I have written a bit about true/direct democracy in the past. HERE and HERE. I am not saying that a new system, whatever it turns out to be, has to be a certain dogmatic way, after all the universe is constantly evolving, so should humanity’s regulating construct, for the better of course. Though I am stating that our current federalist globalist political system is broken beyond repair and soon to go supernova. Surely it is best to have something waiting for when the political puppets and their masters have run out of poop to throw and gleefully stuff into their foul mouths. After all, a shit sandwich is nothing unless it is in bread. So here are a few more thoughts and ideas.

Countries of the West, most of them sure have fallen off the cliff, or, gone south, way beyond Hades, politically, morally, financially, not to mention the complete asphyxiation murder of common sense and rational constructs. With the ignorantly catastrophic governmental covid debacle, it seems as if the death penalty sentence for representational “democracy” has been handed down by the silent competency, while the mind of the state and those unable to escape that wasted state of mind, foolishly splash, child-like, water wings and life jacket circulatory cinched, while snorkelled, to the point of having lost the ability to allow proper breathing and circulation of the lifeblood of a healthy societal body, simultaneously shouting riptide, proclaiming to be saving the highly experienced lifeguards, all the while selfishly dwelling in two and a half inches of water of course. Dirty government puddle water, as the ocean of life is off limits. Too much depth and diversity there! Commies!

Shhhh! Do not tell them, but, it is time to first find them a kiddie pool, then a construct with a shallow end and the ability to slowly wade out when one has become comfortable with the notion of being encapsulated within a substrate where it is necessary to use what should be engrained reactions in order to tread water, to one day doggie paddle, possibly breast and backstroke, though to teach the necessity to escape the governmental representational “democracy” drowning apparatus and perform the necessary true/direct democracy freestyle will be the fundamental societal building worthwhile. We can’t just throw them into the depths of common sense and decency. Shall we turn on the soberingly cold frigid firehose to the face in order to wake up the puddle dwellers and let life’s swimming lessons begin?

It should be in the West’s vested interests to heavily invest in the greatest natural resource that any country possesses, its populace. Said human resources must be educationally built up to willingly and productively participate within the societal environment. An environment where having an actual participatory say in the framework builds a sense of locational pride, therefore willingness and want to excel and intelligently reward the geographical vehicle with human capital that will build the wealth of the locations that fall under inhabitance, whether household, civic, provincial, state, territorial, or national, in the end leading to a much more understanding world, and prosperous universe.

Perhaps it is time to provide all of society, through a revamped informational/educational platform the basic foundation and implementation of a true/direct democracy political system. Though unfortunately it may never be totally possible to completely eliminate politicians, it surely is morally and highly feasible to varyingly alter the notion and functionality of what a politician is, how they behave, the role they will play and the responsibility and accountability that their existence has to represent.

Along with changing the function and role of the politician, true/direct democracy will never catch a toehold, let alone flourish, unless the entire populace itself comes to a stark realization that the concept and construct is not a free pass to engage in the selfish petty behaviour of implementing and forcing draconian acts in the attempt to force ones will and intolerance onto others. The education system has to come to represent responsibility, accountability, and that the virtue of hard work, personal choices, and dedication to ones life is the means to ones own end.

To repeat a past mantra: governments modern role has become to get as many people as possible hooked on its fallacious existence so as to justify the continuance of their system of ignorance. Surely it must be clear to anyone of observational analyses that the bigger government has become in the past 80 years, the more watered down and incompetent society has become. Globalist marxism equals a societal death sentence that will only lead to a complete totalitarian nightmare. They be close to achievement. Everyone awake must join the battle.

Nothing of value has ever been constructed without the dedication of hard work, true understanding, along with heightened determination and functional participation by all those involved in the project . True/direct democracy is about human advancement in realizing that everyone is different, we are born with equal rights, not equal abilities, and a true beneficial understanding is not going to be achieved by sitting around and complaining about how unfair life is, it is about submerging oneself in activities that will expand the mind, therefore life and subsequent universe, that in the end will elevate one to a level of understanding where the pinnacle of existence realizes that hard work and constant self betterment are but two of the many keys to unlocking oneself and in the process a societally bettering existence.

To strictly live an existence of slacking, leaching, complaining, vegetative television, laziness…..along with other mental and physical stasis inducing pastimes, then thinking one is the be all and end all of formative, rational, logical thoughts, wisdom, or even societal importance, and that society and the world should be constructed in the image of the absolute fantasy that social, state, and corporate media has been criminally projecting into society for too many years now is on par with thinking that a blind, deaf, mute, quadruple amputee is highly qualified to fly commercial airliners. The society plane is falling from the proverbial aforementioned pilots sky. Will all societies crash and burn, or will some create a graduated flight system before Commie Air is the terminal landing point?

Everyone is different in varying ways, be it physically, emotionally, cognitively, spiritually, in determination, attitude wise, wisdom, patience, and it is very often true effort, dedication, along with perseverance, in whatever chosen fields of advancement, or not, that determines the outcome of life satisfaction, true understanding, logic, ignorance or wisdom, open or closed mindedness, and overall societal outcome.

