Beer. It has been scientifically proven to have been in existence for at least 13,000 years. And 13,000 years ago barley was one of the grains used to produce the alcoholic sludge, as has barley been, right up until this very day and minute I write this.

Personally I thought the barley construct of beer was common knowledge. Well, perhaps for the 99.9999999999999999% of society it very well might be. But hey, this modern society, it must be dictated by the .0000000000000001%

My guess is that there must be at least one person out there who thinks that beer is in fact one of the elements of the earth, just to be scooped from the beer puddle and handily stored in cans, bottles, or for the beer puddle to be tapped at the source and transported magically to come out of a spigot at the bar of their drinking establishment. After all, how could there be anything in beer other than beer? Chicken only contains chicken. Carrots only contain carrots, and water surely only contains water, right!?

Where am I going with this lunacy you must be thinking. Well I came home with a box of beer a while back and to my surprise the can had a warning label on it. Though the can does have a small image of a car in a circle with a line through it, the same circle and line with a pregnant woman drinking something, and then a small, don’t drink and drive, contained within in a rectangle, the most pronounced warning label was as follows in the accompanying photo.

Ah, the 21st century. Where time marches on, yet society regresses to a level of intelligence not seen since woolly mammoth, giant sloths, woolly rhinoceros and sabre tooth tigers roamed the frontier. You know what, scrap that thought. In those times that I wish I could currently be a part of were much more intelligent than today. After all there was personal responsibility and accountability for selfish ignorant actions. If you were a fool, nature would turn you into energy for a higher life form, even if it was fertilizer for a three leaf clover. To yearn for the days of old.

One, I suppose, could only hypothesize how exactly a can of beer ends up with a warning label for containing barley. And that hypothesis is something that I am not going to give you the pleasure of reading here, as I fear that it might be considered a hate crime by the standards that society has fallen to in this day and age. If it is still ok to say day and age in this CE. Because Christ, he was crucified during the day and was of age in an age of beer made of barley without a warning label!

Which reminds me. Sometimes I purchase an item and it has a warning sticker stating, “In the state of California this item is known to cause cancer.” To which I always think to myself, “Thank goodness I do not live in California.”

My guess is some woke snowflake probably stuffed their face with copious amounts of junk food and just happened to try this new beer for the first time and probably had some material unwillingly escape one of their orifices, so instead of shaping up and taking a step to self improvement, decided to blame their problem on a company that has been producing the same beer for 200 years without a problem, until snowflakes managed to escape the winter season and become a permanent fixture in the era of FAHRENHEIT 451.

Of course the management of said beer company, self handcuffed by self induced political correct drivel probably decided that dumbing the world down at a cost of thousands of dollars was a much better solution than standing up for common sense, and in the process dragged the world even further down into an ever lowering denominator that is becoming all too common.

Get ready for HOW TO THINK.