Getting High On Our Own Supply

Time to get high, real high, though not to the moon kind of high, as that moonshot high is a Chrystia Freeland realm of high. Chrystia Freeland is definitely not the first politician astro-not to reach the dark side of the moonshot! That is some atmosphere! Though, let us escape the troposphere and use some speed to enter the stratosphere, say, up to a possible 70,000 feet, one hell of a trip, such that a chair with an escape route is needed.  Pulling 2G’s, and shooting up to mach two is not to be mocked, no nodding off! That ozone could be a go zone!  There is no amble in that scramble, seek and destroy!

There were luke warm relations in the Cold War, unlike today, the chilling cold in the political hothead environment. Perhaps it was the start of Canadian politicians genitals in mason jars collection gracing the US embassy in Ottawa to welcome a blatant nascent infiltration of a sovereign(?) nation. Maybe even the beginning of the outright bribery? Diefenbaker the currency taker? A 24 karat heart of gold, a few good deliveries, a safe bet for a new and better safe? Time for the interception, from homegrown to smithereens it was blown. “Get high on our supply” said the pimp and pusher, Uncle Sam?

I’m talking fighter/interceptor wings of war, jet propulsion, specifically, Canadian designed and manufactured. AVRO Canada came to be at the end of WWII when Hawker Siddeley, a British aircraft manufacturing conglomerate, including A.V. Roe, was seeking out business opportunities post war, and ended up purchasing National Steel Car Ltd./Victory Aircraft, who had come under control of the Canadian government during WWII, and being across the pond and far away from bombing campaigns, had manufactured UK designed fighter, bomber and trainer aircraft for the war effort. The new company came to be known as A.V. Roe Canada, or, AVRO for short, and managed by Canadians, with many talented Canadian engineers and staff than numbered around 15,000 workers, not including supporting businesses.

In 1946 AVRO had designed the CF-100 Canuck, Canada’s first jet powered fighter/interceptor, though production did not start until 1948 due to preexisting maintenance and repair contracts, where the Canuck finally came into service by 1952(retired in 1981), a full 6 years after first design, which meant that by the time the Canuck was flying it was already time to design a new technologically advanced design. Gotta love that arms race!? The soviets were constantly advancing their military might, and in reality not much more, while the free West with freedom of expression and laissez faire existence of the population rapidly increased general technological superiority in monopolistic fashion in most fields. Soviet car anybody?

AVRO CF-100 Canuck

In 1952 the planning for Canada’s second generation fighter/interceptor, the AVRO CF-105, had begun and the technologically advanced new design was dreamed up by the AVRO Canada crew. A slick delta wing design with the lofty goal of being a twin engine, dual crew, with a 300 nautical mile(556km) cruising range and 200nm(370km) full speed combat range, while achieving mach 1.5, a 2G turn at speed, reach an altitude of 70,000 feet, while taking off from a runway of 6000 feet, none of which was capable with any existing fighter/interceptor jet in existence anywhere.

Test Flight Became a Yankee Doodle

Enter 1953, with the design in place and models built it was time to perform some testing, wind tunnel and beyond, some American “help” through NASA rocket powered testing. Boink!

All is well, time for production. Extremely pleased with testing, AVRO had plans to be flying a prototype by late 1953. Having learned from the drawn out design to production mistake of the predecessor the CF-100 Canuck, AVRO decided to streamline the manufacture and decided to build the production line first instead of hand engineering the first few models. Overconfidence, or an investment for the future of the company?

AVRO Arrow CF-105

Setback Back to Back

At the beginning of 1955, both decided upon engines, primary(Rolls Royce RB-106) and backup (Rolls Royce Olympus), had been cancelled, forcing Avro to go with the American Pratt & Whitney J-75 for testing, which was of different weight and forced AVRO to redesign the plane by redistributing the front to back weight ratio of the aircraft to bring it back into balance. Avro Canada was also simultaneously developing a Canadian made Orenda P-13 Iroquois jet engine for the final production run in order to be self reliant in development, engineering, and production. The Orenda Iroquois jet engine pioneered titanium usage in jet engines and cut 850 pounds(386kg) off the weight.

Along with the engine setbacks, Avro, after having decided to weaponize the Arrow with the proven and production ready US made MX-1179 and Falcon missile systems, were supposedly long-cocked by the Royal Canadian Air Force’s request for the United States Navy’s, in development, Sparrow II missile system, again causing redesign issues and ultimate delays in production. Then the Sparrow II missile program was cancelled by the USN, and attempted to be taken over by Canadian company Canadair, unsuccessfully. All extremely costly delays, monetarily and time wise.

Finally the public rollout of the Arrow to the public happened on October 4th 1957, the same day that the Soviets launched Sputnik into orbit of the earth, so little fanfare turned out to the advertised event.

Time For the High Test

March 25th 1958, over 4 years after the desired timeline to have a test flight, the AVRO Arrow finally took to the sky smoothly and beyond expectations, reaching mach 1 on its 3rd appearance, and the desired goal of mach 1.5 by the 7th test run, eventually hitting nearly the double speed of sound at mach 1.98, and described as not the peak of the Arrows performance capabilities.

