According to a new IMF report, total global government debt has reached 88 TRILLION dollars! When I say global government debt it means the debt of all sovereign(?) governments around the globe. Though in reality it could probably be labeled as globalist government debt. After all, the debt is monitored, managed, legislated and regulated to a high degree, by the international institution that wrote the report, The IMF(International Monetary Fund.) Yes, to even become a member of the IMF, our sovereign(?) countries need to give up their true financial autonomy and submit to banking and financial system supervision and regulation by said entity.

One of the IMF’s stated mission functions is to design and implement more effective policies for taxation & administration. Basically, this means to infiltrate ones sovereign(?) country through regulatory oversight and then extract as much wealth from us, Jane and John Q. Public as deemed necessary to their well being.

The 88 TRILLION dollars of government debt is estimated to be around 97.8% of the world’s gross domestic product in 2021. A staggering number. Just try and think about the astronomical amount of money it takes to pay the interest on 88 TRILLION dollars. And while they tread water by just covering the interest payments, they grow the debt even larger to carry on even more unsustainably into the future.

You guessed it, your very own government is stealing a very sizeable portion of your paycheque in order to service a suicidal debt that will never be paid off. If you or I attempted to run such a ruse, we would be imprisoned for operating a Ponzi scheme. And the IMF gives themselves accolades and praise for being the overseer of such fiscally rotten insanity.

I know what you may be thinking, because I certainly am. Here is an engrained, respected, socially accepted and normalized international financial system institution, the IMF, along with the co-created World Bank, who is responsible for the legislative frameworks, direction and supervision of the western-centric, and through its global tentacles, model of almost everything globally fiscal, and it has come out with a report that discredits its entire existence and reason to carry on existing as an institution that is qualified to oversee any financial oversight whatsoever.

Discredited by the fact that almost every single country in the world, under the IMF’s tutelage is incapable of working within a rational monetary framework that does not ruthlessly punish the constituents of said sovereign(?) countries through an agonizing, unnecessary tax theft assault from a debt trap that will never relinquish the servitude of us poor slobs.

The thing about traps is that they are purposefully set up in order to capture unsuspecting victims. If the concept is normalized from cradle to grave, how could there be anything awry with whatever notion they want one to believe? Again, institutional parameters that ones captors attempt to confine one within.

Wouldn’t a truly enlightened and informative education system delve into such an important construct of societies fiscal apparatus’ in order to plant the logic of fiscal understanding from the micro to macro level in everybody, so as to not let such an institutional monster grow out of ignorance, only to consume those that the monster says to be nurturing?

Money does affect almost all of the decisions that every individual or company makes, does it not? Surely a fiscally knowledgeable public would curtail such predatory institutions debt traps? Is this an episode of the twilight zone? Surely there has to be more to this nonsensical notion of chaos packaged as tranquility, does there not? But where to begin?

The beginning. World War Two was in full swing, the US influence was unparalleled due to its mighty war effort and superior wartime  production and profit feeding the European theatre, while taking on supreme command of operations. Being in control of production and not having a homeland ravaged by war put the US in an extremely advantageous fiscal and geopolitical position.

America had learned from WWI that war could be an extremely profitable racket, especially if one is insulated and isolated from the theatre by a massive ocean or two, in effect being spared from the destructive chaos. In fact WWI saw the US go, for the first time, from a debtor nation to a creditor nation by manufacturing for and bankrolling the action overseas. The end of WWI saw the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman Empire disintegrate, along with the beginning of the end of the British Empire. America absorbed much of the fallout from said collapses due to its strategic positioning and economic windfall.

During WWII, again, as in WWI, America at first sat out of the fighting action, but bankrolled the conflict and being isolated from the action, wartime production carried on free from enemy attack on home soil.

By the time WWII had ended the US was sitting pretty, flush in cash, influence and military might. Knowing this to be the case, a global monetary framework needed to be drawn up and top officials from the allied nations met in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire in order implement such a system.

From July 1st to 22nd 1944 the allies “debated” conditions before ratifying what came to be known as the Bretton Woods agreement. Though I doubt much change came to the agreement during the debate. No doubt this agreement was cooked up by the US with very little say from its allies. The Soviets refused to ratify the agreement, seeing it as a tool of US domination over everybody. The Soviets had just annihilated around 20 times the number of Nazi’s as the other western allies combined. The hell if they were going to be dictated to by the US.

In short, the Bretton Woods system was an economic and financial framework where countries respective currencies would be based on an exchange rate system linked to gold in order to stabilize said currencies and that the US dollar was akin to gold, thereby making it the official world reserve currency.

