Global List of Victims

He is out there. I speak of course about the uncle that many onlookers seem to think is the be all and end all of calm collected relative coolness. After all, uncle controls the projection that is transmitted into the minds of the societal onlookers. Perhaps uncle gets around in some slick mode of transportation, or is always supplying the latest entertainment for consumption, that big and small screen so to speak. He’ll supply one with booze, Mary Jane, whack, smack and crack. Uncle always has an awesome story to tell, and most definitely could cooly talk his way out of all situations, maybe even sell a freezer to an Inuit. Heck, he’ll give out free money!

That uncle, he seems pretty awesome to much of the community and many neighbours. Not many are cognizant of his deep dark secrets. All about that projection, creating that image. Uncle, he is hiding in the closet and the casket. Serial offender. The detection of uncle’s projection is truly a violent ignorant penetrating erection passing as loving affection. That’s right, a predatory molester, murderer, pathological liar, and obscene terrorist uncle be. Such a smooth talker though, and so many will vouch for his righteous benevolence. Oh the television tunnel vision. Family, the secret is out, protect your backside and your mind. Say hi to Uncle Sam(US) the backdoor man! Bend over, Sam’s driving, blotto’ed to incomprehensible ignorant insanity

Uncle Sam Enjoys the Lube But Softwood is His Problem

Deceptive double standards and a propagandistic bullying approach the predator Sam does engage in. Softwood lumber disputes, Old Sam and The Beaver have been constructing a damn habitat since the 1980’s. When a competitor is blessed with a comparative advantage to Sam the “World Police”, old Sam turns into a snivelling, whining, spoiled little Samantha. Like I said before, rape is Sam’s loving affectionate “relationship.” Who or what to be violated matters not, only so long as Sam can profit from some abused souls in the transaction. Sam will stick his unit into anything that moves, until it dies. Blessed by god of course!

Snidely Sam only prefers cheaper products when they come from say, oh, China, where of course some US corporation off-shored their production so as to not have to pay a US citizen a living wage, nor live up to US environmental laws, in the process hollowing out their own economy while giving China the means to technologically advance it’s own economy to the point of coming to challenge Sam in the world leader status in a mere 20 years of true competition. Now that Sam has been legitimately blown out of the water by a superior operator, old Sam wants to blow China off the face of the earth. How dare anybody get ahead with hard work and determination instead of graft and pillage.

Snivelling Sam again recently raised tariffs on Canada’s softwood lumber exports to the average amount of 17.99% from 8.99%. Because hey, 17.99% seems so much more fair than 18%, Canada must be getting a deal! Surely sneaky Sam must produce enough of his own softwood to quell the demand of his own industries, and such is the reason for bullying the Beaver, no? Actually senile Sam only produces about 70% of its softwood needs, so in reality is dependent upon the “lowly” beaver to pick up the slack in his softwood producing impotence.

Surely there are trade tribunal to look into such trade disputes to be judged upon hard empirical evidence and an objective reality? Why yes there are, and over the years differing trade tribunals have ruled in Canada’s favour, including as late as 2020 the World Trade Organization ruling in Canada’s direction. Yet uncle Samantha’s hissy fits and fiscal retaliations continue.

Though in the end, perhaps the Beaver has just settled into its abused status and just become used to being taken advantage of? After all would Europe and Asia be willing to build more erections with Canadian softwood? It sure would be worth a try to expand ones influence, would it not?. After all, to have one buyer for the supplier is a means to become stuck in an abusive relationship. Such is also the case with Canada’s petroleum industry. Enter the lube.

Nearly 100% of Canada’s energy is sold to Uncle Sam, quite often at a discount rate. So Sam defies trade organization rulings in favour of softwood lumber and then adds massive tariffs to punish the Beaver, and the Beaver gets back at Sam by selling Canadian oil to Sam at below market costs? The twilight zone.

