A Tri-infecta Covid Free

Surely it is not a paradox that my words can quite often erect a long hard construct that can be very challenging to swallow, though in fact it may be easier to handle if one has a firm grasp on the matter that comes with the fulfilment of always growing in order to please the excitement of another’s intake eventually leads to the climax of putting out for the sake of carnal knowledge.

I am confused all the time. Though the english can have a way of doing that to someone. So many ways to screw others with words, or is it people screwing with the words. A bibliophile, no? Perhaps a reader can let me know if I have gone a fowl. If one were in England and they were engaging in the preparatory past time of stuffing a bird, would one be warming up the oven and concocting a spicy melange for the purpose of insertion, or would one be plying with alcohol and flattery in the attempt of moistly warming the hearth in order to visit the soul kitchen and baste repeatedly? Though the first try might only be a wish bone!

Riddle me this: In order to exist some must get something down the gullet in order to satisfy the hunger that emanates from deep within. In order to satiate the soul some prefer the old tried and true chewing necessary for survival method, while others prefer dual esophageal exercising, mastication along with inhalation. Perhaps profoundly a penchant for poultry products including pheasant and partridge pleases the palates of many peoples ponderable pinings. Perplexed? Cock gobblers. Need I say more? Ok. Question is, what rules apply for a vegan or vegetarian? Are they beyond meat? I hear Bill Gates is heavily invested! Thought I promised covid free.