Stick it to Us – Pricks

With the Omicron variant being so terrifyingly dangerous, ready to utterly decimate society through the wholesale cellular destruction of the human race, I just hope that there is someone out there who, like myself, has miraculously managed to stay alive in the face of such a critical moment in anthropologic existence and continuance. At least that is the message being expelled by the media and politicians poisoning the airwaves.

Shocker! It has now come out that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(CDC)  has heavily revised the “estimates” for Omicron “infections” ending December 18th, 2021, otherwise known as: Omicron Armageddon – Extinction by Christmas.

Yes, Omicron cases in the US that week were originally reported as being 73% of all covid “infections,” though in reality, supposedly, Omicron was responsible for only 22% of covid “infections”. But wait, it gets better! The CDC revision was due to the fact of, “Citing additional data and the rapid spread of the variant that in part caused the discrepancy.”

One can only suppose that the additional data cited was something along the lines of actual fact based empirical evidence? Covid crazy. Trust me, do not even try to wrap ones mind around the fact that the CDC is claiming that the “rapid spread of the variant” caused the discrepancy of just under 225%.

Basically what the CDC is saying is that the Omicron spread was so rapid that other non rapid strains took away 51% of the Omicron rapidity that media and politicians feverishly and eagerly fanned the flames of destruction in order to terrorize and decimate millions of peoples holidays.

And, as of December 25th Omicron is “estimated” to be 58.6% of covid cases in the US. 58.6% with a 723% margin of error that is.

According to the CDC, The agency said “the data includes modeled projection that may differ from weighted estimates generated at later dates.”  In reality, a “modeled projection” and a “weighted estimate” are by no means empirical based hard facts.

And while Western country’s politicians and media were again yelling fire in a crowded theatre, the Omicron front-running, South African Medical Association chairwoman Angelique Coetzee has called the international reaction to Omicron “a storm in a teacup.” Yes, the effects were known, yet the terror was unleashed in the West.

Folks, we are two years into this manufactured crisis of incompetence, and any semblance of objectivity, intelligence, scientific fact, statistical accuracy or believability seems to be unable to make an appearance, even briefly, to placate anybody with more than a tier two Attention Deficit Disorder.

Pair it With a Parrot

I supposes the shit show must continue. At least to 2024, Pfizer told me so. Then the provincial health officer for my geographical location parroted some of Pfizers raucous squawking. Nothing quite says “sovereign” country like perching on a “pandemic” profiting mega corporations shoulder for “sound” medical advice and implementation of societal framework.

It should be noted that Canada has secured covid vaccine contracts with Pfizer up to 2024. Probably just a coincidence! All the while telling us that covid would be eliminated by right around now.

On the 17th of December, Nanette Cocero, global president of Pfizer Vaccines stated, during an investor call that, “We believe Covid will transition to an endemic state, potentially by 2024,”

As well it was stated: “When and how exactly this happens will depend on the evolution of the disease, how effectively society deploys vaccines and treatments, and equitable distribution to places where vaccination rates are low,” Pfizer chief scientific officer Mikael Dolsten said. “The emergence of new variants could also impact how the pandemic continues to play out.”

Now, 4 days later, December 21st, here is British Columbia’s provincial health officer, Bonnie Henry, parroting the Pfizer talking points of endemic status over the coming years, of course being dependent upon getting enough vaccinations into people, because “maybe” this third booster may be the cure all. Then Bonnie goes on to state that vaccinating the rest of the world will be dependent on BC’s outcome, and just as Pfizers chief scientific officer, Michael Dolsten said 4 days earlier, vaccine distribution equity will play a big role in the outcome of ones slavery, sorry, freedom, no, government run existence is more like it. Then, if Bonnie’s logorrhoea was not enough to shame one, she goes on to foreshadow the next Omicron coming in the future.

In order to prevent one from listening to the whole hour plus interview, and with it, the possibility of gouging out ones own eyes and drilling out ones eardrums from an excruciating case of Henry sensory self harm syndrome, I have started the video at the critical Pfizer parroting section. Trust me, I listened to the whole press conference and am still recovering.

And if it was not excruciating enough having to take Bonnies words as relevant, having the Union Jack and Royal Crown seared into ones eyes for an hour plus was surely the salt in the gaping wound of absolute government incompetence.

Enjoy losing some brain cells.

Prepare oneself for more globalist injections, or being a second class citizen for years to come.

Pfizer is now a partner and stakeholder in the implementation of “sovereign” government policies?

Got Courage?