One of the great societal distractive motifs that politicians use to divide and distract the populace in order to deflect gazing attention away from their bungling, and cause intentional discord, and in the process, hook, then reel in a large demographic of society into the trolling government boat of addiction, is the narrative of “inequality.”

Of course I speak of monetary “inequality.” You are reading the work of an individual who believes that everybody should be afforded equal rights, but should be wise enough to realize that equal abilities is a much different construct altogether, with many different factors coming into play. Factors like, effort, intelligence, focus of energy, study, eye-hand coordination, height, patience, understanding, work ethic, memory……….Yet somehow politicians have managed to normalize stealing money, but to steal any one of the other practices, abilities or virtues comes across as absolute lunacy.

And by darn it, “Pick me, I will make them pay and bring equality!” is a classic page in the politicians playbook. The playbook written in ignorant ink, where the more rights and power people surrender to government, the more “inequality” seems to sprout and thrive in the overgrown government landscape, where the more that the politicians plow, the less fertile the manure substrate supporting the monoculture becomes. Extreme biodiversity sustains a healthy environment, whereas the new covid doctrine, with its improved Government Mandated Oligarchy(GMO) of international institutions, sovereign(?) politicians and multinational corporations reaps a neo-feudal, neo-fascist, neo-communist hybrid harvesting apparatus.

This “inequality” is always the “rich” persons fault according to government and those stuck within the government furrow. Government always has absolutely nothing to do with the decline of civilization in their one dimensional linear projecting of information(?) into society. Never do politicians ever broach the crippling destroyer that government debt is, or how since government ceaselessly grows, it needlessly steals our independence, responsibility, along with absurd amounts of our hard earned income. Remember, government in its current form produces absolutely nothing.

Where, in reality, government could steal every penny from every “rich” person within their mismanaged geographical parameters and not even have enough money to pay off the stratospheric anomaly that sovereign(?) debt has become. In fact one could take the entire wealth(10 trillion) of the 3204 billionaires in the world and would not even be able to pay off the national debt of the United States!┬áSo those unable to escape the parameters of government indoctrination, do not tell me that the “inequality” problem is the “rich” not paying their fair share. Maybe it is time to admit that government takes too much from the people.

Surely an entity(government) can not create the medium and have absolutely nothing to do with the abject failure and disgrace that it has become, Can it? But if we just give them even more power, this time will be different! Yawn. Though many of you must be tired, we cannot afford to sleep through their nightmare. Much of government needs to be replaced by greater public participation and the responsibility and accountability that goes along with such an endeavour.

Government you have a very serious problem of incompetence and then deflecting and projecting your foolish ignorance onto people who actually produce something. In fiscal year 2015/2016 the Canadian government(the people) wasted 62.8 BILLION dollars, or, $7009 per family of four to just pay interest on all levels of government debt. Think of what the average family could do with that money! Mainstream media, again, where are you on something that actually matters?

If government was actually composed of intelligent, free thinking, people of merit, it might actually be able to devise, firstly, an education system based from logic and wisdom that did not program its inhabitants to become dependant on the what is now a parasitic relationship where the host suffers being mentally, physically and fiscally abused by an entity that is setting most up for a lifetime of dependance through domination.

Once enough minds are freed from the trapping of historic, parameter setting, power dominance based governance systems, be it feudalism, fascism, communism or the extremely predatory hyper-financialism that all the talking heads of today are wrongly passing off as capitalism, humanity can become parameter free and begin to create systems where responsibility, accountability and greater societal participation can flourish and eliminate the financial and restricting government induced stasis of antiquity and current reality.

There will always be someone with “more” or “better” than someone else, be it smarts, skills, ingenuity, talent, wisdom, decency, possessions, morality, patience, money, effort, height, intelligence………It is a function of the universe, and a test of ones understanding thereof. To fully, honestly and wholeheartedly participate in what one was put here for should wisely negate any “inequality” that government projects, building a false construct in order to use one as a statistic to achieve their self serving goal of misleading others strictly for their own gain.