Remember, I wrote an article about the cost of becoming a politician is to become castrated and have ones genitalia stored in the basement of US embassies. Canada’s US embassy must have had many basement expansions over the years, or perhaps maybe an extra level or two added just for testicle storage, probably built with Canadian softwood that was forcefully bought back by Canada at a 57% mark up. “Vote for me, I have zero independent thought and will cower to US demands!”

Perhaps it is time for Canadians to realize that scheming Sam strictly views Canada as a natural resource stockpile and will do all it can to keep our resources in the ground, except for those that it deems critically necessary for it to use for its basic continuance. That is how empires function and keep servile obedience from its tributes. Canada’s stockpile of resources is a “National Security” risk for the empire du jour, and I guarantee any reader that right now there are plans in the Pentagon for an invasion and/or occupation, as well as a full on absorption of above the 49th parallel. It is Uncle Sams literal wet dream. Maybe it is time to start thinking about diversifying oil sales to Asian countries if Asia is interested.

Canada has the natural resources which would allow it to become the envy and magnificence of casting off imperial chains, developing a truly beneficial participatory for all true/direct democracy system and be a beacon as to what greatness could be achieved if enough intelligent hard work was undertaken. Sadly Canadian politicians have decided to develop an economy dependent upon unloading cheap raw materials that seem to benefit the mostly monopolistic buyer, the US. Such a model will continue to hinder the true sovereignty that Canada could find itself with and be a leader of the world in many facets. The way the world is headed, complete independence should be the top priority for a country blessed with such resources. It is time for the greatest resource, our people, to put in the hard work necessary to achieve such an empowering position. Time for the people to come together to end Canada’s politician prostitutes selling us in Uncle Sam’s diseased brothel.

The North American oil infrastructure seems to have been set up to eliminate Canada’s sovereignty and energy independence, therefore in return inviting Uncle Sam to constantly enter the Beavers backdoor for repeated humiliating violations and subsequent arrogant rapist braggadocio. Here is a bit of the picture on how Sam has set up a controlling abusive relationship.

Firstly, shockingly and extremely immaturely, Canada with all of its oil supply does not even produce enough gasoline or diesel to keeps its citizenry and industry in a mode of self sustainment without dependence on the global rapist, skunky Sam. In my opinion this and food production is the lynchpin and beginning of truly being a sovereign entity. The food part of the puzzle has pretty much been achieved, though that molesting relative to the south does all it can to keep Canada from escaping the abusive relationship. Scoundrel Sam, why do you not take to arbitration the flooding of cheap oil into the US? Oh right, National Imperial Security. Imperial Blackmail!

On average between 2015 and 2020 the Beaver relied upon, on average, 9,020,000 barrels of finished motor gasoline imports from swindling Sam’s fuel refineries. Such a feat is a blatant display of incompetence of the moral politician prostitute puppets deemed to be “academics” and “intellectuals” who are designated “leaders” of Canada’s greatest geographical location. In reality, these clowns are not fit to rule over an elementary school sandbox. Remember, genitalia in jars. Canada will never be anything other than a GLOBALIST VICTIM unless it builds the refineries and needed pipeline routes to detach itself from scumbag Sam’s energy control apparatus. Mainly slimy non parameter escaping scuzzbuckets inhabit the halls of Canada’s governments. Those “academics” and “intellectuals.” Pathetic moral prostitutes!

Not only does Western Canada sell its oil on the cheap to US refineries, but even refineries in the East of Canada purchase their oil from the US and then refine it into the needed refined petroleum products. Surely it would be common sense and be beneficial security for Canada to build a self reliant oil transportation and refining infrastructure so as to secure its own energy destiny, no? New Brunswick’s Irving Oil has even begun to purchase oil from Western Canada, ship it down the western seaboard, through the Panama Canal, then up the eastern seaboard for refining in the Maritimes. Seems kind of crazy as to having the necessary pipelines?



TV casualties. An overwhelming majority of society? Some would say so. Who controls the narrative of that small screen of obscene? Stupify Sam of course! Rapist, murdered, terrorist, and mind pudding manufacturer he be. He has taken the world to HELL-O!  Time to put that old creepy parasitic minded abusive terroristic raping murderer into the home for the criminally insane where he belongs.

