Looney Tunes

After having the spark, as well as dedication in deciding to fight back against what was obviously an organized and orchestrated power play by various interwoven international institutions, acted out so eagerly and willingly by their under the influence politician puppet underlings in the then emerging covid drama, which has since morphed into a sickly covid false reality, one of the first articles I wrote was about the compromised structure of mainstream media(corporate and state) and that said media are in fact a front used by power, to, over the continual lifelong creeping societal intake, therefore normalized perception of the rotten baloney as being informational, relevant and a truthful representation, is in reality nothing more than a scripted ploy unleashed by the puppeteers in order to fulfil their perverted plot. Basically, lie upon lie to form the needed narrative. Hook, line, and sinker the masses are caught.

While said article is still relevant, I like to think that my word salads have become a bit more refined since those early writings, though perhaps I am just serving up a steady dose of alphabet chop-suey. Or, maybe this is all just a bad dream, and, being 9 years old, I am about to wake up, throw on my track pants, inhale some Cheerios and gorge on those comedic Saturday morning cartoons. Tom & Jerry, Sylvester & Tweety, Bugs & Fudd – Freeland & Truedope, Biden & Harris, Schwab & Gates!

Hold on a minute, this is no bad dream, it is an existential nightmare to freedom, decency, intelligence, objectivity and common sense. It is the twenty first century and all those scripted cartoon characters now disgrace the airwaves 8 days a week. Welcome to the Omicron show, Looney Toons!

Shhh!!! Perhaps if we are vewy, vewy quiet someone will sneak up and give all these waskawy wabbits what they deserve. A trial for treason of course. Perhaps 12 people could gauge the scenario. Pump that action in a court of law. Trigger a public reaction, so to speak. Shoulder some kickback and recoil from the horrors. It sure would be a pretty sight. Nuremberg. Pull! Let’s retrieve it.

Circle Jerk

Sure the cartoon characters participate in events as well as actions to fulfil a plot, heck, their mouths even move, to the special effect of their utterances actually being their own thoughts. Though in truth cartoons need directors, animators, and orators to create the scripted product for public consumption.

Commercial Break-Up of Society

Stay tooned, we will be right back after this institutional commercial break. Yes, advertisements for the show are a necessity. Those cartoonish characters have to make the producers immense profits, if not, they will be canceled, some even erased permanently.

This message has been brought to you by Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca and Johnson and Johnson – Funding for this program has been provided by the World Bank and IMF with pilfered tax dollars from YOU! – Before the regularly scheduled programming returns we just want to give a big Thank You to the truly global cartoonish conglomeration network that has allowed this massive priapismic Toon-a-Thon to become a years long event, the World Economic Forum! Infiltration is their modus operandi! Inbreeders are welcome, by royal decree!

Back to the Jerk of the Circle

In many past articles(Here is one) I have highlighted the fact that the World Economic Forum has in its ranks central & commercial bankers, corporation heads, and quite disgustingly, sitting politicians, including Canada’s deputy prime minister and finance minister, Chrystia Freeland. Freeland is the WEF’s right hand woman, only for the fact that she jerks off all these globalist predators so well.

Here is Freeland stroking off BlackRock’s Laurence Fink. Yes, Fink’s BlackRock is a major investor in Pfizer, Moderna and many of the US mainstream media corporations. No wonder Freeland is hawking these vaccines with such gusto. She wants to be a cartoon producer, not just a vile, slimy cartoon character. It should be noted that when Mr. Fink is being jerked off, old Klaus is writhing in gerbiling ecstasy, as all the pleasure from the “sovereign” country rape fest enriches all in his partner and stakeholder orgy of destruction.

Did I mention that Pfizer gave Biden one million dollars for his inauguration?

Omicron Con

Here is a glimpse of how this government Omicron nightmare is transpiring in Canada. Though it is probably the same in your geographical location.

Covid is real, anyone who denies that is an outright fool. More than likely the original version was a lab construct, purposefully released in order to do what it is doing, allowing politicians to enact scripted chaos with the end goal of making profits for the aforementioned globalist circle jerk, along with consolidating even greater “sovereign” country control into the hands of institutional power, namely the head rapist, the World Economic Forum. Right up there with the institutional and corporate profits and power is the deterioration of peoples freedom and liberty. All for your safety of course. Yes, Western politicians take orders from a globalist cartel.

And Just in time for the holiday season, the busiest travel and social times in Western societies, those politician cartoon puppets again unleash unprecedented levels of unnecessary fear mongering, societal destruction and restrictions with their shameless vague propaganda. And, once again, for the masses who are susceptible to the media propaganda assault, the panic has infected them and there is a rush to take a covid test, and then yes, governments precious case counts become elevated, setting off their “justification” for nonsensical societal limitations, and hyping those profit producing vaccinations. Because hey, if the sheep put up with it during celebratory times the rest of the year is a cake walk.

