Plague of the Globalist Symptoms

Unless you are not in a coma, or suffering from the effects of the lack of cognizance, due to the inability of escaping the parameters of homogenization and indoctrination that is incessantly doled out via state and corporate media through willing unaware patsies, along with the unceasing government logorrheic bleating, then surely one must have noticed that supposedly “free” and “democratic” Western countries have taken a Stalinistic U-turn into the realm of Authoritarian diktat coming from a globalist blueprint and being constructed by supposed “representatives” of the people on a federal, provincial, state, territorial and municipal level.

Excrement, it always rolls down the faces of the shameless pyramid. Globalists, they are the crap stone of said pyramid! Besides, the politicians next revolving door appointment, whether political or private sector depends on the ability to prostitute morals and kowtow to higher powers. Politician storm troopers of the globalist empire!

Globalist blueprints you say? What, you did not think that almost every Western country and their lame brained politicians came up with the totally proven ineffective lockdowns do you? Yet the madness continued after proven pointless. An empire loves to psychologically demean its loyal subjects. Abuser, abused.

Remember all of that fallacious yammering about how vaccines were the only answer to solve the overhyped and fear laden government/media covid terror campaign, where all these cavernous skulled health ministers were going to make covid become “eliminated?” How is that plan working? Shouldn’t we be there by now? What, 108% vaccination rate needed? Sounds about on par with all of the other lies these health “professionals” shamefully emanate from their globalist lie hole.

Truedopes Two Dads


Hmmm, who would start spreading such fallacious notions as to have viruses with multiple animal reservoirs just up and vanish? Perhaps a slimy globalist empire scumbag who has bribed his way into multiple health organizations might have been the originator of such disinformation. It should be fair to note that if one “donates”, say, 2 billion dollars for “research” and then earns multiples of billions of dollars in profits, that is not philanthropy. The globalist empire’s top medical fool, passing the lies right on to YOU, care of, your local dupe politician and globalist news network.

How about those apartheid creating vaccine passports? Nothing says tyranny like a need for papers to access societal functions, just ask Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin and D.F. Malan. Again, a globalist empire construct enacted by the unthinking, obedient Western politician storm troopers of the globalist empire. Question not!

For those around the world. As a free thinking, dirty, unvaccinated boorish slob about to commit genocide by just breathing, my high and righteous, heavenly, super intelligent, non globalist empire, Canadian politician geniuses, have forbidden me to eat at restaurants, attend entertainment events, and nullified me from boarding an airplane or train. Heil Truedope! Here is the globalist empire stooge visiting old Darth in his Death Star. Listing Freeland as honourable. That is like like labeling cocaine as vitamin C. Slaveland seems more appropriate. Though, I suppose she is honourable to the WEF for her willingness to sell out Canada and Canadians. Spell it with me: T-R-E-A-S-O-N. It is definitely in season!

Disinfect the Globalist Disease With Help From the Force

“It is better to have questions that cannot be answered than to have answers that cannot be questioned.”

Perhaps one of the most logical statements I have read in a long time. A rational logic that has outright been eliminated from the globalist empire’s playbook of covid tyranny. After all tyranny is strictly a one way street, a street running in the direction of the tyrants. One cannot question tyranny.

Not so funny or honest how politicians and the state and corporate media will stoop to every pathetic means to ensure that every voice(professionals) wanting a truthful discussion, or offering any countering evidence of covid is smeared as conspiracy, misinformation, anti-vaxxer garbage, or some other derogatory directive of deceit. Society must be told the same thing on every corporate and state “news” substrate that exists. It has to be true then! A Globalist empire construct!

Where did I read the above statement of, “answers that cannot be questioned,” you ask? None other than from members of Canada’s national police force! But in what context was it written? Actually, it was written in regards to the current covid debacle and unquestionable covid doctrine that “free” Western societies are being dismantled with.

I know it may be hard for some people to believe, but the individual police officers and the military are some of the greatest believers and purveyors of freedom and liberty. Unfortunately their jobs force them, all too often, to act on the senseless whims of politician puppets and what are ultimately, irrational restraints, foolishly enacted by said puppet politicians, often by globalist empire decree.

Aussie police, you better start acting like human beings! Clean Klaus’ doo doo from your schnoz!

It is beyond big news that an ever growing numbers of individuals on Canada’s national police force have come out and decided to take a stand against government authoritarianism. MOUNTIES FOR FREEDOM is a website created by police members and their many PARTNERS that have come to realize the overstep of government and the dismantling of freedom, liberty and democracy. One should read the OPEN LETTER TO RCMP COMMISSIONER. There is a form to sign the OPEN LETTER, if one chooses, at the bottom of the OPEN LETTER page. I did.

