Politicians the Affluent Effluent No News There

Politicians and mainstream media, they go together like, well, disease carrying defecation and vitriolic vomit, in the sense that they are anathema to a healthy environment. Unfortunately, both parasitic, disease laden institutional, corporate and globalist constructs bypass the needed structural containment vessel, hence, negating the critical function of needed sterilization through a treatment facility, while instead being directly released into the sea of humanity, where such mind polluting intoxicating miasma is mentally inhaled by those wallowing in the shores of societies shallows, unwilling to tread water, let alone swim, as the diseased “lifeguards” refuse to acknowledge, let alone teach of the existence of the depths in the depths outside of where the government stunted ankle bitten ankle biters splash so reassuredly.

Politicians and mainstream media, one dimensional dirty puddle walkers, creators of those muddy waters. Mckinley Morganfield free of course. Their muddy waters are the half truths and full lies. You know, those differing agitated particles which are falsely represented as being part and parcel of a much greater universal construct and existence, you know, where the milky way can pass as the reward for gorging on sugar filled cereals. Why yes, it is possible to drown in a shallow dirty puddle, one just need have their head held in such stasis, by, and of the state. Of course, enough time face down and posterior up in that dirty puddly violation vehicle will just leave one braindead, glazed over eyes, Pavlovian state mind puddle pudding. They know, the TV told them so!

Politicians and mainstream media, using the wholly unaware as a statistical statistic for their self indulgent shtick. Typically to draw attention to themselves through talking out of the sides of their mouths, with the duplicitous act drawing attention away from the soberingly salient societal destroying role of incompetence that they in fact indulge themselves in while simultaneously fluffing up the rapacious members of the globalist memberships, all the while setting up the public for unending violation as they whisper sweet nothings falling on death ears, into hypnotized minds. “Those rich folks have too much money,” is one of their commie calls. Yeah, never mind the trillions in government debt, that forces the vacuous state of your wallet or purse, while the vacuous minds of the state set up the old bait and switch shtick.

This one is about that single faceted, one dimensional, irrational and totally laughable politicized construct, soundbite after soundbite, so the motive seems airtight, though in an objective reality, is unable to take flight. “INEQUALITY!” The political construct and motive was used and abused in the 20th century by those who turned out to be some of the greatest mass murderers in history. But hey, it sure sounds great. “EQUALITY FOR ALL”

Yeah, said mass murderers used the construct of “EQUALITY” to murder millions, and then usher in that spiritually ingratiating political construct known as communism! You know, where one is not even able to speak freely, or question authoritarian government diktat. Only politicians and mainstream media speak the truth, or else! Sponsored in antiquity by Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot….21st century by Truedope, Biden, Merkel……….covidism.

Question not, equality depends on it. Equal to what? No, do not question how these “equality” pushers end up becoming fabulously wealthy and connected once they leave office. No! hands off their pies!

Aye Ain’t Educated Mind the Gap

A real education system would delve deep, past one dimensional single faceted linear existence, where ever increasingly, the con of a construct environment seems to starve, stagnate, stunt, erode, deteriorate, and wilt its forms, due to the lacking fertilization of a truly formative framework. Those on the fringe, with the greatest roots, and, or, able to fan out seem to be to escape the shade dwelling construct of Trofim Lysenko-ism

At the very least, a societal enhancing system would surely inculcate its most precious resource, its people, with the willingness to excel, question repeatedly, relish personal accountability, along with responsibility and that the choices one chooses to make will have a profound impact on the start, landing pad, environment and outcome of their actions. Perhaps a logical social contract is in order?

Even more critically an enlightening system would elaborate the notion that life is not easy or fair, regardless of, to some, supposed “beneficial” circumstances, and quite possibly of pinnacle importance, nobody, regardless of their “privilege” is going to truly end up ahead, content, successful, happy, enlightened, or any other positive life affirming attribute without the dedication and hard work it takes to achieve said universal understanding, which ultimately transcends self and reverberates universally, in the process offering a counter force to the mass of ignorance in-between the opposite end of the spectrum of pure malicious machinations. Trickle down governmental demographics, an un-well not fair state of mind.

Once one comes to terms with making the unselfish contributive function to self, therefore, in the process, society, to a heightened degree the sphere of influence with its many dimensions comes to become enhanced in a clarifying manner the reason for and to existence. No matter what was done malevolently to, by, from, or, of is inconsequential to positively and unanimously moving forward.

