Hold onto your hats, one does not want to lose them, well, actually, not hats, but caps, to be specific, Phrygian caps that is, in antiquity, though, Liberty caps, in modern history, right up to this very day. On second thoughts, in order to connect some microdots, take those liberty caps, prepared as preferred, insert into maw, then masticate and wait.

Stay tuned to take a trip, time immemorial. A journey back, present and future. The Astral plane awaits? Perhaps for the macro, though not for the micro. Academic classification may possibly be decompartmentalized. Perhaps an oracle to the future from the times that have passed, before all of this modern noise that pollutes the soul. It is perfectly natural.

Cap Sizing

Phrygian Cap of Antiquity

 The Phrygian cap is believed to have originated in Phrygia, a kingdom in Anatolia(modern day Turkey,) which existed from around 1200 to 700BC. The Phrygians, having influence, and, no doubt trading relations, exchanged cultural ideas with those around their sphere of influence and by around 500BC the Phrygian cap began appearing in Greek art and was represented in geographical areas from Anatolia to Greece, and in subsequent geographical locations such as in Parthia(modern Iran,) throughout the Middle Ages in Europe and right up to the 21st century in the American Continents. Not to mention, even children’s television.

J’aime La Liberté

The Roman Empire absorbed a lot of culture from the Greeks and the Phrygian cap appears in marble reliefs of Greek mythology during the Roman Empire, as well as been seen in many scenes of vanquished Roman prisoners. That Phrygian style cap, it sure has staying power! Maybe 1000+ years by the time the Romans carved it on the scene in the picture below. Maybe it even predated the Phrygians and any documentation was lost to history? As of today, the Phrygian, and or, liberty cap has been gracing peoples heads for 2700+ years of human existence. Many a trips taken with that element of liberty. Think of the liberated minds!

Parthian Prisoner With Phrygian Cap on Arch of Septimius Severus – Circa 203AD

In Greek and Roman times there was also what was known as a pileus hat, quite similar in appearance to the Phrygian cap, though lacking the little nipple or curl on the top. In ancient Roman times when a slave had earned their freedom, the former slave was bestowed with a pileus at their ceremony, and the pileus was a symbol of Libertas, the goddess of liberty.

Pileus Hat of Antiquity  

The Western politicians and societal globular mass of ignorance of today need a reminder as to what liberty even means. Though that would take personal responsibility, basic independent thought and the not so divine understanding that mostly all politicians are lying useless fools working for higher powers, while using regular people as statistics in order to fulfill a hidden agenda.

New Era Liberty Caps

The Phrygian cap never did go away after ancient Roman times and lived on through medieval times, becoming quite popular again during, first, the American Revolution, and thereafter the French Revolution. Liberté. It is thought perhaps during the French Revolution that when the cap grew in popularity it was deemed the liberty cap after the Roman pileus, as the wearer was granted the liberty of emancipation, though in reality the newer liberty cap was much more similar to the ancient Phrygian cap. To this day, the personification of France, Marianne, who represents liberty, reason, equality and fraternity is seen adorning what has come to be known as the liberty cap. In the newer era, red seems to represent the liberty cap more than any other color.

Marianne Wearing Liberty Cap

The liberty cap also came to be associated with the American revolution and was prominently featured on many of the new coins minted by the fledgling nation of The United States of America, that appeared post declaration and after victory over the British Empire. Columbia is the female personification of The United States, and the subsequent meaning of liberty.

Post Declaration Coin of The USA With Columbia Holding Pole With Liberty Cap On Top 1787

As of this day, the Phrygian, or liberty cap appears on the national flags or coat of arms of the South American countries of Bolivia, Haiti, Cuba, El Salvador, Argentina, Columbia, Paraguay and Nicaragua.

Bolivian Coat Of Arms

Much Room For Mushrooms

In December of 2019, before Western politicians destroyed society and the mass of minds of those susceptible to state indoctrination, for the power and profit of international institutions and the World Economic Forum and its backers, I had the pleasure of travelling to Greece for a vacation.

Now though, through me exercising freedom of choice over my own body and refusing to be assaulted by the little prick of the all glorious  Just-him Truedope, I am a second class, genocidal serial exhaling maniacal murderer, unable to step on an airplane in my own country, all thanks to the TREASONOUS OUTHOUSE that chose to represent criminal institutional power over liberty and a free thinking populace, through a state sponsored, incessant indoctrinating propaganda campaign. Apartheid in Canada!

Being in Athens, I had a chance to visit Greece’s National Archeological Museum and all of its relics of antiquity. From massive bronze and marble statues, to ancient weapons, figurines, pottery, the death mask of Agamemnon……….., interesting indeed. Though the exhibit I found most interesting and intriguing was a burial item(#14) found in Mycenae(15th to 12th century BC.)


It was just a simple item in a display case labeled as, “Bronze Nail With Gold Head – Tomb 102.” I thought to myself, “that is no nail.” I Have seen that before in nature. Not just in nature, but I have actually paid hard earned money for the academically mislabelled item. Those academics, stuck in theory, rigid parameters!

Everyone that I showed the following picture to upon my return came to the same conclusion as me, without any coaching on my behalf. When I was young, government and other authority figures told me it was bad, so It automatically appealed to a young mind looking to rebel.

