Canadians, it is time to throw the globalist puppet, Justin Truedope, and his cackling criminal crony, Chrystia Freeland to the curb.

Treason has gone out of style, and we should let these two leave their trail of slime into their next affair of serving the globalists they are currently spying for and implementing Fascist relationships in the country of Canada, for the benefit of the World Economic Forum and its contingent, of whom many are part of the globalist cabal.

This will be my first vote EVER cast in ANY election. Yes, the Truedope and the Freeland do disgust me so, enough to vote for a less slimy scuzz-bucket!  I was all proud of myself for registering to vote 2 days ago. Then yesterday, the rat bastard premier of BC and his puppet health minister and health officer regurgitated terroristic drivel into my cochlear canals: MASK MANDATE!, the swine did decry! Damn puppets I say!

I would prefer walking off a cliff than walking into a building wearing a mask, even if it meant a chance to eliminate the Truedope. These sad sack puppets will not bring me down, nor should they you!

HEAR YE, HEAR YE, voting by mail is allowable and you can register HERE YE! Once you are registered, you can apply for the special ballot to vote by mail HERE YE! Once you have filled out your special ballot, find out where to mail it to in order to receive your actual ballot, HERE YE is the place to find that out! You will need a photocopy of your drivers license or other ID card with you current address.

Please do register and then vote for ANY candidate other than the globalist puppet Justin Truedope. The level and speed of the tyranny we are slipping into depends on the removal of the Truedope. The Truedope must not get a majority government.

We can always defenestrate the next leader when they end up with globalist waste on whichever appendage they CHOOSE to insert into the globalist orifice.

Choose the ballot this time, but have your pitchfork at hand and sharpened! Though a dull pitchfork might cause more suffering!


*******This political advertisement is in no way meant to lead you to a belief or understanding that ANY politician is intelligent, noble, honest, sincere, wise, worthy, or even truly a human being********

Vote smart – DO NOT vote Truedope!