A truly enlightening system would base its construct on inequality in fact running rampant throughout the entire known universe, so obviously within every function that encompasses said universe, and even that the larger ones universe becomes the greater the understanding of inequality bringing extreme diversity, so complexity by design. Imagine a universe of strictly dark matter. Not much to be seen. Kind of like matter of darkness that many government systems cognitively detracts from diversity.

Surely one does not want an education system based on the lowest common denominational inputs necessary to create the benchmark of appealing to the least functioning elevation of cognitive ability. One must be taught that everyone is different, there is not one level or mold that fits everybody and that smart does not equal wise or logical, a scholastic failure may indeed outshine the honour roll attendees, life is not fair and can change for the better or worse in an instance, and most importantly that it is ones effort, choices, attitude, understanding, work ethic and dedication that will be responsible for producing ones own outcome and income.

Governmental Veneerial Disease

Modern Western governments truly do exist in good part to strictly force the dependance of the masses to be reliant upon them, in order to give government a reason to “necessarily” exist in such capacity.

Sadly society and its institutions have regressed to the point of not only adopting the victim narrative culture, they are set up to instil, perpetuate, proclinate, and elucidate it in a glorifying manner. Whether to teach that everybody is “special,” “equal,” or to limit speech so as nobody is to be “offended” is and in itself offensive to wisdom as well as logic, and destructive to a healthy functioning society.

To have the wit, self esteem, pleasure and fortitude to expel the ignorant offerings of a societal nincompoop, including government nimrods and media mush-brains is to know what it is to be alive. Sadly government and its institutions wants dead, brain dead that is. For with the death of the objective thinking apparatus is the inability to act independently, critically and responsibly, in the process just giving government and its veneer of truth the ability to metastasize, eventually, the parasite bleeding the independent life form into a comatose corner. Though the exterior appears appealing the core is cheap filler. Revolting!

And yes, government veneer is indeed a veneerial disease. Being a carpenter, I know a thing or two about veneers and veneerial disease. Every time I finish touching veneer I wash my hands so as to not get grainorrhea or celluloseitis! It is true, I just made it up! Just like government does!

Anybody waiting on anyone else to miraculously make ones life better by taking something from somebody else and have it given to oneself is living in a fantasy world void of reasoning, common sense, decency, intelligence, understanding, logic or wisdom.

Truly the only entity to lack the possession of those seven ignorant, along with many other foolish detractors, is the construct and existence of an out of control over reaching government. So if one subscribes to such a foolish notion of the government taking from individuals who chose to elevate themselves through exceptional self improvement and ingenuity, one indeed has not been able to escape the state of mind of the state, which translates to one truly actually being a victim of government and to possess the narrow mind that goes along with parasite to parasite symbiosis. Sadly, there are “intelligent” “intellectuals” and “academics” who are cognitively unable to deconstruct and separate themselves from the state of mind of the mind of the state. Life long indoctrination, the mind killer.

Throughout all of human history, no matter how much money government took from “them,” equality has never transpired. However, government has played a majority in keeping the masses equally ignorant. In reality, Western government has probably never been as all encompassing as it is in this point and time in history, where even according to the governments own forked tongues, “inequality” has never been greater so they need more control. Such a statement from government just shows the ignorance, stupidity and destructive nature of out of control government. Just like a pathetic spousal abuser, the more power they achieve the better the abuser thinks the outcome, for themselves, at the expense of the abused.

“Rich” people and their entities do not truly become a problem until they either, “buy,” “donate,” “pay,” “lobby, “give,” or, later “employ”  politicians, government or the media in order to gain influence or policy objectives. In which case the government, politician or media ceases to be objective, independent, or beneficial to decency or a healthy society, therefore can not play a productive role in creating an objective productive environment. Let the heads roll and a mind-full fertilization begin.

Stoker of a Stoker

Being a self employed carpenter, I am in no way “rich” or “wealthy” other than having achieved a level of understanding that perhaps encompasses a universal knowledge as to the make up of an objective reality, where absolutely nothing is “equal” to anything else. Other than a meagre savings, my retirement depends on the Canada Pension Plan, so I like to joke about my retirement plan actually being a sound rope, a sturdy beam and a rickety stool. So do make a donation, so I can afford a velvety rope and hardwood beam, veneer free.