I am speaking of liberty caps of course, but not those head warmers of antiquity, now I speak of those mind wobblers of antiquity. Psilocybin is the scientific name of the compound produced by 200+ species of mushrooms. Species a plenty, liberty cap just happens to be the variety relevant to this article, as it seems to have taken its name from headwear of antiquity. Though one has to wonder, did the Phrygian cap of old have any relation to the use of psilocybin in times of antiquity? My guess is yes.

Bronze Nail or Liberty Cap Mushroom?

Liberty Cap Mushroom

Stone Age Stoners

The ancient history of psychedelics, more specifically magic mushrooms, is one with not a lot of logged information. The earliest reference that I could find was that of a mural(5000BC to 7000BC) in the Sahara region of Algeria. The mural is of a bee headed man with mushrooms growing out of his body. Very visionary!

The ancient Central and South and North American cultures have a history with psychedelic “drugs” predating Western contact. The Mayans and aztec called psilocybin mushrooms, Teonanácatl, which means, “flesh of the gods.” The Indigenous of North America have a spiritual relationship with peyote, the active mind altering compound being mescaline, for quite likely more than 6000 years. Sadly and all too predictably, Spanish missionaries did their best to eliminate all vestiges of Teonanácatl that existed in indigenous culture.

Terence Mckenna, an ethnobiologist, speculates that the ingestion of magic mushrooms over millennia may have very well sped up the transition from Homo Erectus to Homo Sapien, through the mind altering consciousness, and hence alternate reality that psilocybin and other hallucinogenic products deliver in the transformation of regular conscious existence. Mckenna labels his hypothesis as, “the stoned ape theory”

To date, the oldest fully intact fossil record of fungi is around 1.4 billion years old. Humans ancestors actually seperated from fungi around 650 million years ago, so basically animals evolved from fungi. and interestingly fungi and humans both inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Paul Stamets is a world leader in fungi research(mycology.)

Hellenistic Hallucinogenics

In Ancient Greece, there were rituals called the Eleusinian Mysteries, dating back to Mycenaean time and being in Greek existence for around 2000 years. In said rituals, men, women, emperors, and even slaves traveled to Euleusis to consume a concoction named kykeon to partake in social healing and spiritual ceremonies with fellow peers. Apparently  two specific requirements for partaking in a kykeon ceremony was the ability to speak Greek fluently, and to have never murdered another person.

Though Euleusis may have been been an official place of gathering to partake in a festival that celebrated and sanctioned the official ceremony of large gathering for the purpose of highly sociable and interactive psychedelic formals, to say that such an event was the only time that Ancient Greeks partook in the ingestion of hallucinogenic substances, is probably the equivalent of saying that people of today only consume alcohol while out and about with friends at a festive social gathering.

Personally, I would tend to think that the ingestion of psilocybin and other mind altering substances, like Terence Mckenna hypothesizes, has being transpiring continually since before even spoken or written communication has existed. Personally I wonder if the oracles and soothsayers of antiquity were in fact extremely in harmony with the natural world & societal workings and possibly professionals of the psilocybin or other hallucinogenic trip that specialized in giving advice on spiritual, state, family, law and other subjects.

Without a doubt a great amount of modern society, especially city dwellers are hampered and downtrodden by such levels of unnecessary societal pollution, be it entertainment, light, political, workplace…… all of which have a detrimental affect on what turns out to be a pollution of the mind in modern society. It must have been something to exist in ancient times.

Liberty Cap Mushroom With Phrygian Cap Style Nipple

   Time For a Change of Mind

It makes one think, for a completely natural substance that has existed for 1 billion plus years and has unequivocally been consumed by humans for thousands upon thousands of years why so many governments of today are so vehemently opposed to its “citizens”(subjects) consuming a plant that has been proven to expand consciousness, help with spiritual enlightenment, been known to tackle anxiety problems including acceptance of life and death, enhance and explore ones sensory experience, aid in artistic expression, elongate philosophical thinking, known to help treat depression and PTSD and cause a reset of negative emotions………..

Gee, could it possibly be that government truly does want a society filled with an array of completely independent free thinking minds capable of escaping the parameters of the power construct that has been forced into the majority in order to feed the empire du jour, whatever the day, in order to keep the wheel of perversion turning to feed and favour the reigning exploiters of mass.

That war on drugs. Where a plant will make one a criminal. Empires loves their wars. Thank goodness that many countries are coming to their senses, especially when it comes to what seem to be life affirming natural products with benefit to the individual, therefore the whole, in the process of enlightenment, spirituality and creativeness to name a few pluses. Psilocybin is now available over the counter in Canada, though in the US, in some states it will probably land one in jail for a decent amount of time. Wacky.

If one has never partaken in a trip of the mind and is thinking about doing so, I would suggest starting out small and doing it in a calm environment of ones home, or the home of a friend, and it is probably best to have a sober person or two around to act as a responsible intermediary. The worst thing that one could do would be to consume magic mushrooms while in a negative frame of mind. One has to have a sense of adventure and willingness to achieve understanding. Time really comes to mean nothing. Get over that initial hump of impending anxiety and the fractal factor will become factual.

This is not an advertisement to consume magic mushrooms. But if you do, do so in a safe responsible environment with level headed onlookers around to supervise. Some people will not like the experience. Try micro before you go macro.

Watch out for those Texas Penis Envy. They got some serious bite!


Penis Envy Mushrooms