A friend of mine is a funeral director in a city with a population of close to 40,000 people. I have never met any of his clientele, but something tells me that their personality, dignity, morality and level of intelligence is probably well in excess of our current crop of globalist operatives know as federal and provincial politicians. One might  ponder the notion of the latter being more deserving of a burial or cremation event.

It should be fair to note that the city in question is well known for being that of a retirement community. The median age is eleven years above the national average. Call it the Florida of the North. Right around 23% of the population is between the age of 65-84 and just under 6% of the population is over 84 years old.

It was time to give my friend a call the other day to converse about life in general. You know, the living in an apartheid state banter, how the Charter of Rights and Freedoms would be better suited as toilet paper or fire starter, and the vaccine passport being the deal sealer of a prolonged assault on freedom and liberty. After all, the clowns acting in the globalist circus have signed contracts with Pfizer and Moderna to purchase experimental vaccines right up to 2024. Wasn’t covid supposed to be over by now? In 5 days time, second class citizens such as myself can not even board an airplane or train in my country of captivity.

Seen as no doubt the world will soon be over, I figured that I had better ask my friend about all the overtime he must be working due to this covid firestorm burning through society and leaving such a body count that the cremator must be running 24 hours a day, and surely they must be digging graves by the dozen daily. Maybe even mass graves!

My friend actually just had a covid death on his hands he told me. Said person was 70 years old, short, and well in excess of 300 pounds. Surely if my friend had a covid case on the very day I called him he must be inundated regularly? No. Since March of 2020, right around 19 months of government covid terror, this was at most his 10th covid death. Every one of the deaths he had seen was of elevated age with comorbidities. The cause of death always reads covid pneumonia and then the other preexisting conditions.

Why yes, there are other funeral homes serving the same geographical location. Though my friend tells me that his company does right around 30% of all the business in town. So in a retirement city of close to 40,000 people, over the course of 19 months, in what the government and mainstream media have been hyping as the Black Death of the 21st century, where an apartheid regime has been implemented, the city has seen maybe 50 covid deaths in people over 70 with comorbidities being a factor in every single case that has gone through the doors of my friends business.

Covid has had a negligible impact upon the business of death from coast to coast to coast. This is a pattern that has gone on in every town and city in my country of captivity, and most likely yours as well. Here is a government chart from my province which states that the overall deaths in 2017 is in excess of this government created nonsensical covid firestorm unnecessarily released upon society by the sowers of chaos, government and the mainstream media.

Either the politician clowns and the health authorities governing us and implementing these nonsensical liberty and freedom destroying mandates are too stupid and ignorant to analyze data in even a semi intelligent way, or they are simply being bribed by future employment promises from institutional power, been given book deals, or some other form of compensation to go along with what is clearly a globalist enacted agenda being passed down the perverted pyramid of, “I am just doing my job.” Though my guess would be the former and the latter.

The trouble is, when one just does their job by allowing others to think for them it is just a con job void of actual reasoning. Thousands upon thousands of high functioning individuals filled with logic and wisdom have been screaming at the top of their lungs from day one as to what is actually transpiring with this covid con, yet the government and mainstream media will not change the tune of terror.

Norway, Sweden and Denmarks politicians have recently cast aside the authoritarian tyranny and have given back all pre covid liberties. When is the rest of the West going to pull their heads out of the collective anus’ of the globalist chasm?

Something tells me that Canada is going to be brown in the globalist face for a long time coming. The trouble with loyalists is they embrace tyranny as a virtue. Though what else would one expect from a group that lets imbeciles and morons think for them without even a thought of something other than what tv told them.