Shot Down In Metaphorical Flame and Political Shame

The arms race and American Military Industrial Complex came to play in the Whack a Mole political and military game of active and passive, master and vassal relationship that has continued unabated and horrifically massive to this very day. Empire is not about the ability to be self reliant with a low dependency on the master, it is about paying tribute to Goliath with a subservient existence, where, some might say, putting one’s dependance on another to provide the implements for self protection is not worth the negligible cost of a a minor amount of monetary addition, where pride of a nation and overall independence will surely pay out more than the initial investment of true sovereign nation building.

On August 11th, 1958, less than 5 months after stellar testing, John Diefenbakers feral federal government officially cancelled the AVRO Arrow project, supposedly due to cost overruns, while the Cabinet Defence Committee of Canada called for a review through informational inquiry and feasibility. Diefenbaker and posse chose the services of Ben Dover & Phil McCracken! Good deliveries!? By 1958 AVRO’s parent company was Canada’s 3rd largest company and vast contributor to a technologically advancing and independent economic prosperity.

The AVRO was estimated to cost 20% to 30% of Canada’s military budget, and deemed a major reason as to why the AVRO Arrow was cancelled. Say, did I mention that in 1957, under Diefenbaker, Canada signed on with the US to become a “partner” in the NORAD(North American Air Defence Command.) “Partner” for America means subservient lowliness while overpaying for the “privilege.”

If cost overrun was truly the reason for cancellation then the future course of action that Diefenbaker followed is highly questionable. Now being in NORAD, Canada was second fiddle in its own independence and defence destiny, and in reality was a major turning point in predestined sovereignty.

America was “upgrading”(Military Industrial Complex) to the SAGE(Semi Automatic Ground Environment) system of computerization, where the Bomarc missile was determined to be the best line of anti Soviet defence. Remember the AVRO Arrow was supposedly cancelled for costing 20-30% of defence spending? Well, SAGE, the Bomarc missile and system upgrading was supposed to raise Canada’s defence spending by 25-30% according to the minister of national defence. Counterproductive, but quite profitable for the US, in more ways than money.

Diefenbaker chose the Bomarc. Good deliveries for Diefenbaker but not Canadians!? So Canada had a missile system that was never used once, and the AVRO company was shot down in political flames after producing the most technologically advanced fighter/interceptor of the day and age. Oh, and Canada no longer had a replacement for the CF-100 Canuck, and AVRO’s best and brightest engineering talent was poached by NASA and other US corporations. America also likes stealing the best and brightest when they blow a country to smithereens in order to bring “democracy.” Bend over, Sam’s driven to insanity. But wait it gets better, for America!

With Diefenbaker now counting his bribes, it seemed time to set up his posterity for life. Remember, the Canadian government cancelled Canada’s 3rd largest company, AVRO, along with a good part of its national pride, due to cost overruns of 20-30% of its functional utilitarian defence spending and replaced it with what turned out to be foreign made, inconsequential, non utilitarian oversized paper weights that upped Canada’s defence spending to 25-30% of the budget. So very even and odd, simultaneously. Oh right, Canada still needed to get high. If only we had a plane manufacturer.

Well, in 1961, that slippery snake Diefenbaker, who seemed to do well on his knees while taking it on the chin from Sam, purchased 66 American made McDonnell Douglas CF-101 Voodoo fighter/interceptor aircraft, which were inferior to the recently scrapped AVRO Arrow. And Canada gave Diefenbaker a golden pension to go with his good deliveries.

We should have ENDPOLITICIANS in 1961! Now being independently defensibly neutered in the skies, Canada has been dependent on the US and it’s Military Industrial Complex and spreading “democracy,” having again purchased, in 1980, the next generation fighter, CF-118 Hornet from McDonnell Douglas, and it now looks like Canada is set up to purchase Lockheed Martins 1.5 trillion dollar boondoggle F-35. Truedope need not be asked to bend over, it is a natural reflex. Bending over and looking in the mirror is the Truedope’s sole existence for being. Mommy and two daddy issues!

Need I even say, but, two of Lockheed Martins largest investors are BlackRock and Vanguard. A trail that leads back to Larry Fink of the World Economic Forum and that diabolical crusty old lunatic Klaus Schwab, also of the World Economic Forum. Makes one wonder who are the stakeholders and partners in BlackRock and Vanguard? Historically, who has prospered immensely from war? A “royal” question indeed.

And just to kick an arrogant and plagiaristic puddle of diarrhea in Canada’s face, in 1959, the US Air Force came out with the Convair F-106 Delta Dart. The Convair F-106 is almost a look alike of the AVRO Arrow, and the timeline for production of the F-106 began after NASA had “helped” AVRO test the aerodynamics of the AVRO Arrow aircraft in 1953. Slimy bastards!

The AVRO CF-105 Arrow – Oh Sorry, The USAF Convair F-106 Delta Dart