In my provincial geographical location, the government has come up with 20 meter bubble zones around schools and hospitals to prevent covid protestors from congregating and causing a nuisance.

But what kind of imbecile or moron would protest against covid vaccine mandates by disrupting a hospital? Thousands of British Columbian morons and imbeciles is the answer to that question that should not even have to be asked.

What kind of hope does a society have if those engaging in protests that should be legitimately happening are not even wise enough to figure out that it is the government that is implementing this globalist agenda, so perhaps one should fire a couple of synapses and realize that parliament, city hall, or an accomplice politicians house is a logical place to legitimately get ones needed point across. Or why not just peacefully march down a central business district or other route of disruption?

Perhaps these pseudo protestors need to smoke less marijuana and start to learn about logic. One of the cities in the interior of our province had these covid protestor bubble head morons and imbeciles disrupt a Remembrance Day(Veterans Day in the US) ceremony that honours the veterans that gave their lives for the freedom we used to have. And the covid dimwits of today do not have enough intelligence to realize what a tasteless action it is to engage in such behaviour at said event.

Dear Pseudo covid protesters. If in fact you do know how to read, or better yet, you can get high and watch THIS VIDEO, it will give you an actual legitimate location to protest this coming December 4th, 2021 at 12pm. The cause is to act in solidarity with Australians and to protest the extreme government tyranny that the Australian public is being submitted to by their maniacal politicians and Brown Shirt behaviour at the hands of their out of control thuggish police force. It may confuse you that a rally can be held before 4:20, but that is what responsible people do, get out of bed before noon!

No, BC’ers the location is not a Paralympic athletic tournament, it is the Australian Consulate in Vancouver. You know, a government agency, the place anyone with half a brain would go in order to protest authoritarian government behaviour.

Here is a photo to get you in the right frame of mind.