To elaborate, some may very well go through life with no ambition other than to work a mediocre job, eat junk food, play video games, complain about society being unfair, watch tv, masturbate and sleep. While others further up the societal ladder may attend a higher learning institution, become, say, a doctor, eat junk food, watch tv, complain about life being unfair, play video games, sleep and masturbate. Either way, the cycle of selfish ignorance trundles on from the “peak” to the “trough.”

On the other end of the contrarian spectrum, there are those who regardless of employment, gender, or societal status, go out of their way to intake all of the insight fit for absorption according to their ability, strive to explore, expand, absorb culture, self educate and unceasingly engage in life advancing activities. All for oneself and the betterment of society. Of course to partake in the activities mentioned in this paragraph is in no way a guarantee that any sort of enlightenment will be achieved.

Question is, if both groups, and everyone in between was given the opportunity to willingly and meaningfully participate in a system that could cause beneficial growth to themselves and the many geographical locations that they inhabit, how many would take the chance at personal and societal advancement? Could the selfish and ignorant wake from their state of the mind of the mind of the current unhealthy state, where the new state of minds becomes the individual minds of the state of minds.

Is societies indoctrination too deep to escape enough parameters to radically change society for true advancement? After all, hard work is truly needed to advance anything to any level of sustainable value and endurance. Is it logical to design a  true/direct democracy system based upon willingness to intelligently participate and advance oneself, in ones own spare time, so to achieve a higher universal understanding, therefore be rewarded for advancing oneself and all of society, and in the process earn an elevated level of participation? Surely the surefire way to spark the necessity, importance, and benefits of a truly participatory system is a revamped formative education system. No question there.

Society must start in the shallows. No, not those dirty puddle government shallows though. Remember, non ignorance, unselfishness and hard work – or true enlightenment – to concentrate 3 such important, along with other many needed societally positive attributes. For those unable to escape the dirty puddle, perhaps we should give them their own sea so as to witness the mass drowning epidemic. Such an ignorant violent sea it would be.

With true/direct democracy, it must be understood that such a system must be carefully and calculatingly planned and implemented into existence. The general populace, including those who may be considered as the “apex” of society have overwhelmingly not been able to escape the parameters that the current system has indoctrinated from before birth. Here are a few thoughts to think about.

Has anyone ever noticed that society seems to run on autopilot regardless, quite often, of which lying, bottom of the barrel troglodyte seems to be inhabiting the office? The reason being – the vast majority of society understands their participatory role in life and tirelessly keeps the societal engine and wheels going around. Such a realization perhaps leads one to believe that the “party” system does in effect just strictly divide society, preventing unification and overall societal advancement?

“Vote for me, I’ll “give” you this!” Yeah, designed to destroy society. Perhaps it is time to think about weeding out a country’s most successful, intelligent, logical, and wisdom infused in order to design a practicable application framework. No, not just so called “academics” and “intellectuals.” After all, it is quite obvious that empty promises(lies,) graft, political greed, ignorance, “academia”, “intellectualism” and stupidity has taken us to our current debt filled, zero accountability, globalist induced nightmare. Yet we continue to accept the insanity as a viable system.

It seems extremely obvious to me that government has to shrink, along and in unison the debt and its society destroying systems eliminated. And then on the first day with the globalist federal politician having been eliminated from society, a truly beneficial SOCIAL CONTRACT is born? Now that the education system has been adjusted to teach from day one that hard work, accountability, responsibility, and participation through self improvement and rational choices will advance the individual and society as a whole.

Remember, federal politicians have been completely eliminated. Not only so, but, there are not even political parties anymore, each state, province, territory, principality has, after conferring with the worlds wisest, intelligent, logical, rational and those with outside the box thinking and practical life applications have enacted a system where, quite obviously the economy through freedom of thought, choice, speech, ingenuity, and again, hard work and participation is the formation and foundation of an advanced and objective society, where in order to placate the “life’s not fair,” — “I want what you have but do not want to work for it,” — “Everyone has to lower themselves to my pathetic level,” or, ignorant Marxist mind slaves as many may correctly label them, there is no longer an income tax, and they are now able to prove to society how truly wise and righteous they are, as a system has been developed that will allow everyone within their God given abilities to advance through a participatory effort and all will be able to vote periodically on societally important issues.

Those who wish to take the time and effort to elevate themselves to a higher mental construct should be rewarded in say, perhaps, once attaining a certain level of understanding, wisdom and knowledge acquire a greater amount of stock in their geographical location, leading them to possibly be a member of a rotational council, where, even say, the best of the best end up on the, again rotational, national construct conclave, leading ones country to become a boundary based upon meritocracy through proven abilities. God knows the current moral prostitute puppet system has proven catastrophic to sanity.

Certainly, the bribery, speaking fees, ridiculous pensions and other filth must be removed from politics. One could think of an idea such as to be compensated with ones normal wage and then be rewarded responsibly and meagrely for loyal service to the people. After all, the new system really should be based on some sort of civic, territorial, and national altruistic pride, should it not? Perhaps even volunteerism to prove ones willingness to create a healthier societal construct. I for one would certainly volunteer a decent amount of time if it had a meaningful impact to the advancement and growth of one of the geographical locations I inhabit if it meant the beginning of the end of the land of ignorance that currently exists and outweighs common sense.

Ok, time for me to masturbate and play video games now. Actually, I stopped doing that as a teenager, it gives me more time to do things like masturbate.