Well, I made it. A 4400 km + drive, and am now able to walk the same streets as Canada’s feral federal globalist puppet politicians currently engaged in treasonous acts of sovereign depleting actions such as transforming Canada’s monetary system into a globalist institutional(Bank for International Settlements) run digital control system, where one of the worlds leading globalist swine, Klaus Schwab, through his World Economic Forum(WEF), brags of having over half of Canada’s cabinet under his control.

Did I mention that myself and other subjects of the country of Canada that decided to choose personal freedom and body autonomy through logical and sound rationale are deemed to be second class citizens by our man-child, globalist puppet prime minister Just-him Truedope, unable to even board an airplane or train and visit family, friends, for vacation, or god forbid, a true emergency situation. And all because we educatedly and wisely chose to forego a vaccination that has zero effect at preventing the transmission of a not so virulent, 99+% survivable virus.

I have yet to read anything about any third world dictators, presidents, or heads of state implementing such authoritarian and liberty stealing decrees, yet the wannabe commie, mind of a child, “leader” of Canada, Just-him Truedope has no problems eliminating the fundamental human right of travel, whether within ones own country or to other destinations around the globe.

Please do not think about such a federal vaccine passport as making billions of dollars for the WEF partners and stakeholders who just so happen to me major stakeholders in Pfizer, Moderna, and even these billions of covid test kits that will be forced upon the populace for years to come.

Ottawa, to me, seems to be a well laid out city , quite livable, with a friendly populace. However, being from Vancouver and leaving for my journey on March 20th, where the previous days were 12 degrees and sunny, I quickly discovered the rest of Canada is not so lucky. I arrived in Ottawa just in time for a cold snap, where the past couple of days have been -11 and -8 degrees without the wind chill factor. Let’s just say the weather has given me a chance to think about the peaceful protesting that I will be performing for the next three days(March, 30th, 31st & April 1st) or until the police decide to arrest me for exercising my right to peacefully protest?

Look, Canada’s man-child prime minister puppet in the following video explains the right to peacefully protest. Unless it is an organized specific rally of more than 1o people there is no lawful need for a permit. So if Canadians decide to participate in a law abiding Canadian Spring, just remember: Show up in groups of less than 10 and claim no affiliation to those around oneself. Sharing the same geographical location is just a coincidence of wanting to get ones freedom, dignity and true democratic process back from the braindead globalist swine Just-him Truedope.

In reality, if the police do decide to arrest me, will they charge me, and what for? Mischief, for holding a non vulgar, human rights inquisitive sign? Perhaps causing a disturbance outside of the West Block of parliament for holding a polite sign that Canada’s man-child prime minister is not able to read due to his inability to process information and think for himself?

If I am arrested and charged for holding a sign, will I be considered a threat to society, or even a terrorist for escaping government thought parameters and consequently be held without bail until my court appearance? What penalty will a conviction for holding a sign, on public property, with a logical question on it get the “perpetrator?”

What are they going to do, prevent me from getting on an airplane? If they do arrest me and let me go with a promise to appear, are they cognizant that my home is 4400+ kilometres away, and I am not able to guarantee an appearance at my show trial due to me not being able to get on an airplane in my own country? This trip to find out why I am a second class citizen has cost me a lot of money and I need to get back to work in order to save for a vacation that Canada’s dictator will never let me take because I refused to be assaulted by his and Klaus Schwab’s tiny little prick.

Will Canada’s feral federal government just make up a new law prohibiting a single person from enquiring about being a second class citizen in ones own country of birth, whether peacefully on public property? Or maybe perhaps the Truedope wants to take it to the next level and install cameras and microphones in every dwelling in the country to even more egregiously trample on the human rights of his subjects?

Perhaps Canada should just start randomly stopping people on the street and begin cutting open their craniums so as to be sure that there are no anomalous free thinking thoughts contained within any brain of the dominion of globalist empire.

Hopefully I should have some answers to these riveting questions for everyone tomorrow. Unless of course the Canadian government wants to skip my trial and go straight for the firing squad!?

Front of west block of parliament, see you tomorrow morning, March 30th.