Omicron is the scariest boogey virus so far, so scary that, “we” think it is more transmissible, yes, many times, no, 6 times, hold on 12 times, nah, now 17 times more transmissible, so here is a “free” rapid covid test kit in order for us to get the case numbers up in order to justify even more society destroying decrees and limitations.

“We” will have a whole generation covid normalized in no time.

Almost forgot, the hospitals are about to be overrun! You don’t want to kill grandpa do you?

Yes, Omicron is so scary that it infects even those that are fully vaccinated, as have all covid strains, so according to government logic(institutional scripting) getting a booster dose is going to do wonders in saving humanity from what will surely be an Omicron extinction event.

Don’t worry though government just saved your life, venue events are back to 50% capacity. Although government never did specify how the 50% had to be distributed. Personally, I would pack everybody into the back half of the venue so as to be able to save on janitorial costs.

Canada’s double fisting globalist stroke off queen is quoted as saying, “We are in the midst of a global wave of a variant that just turns out to be extremely, extremely, extremely contagious.” Clearly one “extremely” is not enough to spread fear and panic among the susceptible masses. In the interview Freeland then speaks of to, “stop Omicron in it’s tracks.” Hmm, sounds an awful lot like, 2 weeks to flatten the curve, and covid will be eliminated soon. Freeland is a globalist sponsored terrorist feeding the population scripted institutional logorrhea. All for a place in the club once she finishes selling out Canada. What a witch.

Worry not though, the circle jerk queen has pledged up to 7 billion dollars to fight Omicron. Even mentioning the policy of possibly reinstating income support through rent and wage subsidies. And with a shameless promotional handout the hands will come out, guaranteed.

NO! there is absolutely no way in hell that covid doctrine and implementation is being used to usher in a Marxist fools paradise through creating a tipping point of having more government dependants than non dependants. Conspiratorial crazy talk! Lowest common denominator. Beware, soon it will be too late. All financed by society building people like us, hardworking privileged entitled scum.

Back to the Covid Future

Society has now being dealing with what has come to be known as covid for more than two years now. Hold on, you might be thinking, the media did not seriously start reporting about the virus until mid January of 2020. Yes, that is when the media and politician terror campaign began to infect the minds of the susceptible masses, though in reality covid was circulating in September of 2019. I am 99.9999% sure I had covid in December of 2019, and took it with me to Greece when I made my magic mushroom hypothesis.

The point I am getting at is for many covid has become an infection of the mind more than anything else, especially the vast majority incapable of truly independent thought, of whom are being used by the globalist powers through these slimy politicians to enact an agenda that truly has nothing to do with covid. I will say it again, covid has NOTHING to do with covid. Our politicians are selling us up river, the mainstream media is the vessel and the globalist institutions are charting the course and steering. Power and profits.

A great many of the population has come to realize that something is indeed amiss with what is transpiring with this covid agenda. No doubt the firsthand witnesses who have either become infected and/or known numerous others that have gone through the covid positive rigamarole with nothing more than quite likely mild flu symptoms, or a runny nose and headache, all the while the media and politicians keep screaming bloody murder.

Last week I was talking to an old friend who was telling me about a coworker that typically stands by any government decrees, but was starting to talk in a revolting manner. Just yesterday, a friend of mine had his young child test covid positive, symptoms being negligible, after being tested because another child at the school tested positive. Now the whole family’s Christmas is ruined and they now have to carry on with the chain reaction of inciting others to get tested due the brainwashed notion of contact with a “positive” person. All for a strain that was being again hyped in an apocalyptic fashion by Western politicians and media, all the while knowing, from South Africa’s weeks long dealing with the strain that there is no real threat other than supposedly spreading faster through the population. Again, what covid was manufactured to do in the first place. And in reality, who is to say that “Omicron” is not just a refined viral weapon to again, with media and politician terror, tear a destructive swath through society to further the power and profits of the globalist circle jerk.

Incase one has not picked up on the pattern, it is a politician and media, sully then repeat cycle of hysterical covid nonsense. Unless the innumerable mass of humanity that have surely always known, or through deciphering the incompetence of the not so glorious politician “leaders,” come together to end this dystopian nightmare, the “war” on covid will continue, just as the war on poverty, terrorism and drugs have continued for decades after having being declared by other incompetent politicians.

However this “covid” war is absolutely decimating Western societies economies and the independent ingenuity of individuals at an unprecedented rate of destruction. All according to plan. Remember, government nowadays exist to get as much of the population hooked on their existence as possible and through the new hand in hand covid & “equality” mandate are very much moving forward to a permanent roll out of the Marxist covidism agenda. If government(globalists) get their fully digital monetary system it is all over.

Civil disobedience should have been a tidal wave in March of 2020. Are you going to sit on your ass and do nothing when the next super dangerous, 36 times more transmissible, spreads by making eye contact, islamic radicalized covid strain is seared into your sensory organs hour after hour, day after day? Trust me, the plans have already been drawn up.

Got courage?

True/Direct Democracy.