Capitalism does not contain, “too big to fail,” “strategically important financial institutions,” “war based economies,” and certainly not unserviceable debt regimes, or, entrapping digital control systems. All five of which are irrational constructs that are tied together by infiltrated governments working for perverted ideals and international institutions, while trapping much of the populace within the confines of a false reality, void of rational existence. The first of the four having reached societal punishing levels of such proportion, that the fifth, digital control systems had to be created, along with covid, in the attempt to prevent the approaching supernova of insurrection. With the delay, comes the infusion of more energy to be released upon implosion. Reverberation across every nation!

Creating the website and coming up with a clever logo for has in and by itself taught me a few things about human nature and the inability of many to escape the parameters that government has instilled upon a great many of society. Although politicians may never be fully eliminated from society, even the concept, to many, of taking more control and having a more participatory function in society is a construct that is unable to be grasped, nor expound upon, and may even be possibly engrained as the equivalence of blasphemy to a religious person, in many minds. In many, those government parameters run deep!

Quite a few of the people I know will not even visit my website because of the name and fear of thinking that they are somehow committing a crime, with fear of being put on a watchlist. Am glad to know that with 17 letters arranged in a strategic order I have caused such panic in some peoples minds. Heaven forbid they actually read one of my articles, as they would have to turn themselves into the police for committing a contrarian thought crime. Although, when I become the first, of many following political prisoners, in Canada, thanks to the Truedope, they won’t seem so paranoid. Obey!

Before I became an unvaccinated second class scourge and hellion, I used to eat at places called restaurants. The waitress noticed my shirt and I told her it is my blog where I advocate for direct democracy by replacing politicians, amongst other subjects. Needless to say, her pupils dilated, her jaw dropped, the expression of confusion and surprise inhabited her face and a brief audible output matching her bewildered expression entered time and space. Classic!

Another time, There was a clearly drug addicted man walking up and down a centre median begging for change, as they so often do in Vancouver. Waiting for the light in the left turn lane, I called him over to my car and gave him $5 and asked if he would stick an end sticker on the median marker at the front of the median. As soon as he seen the sticker, he had the same reaction as the waitress, though without the audible sound. As he walked the 25 feet or so to the median sign, he articulated his arms and hands with the sticker in it, as well as his head in many, many different angles, just to be sure that what I had given him did in fact exist in multiple dimensions and quite possibly a parallel universe. Cosmic!

Though it may be too optimistic to think that society will ever fully be rid of politicians, there is no doubt that in the near future the system is going to change globally into an altogether different construct where people will have a much more participatory roll in determining the direction and the current parameters of representative “democracy” filled with globalist puppets serving international institutions will be severely reprimanded and brought under control by a more intelligence merit based system where those representing the people will be held to account for their behaviour, possibly through social contracts and other means such as being under constant review and judicial watch.

One could not even rule out the complete elimination of the federal(globalist) branch of government to be replaced with a provincial/state/territorial council where the leader/head assembly are subject to be selected upon merit and be under guidance on many subjects by a populace that has been properly informed in a non propagandized, multi faceted, objective manner under a revamped education system and allowed to vote in a true/direct democracy framework.

Words unminced, there is clear evidence that the current form of sovereign(?) government in the West has been infiltrated and suffering from a severe necrotizing globalist infection, where the disease is attempted to be passed on by deflection to “rich” individuals who are not partners and stakeholders in the globalist cabal, and the mainstream media uses propagandized projection in the ruse of normalizing and cementing the globalist digital control system attempting to fully enslave everyone not part of the club.

The current covid debacle that we see ourselves in has gone way too far in the elimination of freedom and liberty that was worked too hard for to give up in any amount, let alone such a short amount of time. Many hard working responsible people I know ended up going along with this demented covid protocol, which has since turned into illogical covid doctrine. These aforementioned group of people I know, multiplied by millions across the globe were hesitant to follow, but did so, while taking one for the team in order to supposedly get their lives back. By now it has turned into such madness that many have realized that ignorant stupidity unleashed by the lowest common denominator has gotten to the point of threatening their posterity, as young a five years old with the beyond imbecilic reality of forcing extremely experimental, totally unneeded medical experiments upon the future of those of the ones that almost all would give their lives to protect.

I see government, under globalist direction, as having lit the fuse to the mass of kinetic societal energy that is going to amount to an insurrection with the conclusion being a new system of intelligence and participation. As to how it transpires from the peak of energy explosion to the laying of the new groundwork can only happen in a limited number of ways. Once the premier trigger event happens, expect a global contagion.