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Yesterday as I drove down one of the arterial streets, on my way from somewhere to another place, I spotted a booth very much like the one pictured above, though instead of the word psychiatry, I managed to glance, comedy, as I passed by. There was a smiling lady waving to every car that passed by. Circle the block, absolutely.

The header on the booth said – STAND UP, which had a line crossing it out, then a, SIT DOWN, with, COMEDY underneath it. There were no prices listed. Alright, somebody with a creative mind and the will to put themselves out there!

Within the booth, of which the desk top had a plush doll of Lucy and Charlie upon it, was the aforementioned cheery lady. As well, in behind, was a karaoke speaker attached to a microphone. “How does this work,” I initiated. “Well, my name is _______, but in America they would call me _______.”  Just ask the skating figure of notoriousness. I told her my parents were cruel enough to name me after a vegetable, but not so cruel as to spell it the same way. That was mostly it for the comedy. I really wanted to know how she came to gain such curb appeal.

It turns out that she had lost her job when government unnecessarily assaulted society with the covid doctrine of deceit. Realizing that to be stuck inside endlessly to become baked in the government mould that was created to harden citizens independence and gelatinize their well being, in a dream she had the revelation of brightening hers, and random peoples day with comedy, or just having a basic conversation with others who so chose to reciprocate the idea. Or, to act in a non-selfish, caring, humanist manner could be another way of saying it.

Enter the Booth

She built it and they came. Mostly real people that is. And of course there were the victims, yeah those victims, always worried about something positive that other people are doing to make life a better place to be. You guessed it, the victims forced the city to pay a few visits.

Our volunteering humanist entrepreneur reached out to her one neighbour who was able to afford the booth of being turned at about a 15 degree angle to get a better view of the northbound traffic while still being planted on the edge of private property. Understanding the goodness and well being, and quite possibly the dead grass that the endeavour would attain in making the block, therefore the neighbourhood, city, province, country, continent, world, galaxy, and in turn, the universe a better place to inhabit, the neighbour cheeringly agreed.

On the other end of the humanity spectrum dwell the victims. Yeah those victims, most of them are permanent residents in the self imposed ghetto of their mind. Cowards they be. Somehow rationalizing their negative attributes as a virtuous means to their incoherent ends. You guessed it, the city was called, more than once, on our friendly neighbourhood parameter and house escaper.

The city engineering department actually showed up to inspect the comedy coliseum of our fair lady. What a travesty of decency. The city also wanted to know what she was doing to follow covid protocols! Because, she was, after all, within 6 feet of the mostly nitrogen and oxygen that make up the atmosphere of the great outdoors! Aware of the victim vector, our lady was prepared with a tub of alcohol wet naps! Comedy central was gracious enough to be granted a “temporary reprieve” from the city.

So if anybody out there is in Vancouver and heading north, north of Broadway, on the arterial street which shares the name of a confectionary in bar form, named after the second largest city of Vancouver Island, stop in and visit somebody who understands what life is all about. She does not judge anybody for any point of view whatsoever. Our friend is in the office Monday and Tuesday from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Personally, I think she should apply to the city for a none of your business license.