Remember earlier I said that, to sodomizing Sam, Canada is nothing more than an energy storehouse for future US violations to be taken off the Beavers flesh? Well here is overwhelming evidence how smirking Sam’s propaganda and bribery network has duped most of the Canadian citizenry into being fervent cheerleaders for its own excruciating imperial captivity, all the while believing to be accomplishing something of value for Canada’s sovereignty.

Between 2003 and 2019, mostly US “philanthropist” groups including Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Corporate Ethics International, the Pembina Institute, and National Resources Defence Council funded environmental operations to the tune of 1.3 billion dollars in Canada, where a sizeable portion of the funding was spent in British Columbia. Not coincidentally BC has the potential for the ports allowing Canada to skirt dependence on the US market and open new markets in Asia allowing Canada to escape the iron grip of strangulating Sam. The report gives the statistic that $429 million of that funding went to one organization, though said organization was of course redacted in the report.

With such information, it sure seems that satanic Sam, through “Non Governmental Organizations” has made it his mission at preventing Canada from branching out and finding new overseas markets for its oil and in the process fetching greater economic benefit as well as the opportunity to distance itself from the one way abusive relationship that the Beaver seems to have willingly accepted.

In Reality the Canadian energy infrastructure system seems to be extremely convoluted in its nature. If one wants to get a bit of the puzzle here is a decent article. To me it seems like an absolute disaster that a country that is blessed with so much energy resources is trapped within such a helter-skelter framework that seems to be in place to take advantage of Canada and its citizens in general. Though I suppose that is what a geographical location ends up with when its mode of governance strictly elects prostituting moral puppet Yes Men & Women who live to serve the empire du jour off and on for the life of its existence?

Would the Beaver be better off if took its energy independence into its own paws and developed the infrastructure to optimize its own beneficial streamlining, as well as the ultimate necessity to find more customers than the one and done wealth stealing lopsidedness that sardonic Sam has to offer its abusable dupe?

Years ago I worked in Australia for about a year. In the process of doing so I had to pay taxes and give a portion of my earnings to the national Superannuation Fund, basically the Australian retirement plan. Said Superannuation gave me the choice of where I wanted to have my money invested. Why is such an option not available to Canadian citizens?

Would it not make more sense to have Canadian resources developed by Canadian entities to truly benefit the Canadian public, in the process, more than likely having a net gain for overall Canadian prosperity and decrease in the obscene tax regime that Canadians are subjected to?

Why are multiple predatory US, other global, and now Chinese private and state run oil companies siphoning off of the resources, material wealth and overall wellbeing of the Canadian public at large? I speak of ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, ConocoPhillips, Devon Energy, BP, Total, Statoil, China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC,) Sinopec, PetroChina, and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC.) Has firstly been Britains lapdog, now sabotaging Sam’s rape receiver, only to become China’s concubine going to be the fate that Canada resigns itself to?

If being Canadian has taught me one for sure thing it is: Yeah, sure we do not always want to do it, but it is necessary to be done so we grudgingly bear down and do it, quite often in a bit of an inefficient manner, though in the end worthy of satisfactory appreciative pride. Though, these younger generations, many seem to possess some sort of entitlement complex, no? Hard work and dedication, it will take people, places, and the largest encapsulating geographical location somewhere worthwhile.

Will Canada continue to choose to be passive so as the active can continue to repeatedly take us for the stitches we deserve in being so nonassertive? If the answer is yes, then Canada please adopt an island in the tropics somewhere so I can at least be warm while taking the cold shaft from the line up of growing entities that found the Beavers phone number on the bathroom stall in the sleazy US run brothel. Though in the end, perhaps we are just screwing ourselves? End politicians!

Hold on. This slimy globalist waste of atoms will not even let me get on an airplane to escape his World Economic Forum run dystopian nightmare to reach said tropics.