It should be noted that at the end of WWII the US had in its control something like 65% of the worlds gold supply, due to the warring nations sending their gold out of country so as to not fall into enemy hands. Canada also was used for gold storage. The story of French gold during WWII is an interesting one. France had started shipping its gold to the US but then refrained after the US demand that it exchange its gold for US dollars.

Also born out of the Bretton Woods agreement was the US’ creation of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Group. In reality, both institutions were a framework to infiltrate, dominate and control economic action and function of as much of the globe as possible. At the time it is somewhat understandable as to the creation of such institutions, due to the schism between US and Soviet relationships and the polarizing constructs of opposing ideologies. The US did have a system of free choice and free enterprise and wanted to do all it could to keep such a construct of liberty and freedom from being overtaken by the dictatorial diktat and authoritarian, void of freedom, power structure that communism truly represents.

 Fidelito Interlude

Yeah, a communist paradise will build a wall around a geographical area and tell its inhabitants that it is to keep the others out, not its subjects in. What about that Commie free speech? Oh right, it does not exist. You know there is something wrong with the system when one is not even allowed to deviate from official government narrative in any way, where the press just endlessly repeats lies in order to cement it into peoples minds and anyone who intelligently objects is maligned by “official” government propaganda. Am I talking about Soviet Russia, or western covid regime countries? Did I mention that Denmark, Sweden and Norway have classified covid as a seasonal flu and actually allowed their citizens to have all of their pre covid liberties back? Commissar Canada Collective Peoples! What human globalist garbage!

Back to the Depths of Debt

The IMF and World Bank are American constructed institution, with its headquarters still being in Washington D.C. Typically the managing director of the IMF is European, though, of course, the “second in command” First Deputy managing director is always American, and in reality the European director of the IMF needs to be approved by the US Treasury department. So perhaps the European managing director is a symbolic position bestowed by the US. To a good degree IMF lending within Europe is somewhat autonomous to European policy, whereas typically all lending to the rest of the world is approved by the US Treasury department.

And to truly prove that the IMF is strictly an instrument of the empire du jour, America holds nearly three times the voting shares as the next closest country, and is the only country in the IMF to hold a veto vote capable of cancelling a proposed change to the IMF charter. In order to change the charter, an 85% majority vote is needed. So in reality if the US wants to, it can cancel any proposed changes it so chooses.

In short the IMF, World Bank and Bank of international Settlements was set up in order to foster development, economic management, monetary and exchange rate policies and supervision, regulation and legislation of the banking and financial system of supposedly sovereign(?) countries. In the process they have led these sovereign(?) countries into an abysmal debt trap that punishes all citizens of said countries with debt service payments that are physically impossible to pay off, where the institutional answer is to lower interest rates to a 5000 year low in order to double down on their complete monetary system failure, all the while punishing responsible individuals and businesses with such fiscal policies, in order to camouflage their utter institutional incompetence.

According to these institutions, now we, the little guy is the problem as to why the system has failed. So in order to make everything right, according to these behemoth bunglers, it is necessary to steal the fundamental human right of an individual to spend ones own money without being spied upon by what in reality is a truly globalist institutional system set up in order to now direct our sovereign(?) countries to create and soon bring to “market,” central bank digital currencies, that are in reality globalist digital currencies, designed so that these institutions through our sovereign(?) countries have access to every single penny spent everywhere so that they are able to siphon off whatever they want, whenever they want, once everyone is trapped within the digital realm, that will allow the ever growing tyranny to implement whatever economic authoritarianism they choose, at their whim, because there is no escape from a closed digital system of absolute authoritarian tyrannical power. If we let this total digital system come to be, anyone not a partner and stakeholder in their perverted club will be systematically destroyed.

Surely it is past the time of questioning as to whether a globalist international institutional system that has led the entire world to a globalist government debt of 88 TRILLION dollars is a framework that deserves to even exist anymore. For sure, anyone, who with a straight face could rationalize such a financial catastrophe surely has to be severely mentally ill. While these sicko’s glorify and justify the predatory debt system that has come to somehow represent a sense of normalcy, anyone with their eyes severely squinted should recognize the terminal cancer for what it is, a globalist mental institution.

Have I ever mentioned that Klaus Schwab and his World Economic Forum has in their back pocket current and former heads of the IMF, World Bank, central bankers, politicians galore, transnational corporations, treasonous Deputy Prime Ministers and a grown man with the mental age of a 14 year old teenager.  These damn partners and stakeholders who have infiltrated and colonized your sovereign(?) countries. All the while, crickets from the mainstream media.

Time to stop paying tribute to the cabal.