Non Merci!

Once again the bumbling, pudding brained politicians and bureaucrats from the greater geographical location of my captivity, Canada, have again all too painfully spoken without thinking what they were saying. Though it is quite clear by now that politicians do not actually think, anywhere. Some say if it weren’t for Quebecers and immigrants, Canada would not have any culture. Sorry, forgot about than new woke “Politically Correct” cancel culture. Quebec, Hopefully soon, your culture cancels the politicians. Vive la guillotine! Liberté! Mange de la marde François Legault!

Last week the premiere of Quebec, François Legault,  made it mandatory to have a vaccine passport in order to purchase liquor(spirits) and government marijuana, adding to the necessity of a vaccine passport to enter restaurants, theaters, bars and casinos.

Though Quebec is like the US, where one is able to buy beer at the corner store(dépanneurs) and wine in the supermarket. Though perhaps those government geniuses have never heard of delivery service or asking a friend or family member. I suppose those Quebec politicians just had to prove that they were different to anglophone puppets. François Legault a un syndrome de supériorité!

When one thinks of government and politicians, perhaps one of the first things to come to mind after liars, cheats, scoundrels, liars, puppets, moral prostitutes, lazy, overpaid, liars, underworked, intellectually challenged, liars, liars and liars is money thieves through obscene taxation. Leave it up to a Canadian politician to tax the unvaccinated. Yes, François Legault has just unveiled a new “health contribution tax” to punish those who choose to wield common sense, logic and body autonomy. Bâtards visqueux!

No, François Legault did not actually think hard enough to come up with a numeration of how much the tax would be, or how the government would be able to implement such measures. Being a politician, his foregone conclusion is that what is ours, he is rightful to steal. Cancer politique!

Of course François Legault came to the conclusion that it is the unvaccinated that are the evil destroying society and parroted the usual, hospitals about to be overrun, and Quebec not being able to find enough healthcare workers, though he made no mention of the hundreds of healthcare workers that Quebec has suspended for refusing to comply with regulations. Ampoules sombres du gouvernement!

Meanwhile in some Canadian provinces, covid positive health care workers are being urged to work while infected. Not so informing how the mainstream media never mentions that the healthcare worker shortages in Canada has anything to do with the close to 10,000 healthcare workers who have been fired or put on unpaid leave for refusing vaccine regulations.

So yes, according to government logic, get a vaccination so one does no spread the virus to others at the hospital or one loses their job, but if one is vaccinated and infected with the virus, please come to work so one is able to expose others to the virus. Need one say more about the cognitive function of third tier intellectuals? Merde pour les cerveaux!

And just to complete the puzzle as to how full of lies, lame brained and handicapped the government truly is, here are some Quebec statistics about hospitalizations: “However, it’s not only unjabbed Quebecers who are straining the province’s health care system. In fact, most of the new Covid-19 patients are fully vaccinated. Of the 433 new patients who checked in for Covid-19 treatment in the past day, 117 were reportedly unvaccinated, while 290 were double-jabbed. Among patients newly admitted to intensive-care units, 12 were unvaccinated, while 17 were double-vaccinated.” Mensonges, mensonges et encore mensonges!

Here is yet one more way that the media and government are lying to the populace about covid cases and the covid hospitalizations. When the media says that there are “___” hospitalizations, it does not mean that 100% of the people went to hospital due to covid infection. What happens is that people go to the hospital for other ailments and then the procedure is to give all incoming patients a covid test, yes, then these people end up testing positive for covid without being ill in any covid way at all. Statistiques de tour de passe-passe!

Here is a video of the US CDC Director saying that up to 40% of covid cases in hospital are those who are admitted for other ailments but give a “positive’ covid test outcome on arrival at the hospital. So yes, an ICU covid case is not necessarily due to covid. Notice how often she shakes her head NO as she is trying to verbally affirm a YES answer to the question. This is a physical giveaway of being untruthful.

Societies are being destroyed through lie after lie by mendacious bad actors in government, media, and national, as well as, international institutions, all for what can only be scripted graft from those engaged in the circle jerk of destruction, all for a place in the club and feeling of importance to hobnob with a position of power.

And that power, it projects into society, though depending upon the strength of the outputs of the projectors. Covid has been a false societal projection unseen like anything perhaps in the recent history of history. When a projection so strong is broadcast without end it is only a matter of time until the third tier garbage comes into to view of an overwhelming number of the audience.

Government will continue the charade even if it means throwing all of society into the volcano in order to save face.

Where will the tsunami make landfall first?