Here are some charts and thoughts mainly on the death statistics that have occurred in my home province of British Columbia. I do not have the time to research endless geographical locations, though it is possible that similar statistics may exist for your state/province/territory/prefecture.

I have chosen death statistics, as it seems that governments over fixation on case counts has played a major factor in mainstream media and government terrorizing the population. This government and mainstream media terror campaign has been scientifically proven to be causing the hospitalization and death of the great number of people with fear/anxiety disorders. After obesity, fear and anxiety disorders are the leading cause of what are counted as covid deaths.

In my province the median age of death from “covid” is 86 years old. A statistic that is never mentioned in the globalist sponsored terror campaign. An 86 years old median with preexisting conditions none the less.

And in reality, government and mainstream media could alleviate the reign of covid terror, and in the process calm society, bring piece of mind and lowered death rates if they were to act in a rational manner by ceasing to spew their covid case count jargon. Yet government and media continue unabated in the destabilization, and element of destruction to society.

If government and mainstream media were to use the same tactics in a regular flu year, the results of a government and media terror campaign would also raise hospitalization and deaths. The mind is a powerful tool, a tool capable of beating the body into submission.


The following table says a lot about the possibility of covid actually causing your death. Do not forget that pretty much all of these deaths are people with on average of 2.6 preexisting medical conditions. The table is compiled on data from 45 countries.

Yes, a man in his early 30’s has a 99.967% survival rate, and a woman in her early 30’s has a 99.985% survival rate, even without being given known beneficial therapeutic treatments at an early stage. Somehow the medical establishments technique is to get people with covid to sit and home in a media induced panic. Though in reality if you are healthy, your chances of survival are quite likely 100%

Even a male in his early 60’s has a 99.405% chance of survival, and a woman in her early 60’s has a 99.682% survival rate. Again, if you are healthy at this age group your chances of dying are pretty much zero. Again, an early therapeutic treatment would bring down these percentages even further.

Kind of makes one wonder why the politicians are mandating vaccines for everybody. Vaccines that are turning out to be ineffective. Did you know that immunity from the actual infection is around 13 times stronger than these politicized vaccines?

Here is a paragraph from the article that will tell anybody with the ability to think for themselves that this covid vaccination assault on the population is a crime, and nothing more than a politicized response to a doctrine that should have never been released:

“Of 199 symptomatic cases, 191 were among the vaccinated, just 8 were among the previously infected. After adjusting for comorbidities, researchers found the vaccinated were 27 times more likely to suffer a symptomatic case of the virus in comparison to the risk previously infected people had of having symptomatic reinfection case.” Read the entire article HERE.

This is the crime of the century and a clear indicator that politicians have ZERO qualifications to make rational or logical decisions, or wield any power over the populations they supposedly serve.

The mainstream media is a member of the criminal syndicate that is destroying societies.

Yes, it is time for true/direct democracy, where the mainstream propaganda is cut out like the metastasizing societal cancer that it is.

Nothing Out of the Ordinary In BC

Here is a graph that plainly shows that deaths from “covid” are in no ways out of the normal range of past overall deaths in the geographical location. And in fact the overall deaths are lower than the 2017 death numbers, while 2020 had 235 more overdose deaths than 2017 did.

As well the chart only goes back to 2009, and there have been other flu “pandemics” in years previous that registered the slightly over normal death numbers. The 1957 and 1969 flu episodes were worse than the 2017 flu and this politician and mainstream media created covid “crisis.”

This is the second chart produced which plainly shows that what the mainstream media and politicians have been unleashing upon society is nothing more than a terror campaign. A terror campaign that is making billions for the globalist partners and stakeholders engaged in corporate colonialism, as well as consolidating even more power into the hands of globalist institutions such as the World Economic Forum. Many of the puppet strings lead back to the World Economic Forum. Treason.

Of course the politicians will claim that all the society destroying edicts it has assaulted the public with is the reason why Armageddon was not unleashed. Yawn.

Where is the Crisis?

Remember above I said that government would claim their covid edicts are the reason why the covid carnage never killed everyone and their dog. Well they smugly smeared the claim into the next chart. How heroic.

Again, the graph proves that there is absolutely nothing out of the ordinary with covid and deaths.Except of course that covid is a corona virus that has been manipulated in a lab to be much more contagious than a regular corona virus, and quite possibly unleashed upon society to throw the world into a state of panic by a sustained mainstream media and politician terror campaign drawn up in a globalist playbook.

Quite odd how mainstream media and politicians never bring up the gain of function manufacture of covid-19! Wascawy wabbits.

Look at the median age of deaths here. Where is the anomaly?


Yes, politicians and mainstream media truly are showing their inability to present information in a non-propagandized manner. Sadly this tv non-reality has infected many a minds to the point of the covid doctrine having become saturated to the point of acceptance by many a followers.

Everything that governments have said about covid and the supposed covid remedies being dictated to politicians from the international institutions and for some bizarre reason, Bill Gates, have turned out to be falsely touted as an “end” to a respiratory tract virus that is by no means a statistical anomaly to anything that virus’ have been doing for millions of years, again, other than this virus was given a gain of function add on to spread more easily through a population.

These same politicians and health officials, while ignoring the true origin, but unceasingly spewing a covid case and exaggerated death terror campaign, have been claiming that covid and all of their noneffective measures to combat the politicized problem would have brought an end to the overhyped, burned into susceptible peoples brains, by now. And even though government was saying covid will be over soon, they have purchased unnecessary vaccines 4 years into the future.

Yet these incompetent and depraved bureaucrats keep elevating their stupidity to the point of eliminating basic human rights by implementing the same “pass” systems that repressive regimes like Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and apartheid South Africa used to control “undesirable” “sub humans” in the name of equality. Gee, do you think this “temporary” pass is going to force a vaccine assault on the unfortunate ones fallen prey to governments predatory puppetry that serves corporate colonialism and the international institutions pulling the strings!?

If the past  is an indication of the future, this tyranny will be negated by the informed actions of those willing to not let once free societies slip into full on authoritarian regimes. It is just a question of how long. Though France seems to want liberty more than any other Western country.

These health “passports” will not end up saving society from the non-existent politically mandated covid doctrine and subsequent repressive regimes brought about by the government and mainstream media terror campaign unleashed in the name of “freedom.” These “passports” seem to be the final desperate act of a defeated entity that has lost control of their decades long mismanagement of their own substrate. A substrate that politicians have slowly over time been delivering into the hands of globalist international institutions in their assault on freedom and decency, all in the name of profits for the partners and stakeholders of the corporate colonialist system that preys upon & feeds off of the average citizen.

There is a segment of society that will never submit to the government prick by the decree of a bunch of globalist government pricks, no matter how many limitations these dictators attempts to force them into submission with. Watch out for the cornered animals. Tis better to die with dignity than live as a globalist slave.

Once it gets bad enough, the police and military will have the final say about whether they choose globalist slavery over national freedom. My guess is that globalist slavery’s new definition might come to be associated with our current political class being the ones in bondage.

Of course those who truly do stand for freedom and liberty could come right out in a press conference and state that they will play no part in the creation of an apartheid system. Certainly not over something on par with a slightly elevated flu season.

Government, a full explanation of your “temporary” passports would be nice. What is your new plan, now that every previous plan has failed?

Surely a daily covid vaccination will save humanity from runny noses, sore throats and minor headaches.

Perhaps a nocturnal landmine planting campaign will keep the covid resistance indoors and in check.

Remember government, all you need to do is admit that you have made a mistake and say sorry. It is quite easy.

The people will forgive you.

Do not let the lowest common denominator rule.