He’s back! By unpopular demand of course. Though this son of a commie, no, not commissar Pierre, we’re talking El Presidente Fidel, has lied his way into his own imagination, an imagination that, like his dignity and mental age, never matured past his 14th birthday. Ok fine, 13th birthday.  Just-him Truedope, now there is a waste of breath, not to mention atoms. When Just-him prostitutes his morals, which is every minute of every day, the whole country of Canada is infected by his minuscule diseased organ, his brain.

Though both his dad’s are commies, little Fidelito has summed the likeness of another waste of life’s building blocks, Adolph Shitler. The following video clip is Just-him Shitler on a French Canadian tv show fanning the flames of hatred against those who chose to make an informed medical decision and wield common sense, logical body autonomy and freedom by refusing the totalitarian government mandated covid vaccine.

Look at the rage and hatred emanating from the pitch black soul of this shameful puppet. Truedope in this video reminded me of the old footage of Adolph Shitler, when he was jacked up on speedballs(cocaine&morphine) and peddling lies and empty promises to the minions of German followers.

Yes, Anti semitism was gradually ramped up from innocuous innuendo, eventually becoming wholesale slaughter upon the  Jewish and other “undesirables.”

You heard me right. Old Shitler was indeed a junkie, who massively abused cocaine, opiates and Pervitin. Shitler had his own personal physician, who in reality was nothing more that his personal drug dealer.

Just-him Trudeau actually questions whether society should tolerate unvaccinated citizens. Nazi Germany did not tolerate Jewish citizens. Is there a coming parallel? The following video is clearly hate speech personified by the “leader” of a once free country.

That is some pretty scary stuff coming from the prime minister of Canada. Do the covid patches come next for the unvaccinated to wear in public? What about painting a virus cell on the windows of unvaccinated peoples houses?

Jews in a Nazi Ghetto

Singled Out By An Intolerant Government Leader

Here is an interview that one should watch if they have the time. It is Dr. Robern Malone, who invented the mRNA technology. Dr. Malone has some very interesting things to say, including his belief about children unnecessarily being vaccinated.

As well, Dr. Malone says that he was in an interview with some Canadian MP’s who said there is a good possibility that Just-him Trudeau is invested in a British Columbia biotech company that supplies cationic lipids to Pfizer in order to make the covid vaccines.

Personally I have not been able to find the information, but if there is someone out there who has the time to investigate the claim, that would be quite a damning story. The PM who hawked mostly unnecessary covid vaccines so that he could profit on his stock portfolio.

Mama and the Papa’s

Unless governments relent on this covid madness there is not going to be a happy ending for the media and politicians engaging in this charade. Though even if the terror and tyranny were to stop today, one must assume that the tsunami has already been put in motion and will eventually reach the political shores and in the process clear the derelict infrastructure in order to make way for sound redevelopment.