That state/maistream media and politician brain drain. One of their favourite society dividing lies is how women are cheated for being strictly women, so are unquestionably victims of an inequitable conspiracy. Obviously, by the racist, white patriarchy. Again, cherrypicking the vulnerable in order to fill their own agenda. Communism! Effort, understanding and positive attitude, severely lacking in the media and political submarine environment, multifaceted, NO!

How is this for inequality? It was 1969 and there was a brand new course at the university in her city, Occupational Therapy. Why not, it would be a learning experience as well as a beneficial and productive means to serve community in a helping way. Sure, 1969 was a time before politicians let the globalists hyper-financialize the system, you know, when a university degree was affordable and actually about education.

My mom graduated, but not with astronomical academic achievements(I found her report card upon her death while clearing out her house.) Work, she did, of course taking off the intermittent maternity leave while having four children in five years, then back to it. Being suckered by a deadbeat she had no choice!

She showed up on time, every day, put in a constant effort, positive attitude, willingness to learn and do, and teach others. Did she sit around and negatively dwell upon someone, let alone a man making more money than she did, most likely not. Survival. Regardless, then, as now, it was and is unlawful for certain employers to pay more for gender. Put in the effort plus attitude and good things might very well happen.

Deadbeat to the curb. New opportunity. Application accepted. New head of Occupational Therapy. Yes, head. More money for the woman, more than the male patriarchy under her tutelage. No man, four little terrors. Life goes on in an excelling manner. Kids are gone, time for a change.

While still working part time, my mom acquired a masters of education degree before opening her own counselling business that came to be held in high regard within the community, with repeated referrals from the the Workers Compensation Board, as well as the shameful government monopolized provincial auto insurance corporation(a scandalous government black hole.)

It should be fair to note that I do not think my mom missed even one day of work in her entire life, let alone showed up late. In fact, when she retired from her OT career she had something like 9 months of banked sick time. She did not even use it while attaining her masters. Now there is some dedication to life and societal stoking.

What inequality! Yeah, nobody could put out such an equal effort. Not even that evil patriarchy. Believe me, my mom had plenty of reasons to make a claim of being downtrodden, though victim was not part of her existence or vocabulary, and that goes with the thousands of books she read in her life to help her reach universal enlightenment and the self and societal improving construct.

Sadly in 2013 Anne became ill, and died in early 2019. Anne was the family.

Needless to say, I picked up on the example being put down. Namely work ethic, becoming a positive, participatory and productive member of society, who in my working life has maybe been late for work five times, due to actual catastrophic traffic scenarios.

Not So Summery Summary

The story of my mom is the story of million upon millions, perhaps into billions of people around the world. Hard work, dedication, work ethic, understanding and other positive attributes are the necessary outputs to achieve a life of meaning, including the necessity of life worth by contributing positively to the whole without listening to the noise of the institutional wicked who use their engrained societal stature and structure to manipulate the vulnerable into falsely achieving nefarious agendas.

The two societal scoundrel scourges that are responsible for setting the supposed informational tone, mainstream/state media and government, are incessantly broadcasting the exact opposite message into the sensory mediums that inundate the senses. That hard work and dedication are not a critical role to play in self and society, government should indeed just give “free” money to reward and encourage antisocial societal destroying irrational thinking and actions and that those who go out and bust their hump incessantly to get ahead are indeed the problem by way of wanting to get ahead in life through sheer effort but must be punished in order to make up for the complete and utter idiocy and incompetence of the government that has run their substrate six feet under, where government must “legitimately” steal from societal building productive people in order to placate the misguided that have fallen face first into the government indoctrination system of zero logic, wisdom, intelligence, understanding and rational effort.

The globalist mouthpieces, politicians and mainstream media are pushing this “inequality” narrative as a distraction to obfuscate and cover up the complete and utter failure of the system they have been running into the ground for decades now. Where covid was released to expedite their malfeasance and ever more normalize the “benevolent” government that miraculously swoops in to save those that in reality have just been utterly devastated by the victimizer now claiming to be the saviour of all, while ever more power is calculatingly placed into the international institutions and the corporate & development banking and corporate interests that are partners and stakeholders in the perverted ruse. Your politicians are the glue that binds it all together. Dirty institutional whores!

Beware this “inequality” nonsense. In the past it has been used by the press and forked tongue “preachers” to utterly destroy societies and entrap all within a totalitarian, authoritarian nightmare. We are headed there again unless enough of us stand up to the false narrative being scripted and unleashed by complicit politicians and state/mainstream media. Whatever happened to debate?

They can silence me but not my ideas. I have felt the tentacles on the arms of infiltration.