As mentioned in a previous post, the pathological liars popularity contest for Canada is approaching rapidly. The official voting day is September 20th, 2021, though it is already possible to cast ones ballot by mail, and participate in early polling if one so chooses.

Let me share with you a little story of someone that I know. We will call him, Tubby’s executioner(“T” for short.) Read my last article and you will know what I am talking about.

“T” had decided that he wanted to participate in the early polling in order to get the shameful act over with. After all, who other than someone who has not escaped the parameters that government and its system has set in place to confine your dignity, sense of right, well being, individualism, personal responsibility, accountability and truly enlightening sense of independence, along with morality and dignity, to name a few truly positive life affirming attributes lost for followers of the system, would look forward to “voting” for a lying cheat and moral prostitute who’s interests have already been bought and paid for by institutional power.

Some foreshadowing for you. “T” very quickly found out by showing up at a government sponsored event that there are a very basic two kinds of people within society.

One subset, we’ll call them victims, are those who are vindictive, bossy, constantly minding other peoples business, worried about differing thoughts and constantly attempting to set their parameters on others, as their way is the only possible way to live, dictating against true freedom of choice and liberty. Always unfair and somebody else’s fault is the victims motto.

The other subset, we’ll call them vigorous, truly just wants to be left alone without harming anything or anyone else, live and let live with personal responsibility, accountability and be truly productive members of a healthy society. True believers in freedom and liberty who realize that the position they find themselves in is theirs and theirs alone. They do not want to take from others, nor be punished by somebody incapable of escaping the systems restraining parameters.

“T” ran into a victim before he even got into the building to cast his ballot. Before I go on, I will have to fill you in on what triggered this victims explosive ignorance. See the photo below. If you do not find the photo humorous or at least are not offended by the photo(regardless of which political prostitutes name it bore), you are an individual full of vigor. Congratulations, you could easily and intelligently participate in a true/direct democracy system. If you are offended, try directing your energy at something that truly matters.

Yes, this victim worked for elections Canada and told “T” that he was not allowed to vote with such a mask and would have to swap it out(yeah government still forces masks on “free people” in Canada.) Smelling the BS, “T” asked to speak with someone in a higher position than the door person. Such pathetic obstruction does not emanate from a free mind in a free country.

Enter victim #2. She was older, but definitely not wiser “T” tells me. Again, BS unnecessarily wafting into his sensory organs “T” patiently said that he will not remove the mask until victim #2 comes back with written documentation of such legislation against wearing a FORCED mask with letters forming words upon it, or any other not FORCED apparel.

As far as I am concerned, if you can swim in it, you can vote in it. The first person to find the section on the Elections Canada website where it says you are not allowed to vote because of words on clothing, FORCED or otherwise will receive 100 dollars cash from myself. You pick the country currency. HERE is the official Elections Canada website. Make me pay!

Having a family “T” was pressed for time, so after 15 minutes of no sight of victim #2 and the precious legislation “T” was patiently fed up. Time for plan B. With both victims preoccupied over nothing, there was a new doorman, a doorman who knew of the wickedness being portrayed in a “free” country.

“T” dug shallow in his bag of vigour and pulled out some logical ideas to crush the idiocracy he was being victimized by. “T” asked the doorman, vigour #1, “I don’t have to wear a mask if I have a medical exemption?” To which the doorman of dignity replied, “no.” Then “T” said, “and you are not allowed to ask me for proof of medical exemption?” Again, a “no.” Well needless to say, off went the mask and in went the “T.”

As I know all too well, when you go in without a muzzle, people stare. Vigour’s, out of envy & jealousy, and victims. out of hateful spite, and the in between, out of confusion of non obedience, and jealousy. I think there was more envy & ┬ájealousy than hate in that building of shame.

Time for “T” to present the Identification. What else but a firearms license!? To which he told vigour #2, “I get more handsome with age”(it was an old ID.) Vigour #2 replied, “it is just nice to actually see your face” as he caught the construct of a smile forcibly hidden behind the government mandated muzzle of shame. “Guess you know who I am not voting for” “T” said. “Yeah, but we both know what is going to happen” vigour #2 replied.

Neither victim #1 nor victim #2 ever produced any documentation stating that there were rules of apparel to be followed. Though I am guessing that they will lose sleep over someone attempting to wear a mask with letters that formed words with a sentence that “offended” into their sanctimonious alter of “liberal” bullshit ideology. Imagine having a mind so weak that letters were able to cause offence to it. Could that really be described as a mind? I think not.

All I hope is that there are failsafe’s in place to ensure that the ballot counting does not end up in the hands of people who would go out of their way to prevent a person from fulfilling their civic duty to vote, all because someone showed up with some letters on a FORCED government muzzle. Letters that offended weak minds that had zero right to be engaged in what is supposed to be a position occupied by truly objective and enlightened individuals, not subjective slaves who act in a vindictive manner when something arises that does fit into their sheltered safe space reality of pure fantasy.