Columbia Bureaucrat and politician that supports the above terrorists is either a supporter of terrorism, or is outright a terrorist! Of course Justin Truedope is a terrorist, a child terrorist!

The terrorism from the above terrorists is DIRECTLY responsible for the deaths of more than likely hundreds of British Columbians, as well as the extremely neurotic and anti social behaviour of thousands, if not a million plus British Columbians.

I will now present some information to confirm my assertion that all the politicians, bureaucrats and media organizations listed above are quite literally terrorist. Terrorists responsible for the deaths of, quite possibly, hundreds of British Columbians. British Columbians who a very great many would still be alive, if not incessantly bombarded with unnecessary government speak and actions that led to panic induced symptoms, actions, and behaviours.

Said symptoms, actions and behaviours included a nearly doubling of overdose deaths beginning at the beginning of the “2 week lockdown” to “flatten the Curve.” One of the major cause of death for those who died of(or quite possibly proving to be dying with covid) was people with fear and anxiety disorders.

It is literally possible to panic to death. Hundreds of thousand of people did literally panic to death after being bombarded with covid terrorism that infected their brain, eventually causing death. Literally millions of the people ending up in Intensive Care Wards around the globe are there strictly due to being victims of government and media terror that was responsible for sending them into a tizzy of terror where there mental breakdown literally caused the unnecessary hospital visit. This happened to a friend of a friend of mine.

Why are health “professionals” not wise enough to foresee or realize that there are millions of citizens who are highly susceptible to misinformation, disinformation and straight up propaganda. Susceptible to the point of become physically ill and even dying from panic. I have been calling the media and government participants what they are, terrorists, since the beginning of this covid debacle and from the very beginning of this website. It was and is quite obvious what the government and media are doing to society, yet they carry on with no shame or accountability in sight.

HERE is a link to the US Center for Disease Control site where the info is logged. The following paragraphs of the study state that after obesity, anxiety and fear related disorders were the second cause of admission, mechanical ventilation and death among the patients in the study:

Among 4,899,447 hospitalized adults in PHD-SR, 540,667 (11.0%) were patients with COVID-19, of whom 94.9% had at least 1 underlying medical condition. Essential hypertension (50.4%), disorders of lipid metabolism (49.4%), and obesity (33.0%) were the most common. The strongest risk factors for death were obesity (adjusted risk ratio [aRR] = 1.30; 95% CI, 1.27–1.33), anxiety and fear-related disorders (aRR = 1.28; 95% CI, 1.25–1.31), and diabetes with complication (aRR = 1.26; 95% CI, 1.24–1.28), as well as the total number of conditions, with aRRs of death ranging from 1.53 (95% CI, 1.41–1.67) for patients with 1 condition to 3.82 (95% CI, 3.45–4.23) for patients with more than 10 conditions (compared with patients with no conditions).

Relative risk of death in the full model was 30% higher with obesity (95% CI, 27%–33%), 28% higher with anxiety and fear-related disorders (95% CI, 25%–31%), 26% higher with diabetes with complication (95% CI, 24%–28%), 21% higher with CKD (95% CI, 19%–24%), 18% higher with neurocognitive disorders including dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (95% CI, 15%–21%), 18% higher with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and bronchiectasis (95% CI, 16%–20%), 17% higher with aplastic anemia including anemia in CKD (95% CI, 14%–19%), 14% higher with coronary atherosclerosis and other heart disease (95% CI, 12%–16%), and 4% higher with thyroid disorders including hypothyroidism (95% CI, 2%–6%) (Table 2). These conditions were also associated with a higher risk of IMV and ICU admission.

Here is a table of deaths from overdose in British Columbia. Look at the pretty much doubling of O.D. deaths beginning in April 2020 after lockdowns started, negating an extremely positive downward trend in 2019. Now look at the subtotal for 2021, the highest average ever. It is 282 higher than the same period in 2020, and on pace for a new record of 2042 if the pace keeps up. Surely this has some sort of correlation to draconian government diktat.

As of now in BC(population 5,145,851) there have been a supposed 1801 people dying “from” covid, though it is quite probable that a certain number of these have died with covid. Here is a chart of the age group of people supposedly dying from covid. On average these extremely senior citizens have over 2 comorbidities. I am sorry, but it is in no way a tragedy if you make it to 70, 80 and into your nineties and then a respiratory virus takes you out. If it was even the virus that killed these people. Dying happens all the time. The flu has done the exact same thing in many years. Why does the government never advertise this age death data in their terror campaign?

Remember, a good portion of the hospitalizations and ICU admittances in the below chart are people with anxiety and fear disorders. Disorders that were kicked into overdrive by an incessant government and mainstream media terror campaign! Many of these people feared themselves into medical care.


Now the terrorists in charge of setting policy for 5 plus million, many terrorized people, have decided that it is necessary to again implement a mask mandate. Cases of a weak Delta variant are “trending” up when 75% + of the population is fully vaccinated. I find it hard to believe that 90% + of the  cases are of the unvaccinated when stories like this show up. Let us not forget this too! Do not forget, most people who get covid, vaccine or not, have mild cases.

Back in November of 2020 I wrote about the possibility of covid mutating and being immune to a new strain. How did a carpenter see this as a possibility yet every health “professional” pseudo(Bill Gates), or otherwise not foresee the possibility?

Gee, do you think this whole covid ploy might very well be a manufactured crisis to steal human liberty, mobility, and a way for transnational corporations and international institutions to make billions of dollars off of vaccines and increase their power over sovereign(?) countries and the poor slobs like you and I contained within? This virus was after all a gain of function virus, quite possibly released purposefully to achieve some extremely nefarious goals.

Perhaps it is time to think about if we should continue to listen to a gang of terrorists that have gotten pretty much everything wrong from day one right on up to tomorrow. Whether it was lockdowns, social distancing, masks, and now a monumental bungling of vaccines somehow eradicating this covid creation. News flash, this covid is going to be around for years to come now matter how much ignorance these incompetent terrorists subject their subjects to.

There is nothing rational to the rationale expressed and implemented by these terrorist clowns passing as politicians and bureaucrats. We will be in this nightmare until some serious display of human forces of good stands up to these terrorizing terrorists terroristically engaging in terrorism. Remember, defenestrate then regenerate. Then true/direct democracy!

If you hired a little person, would you pay them under the table?