There is a lot of of truth and articulated, intelligent reasoning in the letter. Everything from the violation of the Constitution, Charter and Bill of Rights, to comparing the government as an abuser in an abusive relationship, the erosion of democracy, and many subjects in between. Media organizations in a truly free country would go out of their way to advertise and debate such a progressive revelation, but the Canadian Pravda cares not about freedom, decency, or democracy. Certainly the CBC(Communist Brainwashing Corporation) is Canadian Pravda, with many a Tokyo Rose’s.

Politicians, no doubt you should begin to panic once the entities that provide your safety and outright existence begin to openly voice the truth about the destruction of democracy, freedom and liberty. Look at all of the departments of the Armed Forces listed on the PARTNERS page. Politicians, you had better stock up on your adult diapers!

US Globalists to Meet the Forces of the US

For many, many years now, a very intelligent man has been writing about the break up of the United States by the year 2032. It seemed very crazy for someone to even talk about such a notion. Mr. Armstrong has the canny ability for predicting world events and then said events coming to be. Especially economically.

Don’t forget, the declaration from tyranny is always announced and then the action begins. What an action, and actions, it will be!

Now it is plain as day to see such a logical outcome come to fruition, with the disarray that has engulfed the US in just the last year since Biden and his handlers came to office. Biden and his gang of bunglers have set the US back further in 1 year than Bush and Obama had in 16 years of gross incompetence. And they have yet to start a war! Pity it will be a civil war!

Here is a globalist catchphrase for you, “Build Back Better.” If your sovereign(?) country is using it, it means that the head of state of your country and their handlers have been compromised by Klaus Schwab and his WEF, choosing that becoming a partner and stakeholder in the globalist cabal takes precedence over the sovereignty and well being of their constituency.

Covid, now there is a globalist empire mandate and quite possibly their viral world premiere. Profit and control! Destroy society with an overhyped engineered virus and then built it back better. Better for who? The partners and stakeholders of the global empire of course. Less rights for us pleb scum, plus the politicians gift to the IMF, World Bank, BIS, pharmaceutical companies and their investors. That is a lot of our tax money! Don’t forget the digital control system of trans humanism. One common thread, WEF and old Klaus.

That Blackrock, they love old Klaus, and that Pfizer and Moderna. That old Biden, he loves that Pfizer. That old Biden, he loves that old Klaus. That old Biden, he is attempting to enact legislation that will force 100 million Americans to get vaccinated. That Pfizer and Moderna, they love that old Biden.

Biden’s policies have led to thinking about taking away veteran benefits from troops who refuse to get vaccinated. Again, when one begins eliminating the rights of the entire citizenry, especially the police force and military force, surely those who make a living on the construct of freedom, liberty and democracy are going to seriously start questioning their role in constructing authoritarian state constructs, and just very well might make the decision that sovereignty and liberty well exceed globalist empire mandates and profits for the partners and stakeholders that are currently building the digital prison to encase US. Politicians, stock up on those adult diapers!

Now there is a map of a country divided, literally. The US just might be the country to begin the serious fight against government tyranny that reared its ugly face at the behest of Biden and his handlers. After all, it is in their foundation. Those founding fathers, they sure were smart people. After freedom of speech, the right to bear arms in order to protect against government tyranny was a foundation of the governing laws.

Is it really a wonder as to why the democrats are so keen on taking peoples guns away? Perhaps their cause is tied to money from the Old World. You know, those inbreeding European royals of yore which are still major figureheads today. How can one infinitely dominate their subjects if a said subjects country is legally founded on preventing authoritarian tyranny from again becoming the norm within their geographical location? I wonder if the descendants of feudalist slave masters are part and parcel of the globalist empire? I mean, they did inbreed and intermarry so as to reign supreme over as many economic slaves they could muster into “their” realms.


This covid regime is without a doubt a power play by the globalist empire to profit immensely and dominate the lives of those who are not partners and stakeholders in their perverted globalist empire. The question is, Do you want to be a globalist slave or an autonomous productive member in a truly sovereign country where a true/direct democracy substrate is implemented in order to give every member of society a participatory role in the various geographical locations that encompass their truly sovereign country?

The globalist authoritarianism has gone too far, and it is just a matter of time before liberty loving citizens of a geographical area rise up to put  globalist tyranny in its place. Hopefully it changes, but crown countries and the all too many willing subjects within their realms honestly seem all too happy to be servile slaves. Though perhaps in the now global village, we will have a global peasant uprising. Who is going to start?

To me, it seems like US citizens have the most to lose. But those French, LIBERTÉ! Somehow those guns might come into play. After all, agents provocateurs. Those founding fathers, they saw the future.

Though I wonder, where will be the capital of the new republic, as the defeated half of the wreck of US yore slides deeper into the yokes of globalist communism? Without a doubt, somewhere on the Eastern Seaboard, South of the 35th and probably 30th parallel. I’ll take a shot at Florida, Orlando.

If there are two things in life that I love, yet am only able to attain in finite amounts, it is liberty and warm weather. The Truedope has stolen the last of my liberty. Perhaps there is a pretty young lady in Florida able to share some of that warmth with!