A Little while back I wrote a poem called Common Sense. Figuring Thomas Paine was a swell guy, I ordered a cheap used copy of his writings from below the 49th. When the package arrived it contained a cheeseball steamy romance novel. I figured I might have been spooked!

The lady who answered the phone when I called the company was not qualified to scratch an itch while simultaneously standing. I wondered if she remembered to put on pants before she left the house. Too much pain not to get Paine. I’ll try north of 49. Whew, am I glad it is not 54-40. Long Johns 9 months a year!

Yuk Yuk

If I was to give in to gluttony, I could literally eat a whole cake. So long as I did not slice it, then truthfully I could justify to myself that in reality I did only eat one piece. Of course I could substitute a cake for a full chicken or whole lasagna!

 Full Circle Jerk

China has 89 million people in their “Communist Party” and they were all administered an aptitude test and placed in a position according to their understanding and ability.

The west elects moral prostitutes and pandering liars to serve the crippling sovereign(?) debt slave system, international institutions and many other of the empire du jour’s grotesque nonsensical whims, in a society dividing rinse and repeat cycle of lunacy. While we bicker, they steal everything that moves or stands still.

Sadly, China has decided to conquer by debt entrapment as well. At least they are not murdering for fun, yet. Anyone who wages violence other than in self defense loses all credibility.

I guess government is incapable of reaching a true universal understanding. That trajectory, spooky by nature. Trust me, society is ready for a paradigm shift. Education!

Perhaps it is time to think about true/direct democracy, administered by  meritocracy that actually has sovereignty and peoples well being as the top priority. A country’s most important resource is its people. Escape those parameters!

Jokes on Me

One day I might pee while sitting down. Though I doubt that will be happening unless I become a paraplegic! Although, how hard could it be to have gymnastics rings installed above the toilet?

When I die, I want an open casket funeral. Only the bottom half of the coffin open. No pants, no underwear, only socks, on my feet of course!

Raid for Aid

These western politician puppet clowns we elect are directly funding “Islamic” terrorism with the hard earned tax dollars that we toil for. Then these politician prostitutes steal even more of our tax dollars to enrich the arms manufacturers, globalist banking cartels, engineering firms……

Don’t forget the foreign aid! Oh yeah, only around 2% of the “aid” actually reaches the actual victims of erroneous government circumstances, well, the ones that have not been vaporized in the name of “democracy” that is. Yes, the other 98% enriches the aforementioned true terrorist organizations of the west! That is some aid! Aid to perpetuate the wheel of ignorance!

When clowns are involved you will get a circus every time!  No, oxymorons are not mind numbed opiate addicts, they are, “intelligence” agencies of the empire. Corporate International Actions! Grunts, time to reign in the ringmasters!

He Brew a Brew Ha Ha

I am starting to get worried about my thirty dollar a week kombucha habit. I think it is time to break the cycle and start my own counter culture!  Some consider it revolting. Scoby-Doo!


Before the mainstream media annihilated the average persons mind with the covid terror campaign and subsequent covid doctrine, they were bottom bouncing their way in lowest common denominator, though now they have reached sub human, sub sensical, idiot status.

The initial CBC radio(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) advice to listeners before they steadily started playing their newfound role in a coup on decency, implementing an apartheid state and being the mouthpiece for a globalist regime using the engineered virus as the vector, was to tell the listeners that a virus was coming so one should wash their hands for twenty seconds, though one should not actually count to twenty, but time 20 seconds by thinking of a favourite song and going to its rhythm in ones head. Dolts!

Sometimes I force myself to listen to the CBC(Canadian Brainwashing Corporation) on my commute so I have an understanding of what those susceptible to indoctrination are exposed to. Clowns occupy more than politics! Much of their broadcasting truly hurts my mind, and I honestly believe that it is genuinely causing brain damage. Hammer and sicko’s!


When I was four years old I thought that when the tv got turned off it would start at the same spot when it was turned back on. If I had tv now and turned it on George W. Bush would still be president, and an imbecile!

Mental Cases

Government is dumb enough to think that they know the actual numbers of “covid cases.”

Millions upon millions are wise enough to see this train wreck for what it is and refuse to walk willingly into the testing agenda and hand of tyranny. Sadly there are enough malleable minds to have been jerked off by tyranny’s hand and in the process screwed us all.

This means that covid survival rates are actually much higher than the almost no chance of dying statistics that exist. Just ask the family of the covid positive guy killed in a workplace accident, he is todays first statistic. Oh, and the 91 year old with dementia and a heart condition. Case in point, pointless cases!

Methodless Precipice

Governments ignorantly spend billions upon trillions of dollars running up government debt to the point of it NEVER being able to be paid off and then they violently violate the pocketbook of hardworking people like you just to criminally “service” the liberty stealing debt.

In order to give the appearance of their incompetence being justifiable they artificially lower interest rates through central bank manipulation so they can borrow even more money to squander on frivolous spending. Got corporal punishment?

Not being smart enough to realize that 1+1=2, before one knows it, to name a couple consequences, these politician pudding brains have blown a massive housing bubble and financially crippled countless amounts of people who rely on an interest rate being above the rate of inflation.

Surely if one were to remove all the doors and windows from one’s house it would make it easier to enter and exit, but there is no way that any consequences could arise from opening multiple gaping chasms susceptible to environmental inundation, could there? Morons!

Most western governments had reached a point of being unable to make rational, logical or even semi-coherent decisions or implementations, be it fiscally, educationally, geopolitically, socially or economically, with what could be described as a complete bungling of the framework that they created and supposed to be “managing.”

And that was all before covid magically came along to distract the population from the utter incompetence that government and its globalist masters truly are. A magic trick that has seen globalist covid doctrine not even to be allowed to be discussed in an objective intelligent scientific manner and to only be machine-gunned continually into the minds of mainstream media victims, where it has gotten to the point of many countries turning into apartheid states, where soon they will be force feeding experimental vaccines into five year old children and venues that have 100% vaccine compliance admission policies still force those in the venue to wear masks.

Where if one wants to ask a logic based question, you are deemed a conspiracist, an anti-vaxxer, anti-science and a kook worthy of shame for thinking for oneself. In fact the political and media establishment control the narrative and the channels of propaganda so well that every single press conference is quite literally planned out in advance with pre-chosen questions and answers asked and answered by the usual established suspects so as to control the parameters of speech.

And remember, speech within parameters is no longer free. When the speech is not free, the geographical location which sets the limits on speech can no longer be considered free. Sadly western countries are not free anymore. Not only are these countries not free, they are in fact creating a digital control system corral to entrap the movement, ideas and general autonomy that will be used to systematically destroy any individual who is not a partner and stakeholder in the cabal and those who refuse to kowtow to the wishes and whims of the globalist government system currently being unfurled by the puppet politicians of non-sovereign entities called countries.

Remember, no non pre-approved questions allowed!

What a joke. A joke whose only structure is chaos. Politicians and media. Spooky!