More Master Baiting the Public and Jerking Off the Masters

Now Three days and 2292km into my journey to visit the miasmic toxic political waste ground of Canada’s globalist headquarters, Ottawa, I heard on the radio yesterday that the waste of breath and atoms otherwise known as Fidel Jr, or real name, Just-him Truedope, has, through his World Economic Forum puppet buddy, Jagmeet Singh, formed a coalition government in order to masterfully master bait the Canadian public at large while they carry out the true agenda of excitedly jerking off the globalist empire in order to pick up their treasonous morsels of globalist gutted offal that remains on the slaughterhouse floor in the perverted assembly line factory of sovereign destruction.

Truedope to 2025? Just give me the bolt in the brain now.

Yes, expect this coalition of pudding brained globalist puppetry to exorbitantly waste even more of Canadians money and skyrocket the debt to an even greater unmanageable amount, and then ruthlessly punish the general populace with ever more tax increases and freedom killing legislation. Because hey, those commie wannabe’s, they need to control every aspect of their subject’s life and kill the independent spirit in order to hook the masses on their existence, giving themselves and their globalist imperial masters a reason to rape and pillage the human spirit and endeavour capable of coming together and implementing the necessary purge of their sewage cesspool. It has been the mathematical formula of long division over centuries past, why change anything now? It works so well.

And in the bigger globalist picture, while the encapsulated minds of the state think that these, “vote for me I’ll give you this!” globalist puppets exist just to benevolently strive to solely work for them, the politician puppets of the globalist empire will be going full speed ahead on the behind the curtain projects of global digital ID’s, and the crux of their filthy dystopian environment, the central bank digital currencies to entrap civilization, allowing these commie wannabe’s to systematically destroy anybody who is not a partner and stakeholder in their circle jerking club of globalist inclusivity.

Canada, get ready for the feral Federal covid passport for years to come! Canadian Apartheid state!

I hear Freeland is getting two more arms and hands surgically implanted in order fulfill her globalist stroke off duties to a higher level of globalist imperial satisfaction. They are both right hands of course, allowing her to become the greatest(worst) righthand woman the universe has ever been privy to. Though I heard the Truedope is selling out Canada all for the promise of free mirrors for the rest of his wretched self absorbed life. As to Jagmeet’s price, perhaps a ride on the machinations of Epstein’s replacement? Girls or boys?

Every one of the millions of awake Canadian with the means to do so should be converging on Ottawa to peacefully protest and partake in the Canadian Spring in order to peacefully put an end to this political insanity and begin the transition to a true/direct democracy system based upon merit where all Canadians get to participate at a greater level than picking a beholden lying puppet every so often, giving themselves and their respective geographical locations a greater sense of meaning and belonging to something greater than themselves.

I do not know about anyone else, but I will be looking at myself with a clear conscience those few times a day I look at myself in the mirror, but even more importantly during those extended periods of self reflection that inward gazing necessary to make ones life, therefore universe a truly expansive existence to foster growth. The current governmental-political-social construct is a clear example of the opaque structure that hideously forms when those that are stuck in the shadows become the architects of the current left to right circle of ignorance. To be cognizant and do nothing must be a fate worse than the eventual cowardly death that one must endure when living an existence under a selfish spiritual suicide. To not be cognizant equates to possessing the mind of the state.

Drive Then Drink?

Some words of advice. If one gets drunk at the Cat N’ Fiddle Pub¬†in Calgary after 10 hours of highway time, then proceeds to sleep in one’s vehicle, be sure to rotate occasionally so as to give a damaged spinal cord the necessary universal equal dimension time allotments so as to prevent agonizing nerve and accompanying intramuscular problems that can make sitting behind the wheel, typing on the computer, or quite honestly the simple existence of life a not at all pleasant experience. Hypothetically speaking anyways!

On the road again.